How do you send a veteran to a minor team without “optioning” him?


Veterans playing minor league games is a standard part of the disabled list procedure.

While a player is on the disabled list, he is eligible to play minor league games for up to 20 days (30 days for pitchers) on a rehabilitation assignment, after which he either needs to be reinstated or a waiver process must be completed in order for him to continue playing his rehab stint.

Players may be assigned to a minor-league club for injury rehabilitation for a maximum of 20 days (30 days for pitchers). (

Other options for getting veterans down to the minors are composed of the veteran being passed through waivers (a chance for any other team to claim him), and then he can be out righted off of the 40 man roster and given a minor league assignment (which veterans can refuse if they've already been out righted...

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First the basics. Baseball rosters are 40 men. There are three locations that a player on the 40 man roster can be.

the Disabled List (or one of a handful of other inactive statuses such as bereavement, paternity or the concussion DL) the active 25 man roster (or 26 on Double Header days) the minor leagues

When a player is moved from the active roster to the minor leagues he goes through a process called "optioning." This is a bookkeeping maneuver to move his roster spot and contract from the active MLB roster to the Minor League rosters (usually AAA, but sometimes lower levels).

Usually, a team gets 3 years where they can freely call up and send down a player. Most of the time this is the first three years of a player's service time, but it can continue longer. The rules are that any player who is sent down and spends 20 or more days in the minor leagues burns up an option year. It does not matter whether a player is ever on the 25 man roster, if he's on the 40...

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Minor league deals are something of a last resort for players an a low risk move for teams.

I'm going to talk about 2 players here who were signed for two very different reasons. The first is Dan Uggla who you mention in the question.

Uggla was cut recently by the Braves, and went unclaimed on waivers, that made him a free agent. Since he is already getting paid for the rest of this season by the Braves, any team that wanted to sign him only has to pay him the major league minimum salary (regardless of whether they sign him to a major or minor league deal).

The Giants, who need a second baseman, signed Uggla to a minor league deal (so they don't have to put him on their 40 man roster), with an opt out that he can take on August 1st if he feels like he will not make the big league club. Uggla can now go play for the Giants' AAA afiliate for a week or two and try to find his swing again. If the Giants want to keep him, they can bring him up before 8/1 and his opt...

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PHOENIX -- The Arizona Diamondbacks have sent pitcher Shelby Miller to Triple-A Reno, a move that he said he saw coming.

"I've been struggling up here for a while," Miller said in the Arizona clubhouse Thursday. "I'm surprised I stayed up here this long."

Miller has been a major disappointment after the Diamondbacks got him in an offseason trade with Atlanta for outfielder Ender Inciarte, 2015 No. 1 overall draft pick Dansby Swanson and top pitching prospect Aaron Blair.

"We just have to find a way to get him back to pitching the way he can," manager Chip Hale said.

The right-hander is 2-9 with a 7.14 ERA. He was on the disabled list with a finger injury and worked in the minors to find his form. After some progress in is return, Miller had another rough night last week in a 13-6 home loss to San Diego. After blanking the Padres for three innings, he gave up five runs in the fourth when Arizona had a 4-0 lead.

"His stuff was good at times, good...

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When you glance through the “transactions” part of the sports section, you probably gloss over several words about which you have a vague idea, but no real concrete understanding. You might notice that some players are optioned to the minors, while others are outrighted, released, or designated for assignment. Is there a difference? What do those terms mean? Broadcasters and sportswriters often mention that a player is out of options, but the rules are rarely explained and frequently misunderstood. However, after years of study—and wiretapping Billy Beane’s office—I’ve finally figured out exactly how the rules work. They’re not that bad, once you get the hang of it, and they might help you understand part of what goes into each team’s roster decisions.

The Beginning

It all begins the day an amateur signs his first contract with a big league organization. If the player is 19 or older, he can play three years in the...

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Major League Baseball transactions are changes made to the roster of a major league team during or after the season. They may include waiving, releasing, and trading players, as well as assigning players to minor league teams.

25-man, 40-man, and postseason rosters[edit]

Each Major League Baseball team maintains both a 25-man roster and a 40-man roster of players. Players on the 25-man roster are eligible to play in official major league games throughout the season. The 40-man roster includes the players on the 25-man roster plus as many as 15 players who are either on the team's seven- or 15-day disabled list, who are on paternity leave for up to three days, or who are in the franchise's farm teams in Minor League Baseball. From September 1 through the end of the regular season, any player on the 40-man roster (also referred to as the "expanded roster") is eligible to play in an official regular season game. Many young players make their Major League debuts in...

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New York Mets infielder Eric Campbell spoke in funereal tones after learning he would be starting the season in the minor leagues, according to an Apr. 4 report from the New York Daily News.

Campbell, 27, was genuinely surprised to be optioned to the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s just days before Opening Day, and he wasn't shy about it when speaking to the media about the Mets' decision.

"Soup," as he was affectionately called by his Mets teammates, admitted being a bit dismayed and disappointed with the decision, especially considering his spring stats were solid. Campbell said he'll try to make the best of the situation, by working hard in the minors to give the Mets no choice but to call him up.

He was obviously upset and annoyed, despite trying to bite his tongue. Campbell maintained his composure and remained professional, but it was written all over his face that he didn't believe he should be sent down to Las Vegas.

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Originally Posted By telsonman:

I never understood vets who said they wish they had deployed to combat zones or been in a gun fight. Sure, its fun at the time, but dealing with it afterwards is the hard part. I don't feel bad per se, but you still think about stuff. It affects me more remembering about dead civies or kids that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You'll never ever get that adrenaline rush though. Its amazing. It always varied too. Pop shots were one thing, but getting ambushed while on foot patrol was a completely different experience. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm just glad I got to experience it though. It gives me a different sense of pride, but depressing knowing your friends didn't come back home and get to share that same after feeling while drinking a beer with everyone. If that makes sense.

You don't understand it because you went. You had the gun fight. We are well aware it will likely suck once we get there. Plenty of my NCOs have told me,...

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The Cardinals have announced that they’ve designated infielder Ruben Tejada for assignment. Mark Saxon of was first to report on Twitter that the DFA was likely. Tejada’s roster spot will be taken by Matt Carpenter, who’s returning from the paternity list.

St. Louis faced a choice between cutting Tejada loose and optioning Greg Garcia. The latter may have made the decision for the team with a highly productive game tonight. He’s now blasted two home runs (among eight total hits) and drawn seven walks in just twenty-one plate appearances.

Garcia, of course, has never hit at anything close to that rate in the minors. But the 26-year-old is clamoring for a larger opportunity, and Tejada no longer really is needed for the reason he was acquired.

St. Louis inked Tejada to a $1.5MM deal after he was cut loose by the Mets, with the Cards still trying to figure out what to do with Jhonny Peralta on the DL. In the interim, Aledmys Diaz has taken over at short...

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5:01pm: Nathan’s contract also contains a club option for the 2017 season that can convert to a mutual option based on his performance, reports MLB Network’s Jon Heyman (links to Twitter). Heyman adds that Nathan can earn up to $2.4MM worth of incentives this season and as much as $4.6MM in 2017.

12:57pm: The Cubs have signed veteran reliever Joe Nathan to a major league deal, as the team announced and Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times first reported (via Twitter). Nathan will immediately go onto the 60-day DL, meaning he won’t cost the club a 40-man spot.

Nathan, a client of Pro Agents, Inc., will earn a pro-rated portion of the league minimum salary for the time he spends in the Majors, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post (via Twitter). The deal also includes incentives that could boost its value, though details on that clause remain unknown.

A 15-year MLB veteran, the 41-year-old Nathan was effective as recently as 2013. But he fell off upon...

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The MLB rookie class of 2016 has a lot to live up to.

Last year's class, after all, was historically loaded. Let's just rattle off a list of names to refresh your memory: Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, Noah Syndergaard, Joc Pederson, Matt Duffy, Kyle Schwarber, Maikel Franco, Miguel Sano, Jung Ho Kang. Impact players, all.

In fact, as FanGraphs' Owen Watson detailed in a piece published for Fox Sports, 2015's position-player rookies posted an average wins above replacement of 1.76—the highest tally since 1920. And that's not even taking Syndergaard and his 3.1 WAR into account.

And yet, 2016 is producing its own bumper crop of first-year studs. It's only June, so it's too early to declare anything definitively.

If you like star rookies, however, this is a great time to be a baseball fan.

Here's an overview of what we've seen so far and a glance at some shiny new players waiting eagerly in the wings.


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