How does a three team trade work?


Three team trades are complicated, but they are done. Here's essentially how this goes down. We'll identify three teams here, team A, team B and team C. Team A and B are the primaries in the trade, team C will be our intermediary.

Team A is in playoff contention, they desperately need a closer. But don't have the right players to pull off the trade directly with team B, but has players who are desirable to team C.

Team B is out of contention, has a closer on an expiring contract, they don't want anyone in team A's system enough to trade their closer, but have had their eye on a couple of guys in Team C's system.

Team C is usually out of contention as well, but can sometimes be in contention (it doesn't usually benefit a contending team to do this, but an out of contention team can do well in a trade like this).

So team A will send their players who weren't the right mix for team B to team C, and team C will send their players to team B, who will send the...

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The main reason for a team to involve itself in a trade is to acquire a benefit in one of these areas:

Cap relief - getting rid of one or more contracts or acquiring shorter/expiring contracts Draft picks - a team facilitating a trade can obtain one or more draft picks Talent - a team may have one or more players that it wishes to obtain or it may need to redistribute talent/clear up playing time.

A recent example is the three team trade involving Golden State, New Orleans, and Philadelphia. The original trade involved only two teams, with Golden State trading Dorrell Wright to Philadelphia for an overseas player to obtain cap relief - essentially a salary dump. New Orleans wanted to obtain salary relief, and so joined the trade by sending Jarret Jack to Golden State and getting the overseas player in return. Each team got something from this transaction:

Philadelphia obtained a good small forward, improving front court depth Golden State obtained a good backup point...
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On your first point: Fangraphs certainly agrees with you that old metrics seem to dominate. There are no hard and fast rules about which stats are presentable, though; it's solely due to who is hearing the case - and there is no doubt that stats (both old and new) have made a huge difference (see Baseball Prospectus'** article on Arbitration, for example).

A list of what evidence you may present:

The following evidence is admissable:

The quality of the player's contribution to his club during the past season (including but not limited to his overall performance, special qualities of leadership and public appeal). The length and consistency of his career contribution. The record of the player's past compensation. Comparative baseball salaries (the arbitration panel is provided with a table of confidential baseball salaries for all players broken down by years of service). The existence of any physical or mental defects on the part of the player. The recent...
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Before Getting on the trade/free agency part, there is a term salary cap you need to understand.
The salary cap is the total amount of money each team is allowed to spend on players. The actual figure varies year to year based on league revenue from previous seasons. The NBA institutes a "soft cap" in which there are various exceptions that allow teams to exceed the set limit.

Free Agents:
The free agents are basically of 2 types, restricted and unrestricted.
An unrestricted free agent is able to sign with any team he chooses while a restricted free agent's original team has the chance to keep the player by matching the offer sheet signed with another team. This is known as the "right of first refusal."
For a team to make one of their players a restricted free agent, they must submit a qualifying offer to the player by June 30. This offer must be a one year offer for 125% of the player's previous salary or the player's minimum salary plus $175,000 (whichever is...

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Dear Sports Fan,

I was watching Moneyball with my husband. We were curious how trading works in various sports. Can you explain the rules and how they are implemented. For example why do trades happen in the middle of the season for some sports, but not others?


Dear Sarah,

At it’s heart, Moneyball is a story about how careful analytical thought can provide an organization an advantage over its competitors. The team at the center of the story, the Oakland Athletics baseball team, exploited its competition mostly by making unexpectedly smart personnel decisions. In any sports league, teams have three main ways of acquiring players: by drafting players not yet in the league, by signing players who are free agents, and by trading for players. As you pointed out in your question, trades work a little differently in each major sports league in the United States. While an explanation of the exact rules in each league could easily give even...

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The general idea of our groundbreaking CopyTrader tool is pretty simple: choose the trader you want to copy, choose the amount you want to copy them with, and watch your account copy their trades automatically.

However, beyond the basic concept of Copy Trading, things get a little bit more complicated, especially since we’ve added some advanced options to enable you to control your copy risk.

If you want to learn more about the two Copy systems we have at the moment and the new features of Copy Stop Loss and Pause/Resume Copy, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we begin, we will refer to:

”Copied Trader” as the user you are investing in/copying “Copier” as the user who is doing the copy action

Here are a few important points you should be aware of before copying:

General CopyTrader considerations:

The minimum amount to invest in a trader is $100. The maximum amount of traders you can copy simultaneously is 100. The maximum amount you...
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Team Trading Contracts Part 1: Three Forms Your Trading Team Can Take

Many binary options traders fly solo, but another possibility is to trade with a partner. There are many different reasons that traders may choose to work together directly. It can be helpful to pool resources and knowledge. Two or three traders may have an easier time spotting setups if they monitor the charts together. They may have an easier time coming up with the capital to trade in the first place. They also find moral support and accountability by working closely with one another.

Trading with others can come with drawbacks too, though, which is why it is important to do some serious thinking about the form your partnership is going to take. There are many different ways you can approach trading with a team. Your team may work loosely together or may share an account. The approach that is best for you will depend on your needs and the strengths of your team members and the working...

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Social trading - the easy way to trade

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How, you ask?
eToro provides a free platform where you can follow the most profitable traders in the world, and simply...

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The NFL Draft begins on Thursday night to signal the biggest even in the off-season calendar, with quarterbacks set to dominate the headlines with both the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles trading up in the hope of landing big name entries Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.

However, not everyone may be accustomed to the NFL Draft, despite its increased coverage year-by-year and mass fan interaction – something that will see the Jacksonville Jaguars announce their fifth pick through a fan in London for the second year running.

So what is the NFL Draft and how does it work?

Each of the 32 NFL teams receives a ‘pick’ in each of the seven rounds, meaning they can select seven new players for next season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces the first-round picks (Getty)

The order of picks is sorted by the team records from last season, with the first 20 filled by those who did not make the play-offs, starting with the worst team and...

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Question: How do retained salary trades work?

The 2013 CBA gave teams the flexibility to retain a percentage of salary and cap hits in trades. Calgary Flames President Brian Burke championed this idea for years at GM meetings before it was finally adopted.

There are a few key limitations:

‘Salary’ refers to remaining base player salary and bonuses, including signing bonuses. The percentage retained cannot be more than 50 percent of the salary and cap hit. The same percentage must be retained for both salary and cap hit. This cannot be altered from year to year. Teams limited to three retained salary contracts each season. Teams cannot retain an aggregate amount of more than 15 percent of the salary cap upper limit. In 2015-16 that number is $10.71 million. A player’s contract can only be traded twice in a retained salary transaction.

There are a few specific scenarios highlighted by the CBA to keep in mind.

If a team trades away a player and retains...

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Developed by Robert Krausz.

This indicator was originally used to trade Stocks and Commodities. The Gann HiLo Activator Indicator is plotted over the price chart. This Indicator is basically a simple moving average of the previous three periods highs or lows plotted based in relation to HiLo Activator.

Bullish Signal- When price is above the Gann Activator it shows that the forex trend is bullish and only Buy trades should be executed. In a bullish trend the Gann Activator uses the previous periods’ price lows for calculations.
Bearish Signal- When price is below the Gann Activator it shows that the forex trend is bearish and only Sell trades should be executed. In a bearish trend the Gann Activator uses the previous periods’ price highs for calculations.

The Gann HiLo Activator should be used in combination with the Gann Swing Indicator and Gann Trend indicator to form a Forex trading system methodology that is commonly...

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I know there is a thread about this before but it seems like they over analyzed it too much. At times it can be very confusing for people and they will end up doing it wrong. My tip is very simple, sweet and short. Very easy to get and follow. If you can't follow these steps you eaither have a.d.d or you just not a believer. I gaurenteed you WILL be traded to your favorite team before the season ends. (if you already lucky enough to get picked by your team, im not talking to you).

Everybody knows how the career mode started. You have to go play a rookie showcase show in New York. If you play well you will get picked 10th and above. If you suck, you will still get picked in the first round but later. Don't worry about what teams you end up with if you thinking of getting traded to your favorite team. So during the interview just say good things to any team that interviewed you so you can get the most VC when you get drafted.

Anyway lets move to the important stradegy....

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A possible reunion between former Kentucky teammates John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins continue to circulate in the NBA. The latest rumor suggests the Sacramento Kings acquiring Wall in a three-team deal involving the Miami Heat and the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards continue to struggle this season and are currently in 12th spot in the Eastern Conference. In their previous game against the Magic, John Wall established an impressive performance, posting 52 points, eight assists, and three steals. However, the Wizards still lost the game.

Wall expressed his frustration after the game and criticized his team’s performance.

“Not even defensive effort, just playing hard,” Wall said. “Our job is to wake up and just play hard.”

According to Tom Ziller of SB Nation, the Wizards only have three good players, including John Wall, Otto Porter Jr., and Bradley Beal. Despite their good performance on the offensive end, their defense is extremely bad.


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Currencies are an important part of the world economy. For business to take place on an international level and for people to travel around the world, the exchange of currencies must take place. Unlike stocks and commodities which trade on an actual exchange, forex trading takes place completely via computer.

Currency prices are based on supply and demand. Trading currencies is one of the least volatile investment vehicles around because the daily price movements are very small. For investors to make money with forex trading they use leverage. For a small amount of money investors get to control a large amount of currencies. It is like borrowing money such as on margin to increase the return on investment. In some cases investors uses leverage at a ratio of 250:1. This means that for an investment of $1,000 a person or company can control $250.000 worth of currencies. There are many possibilities with the forex market. Investors can hold position for a few minutes or for a...

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How does Fair Trade work?

Businesses that would like to adopt Fair Trade practices have to purchase certification licenses. The international Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) sends representatives to the farms from which the products are purchased and ensures that the farmers adhere to the procedures outlined in the Fair Trade standards. FLO or one of its 19 National Initiatives (NI), also audits the supply chain for the product to ensure that the Fair Trade prices have been paid. After successful completion of the process, the product is certified and the Fair Trade label can be displayed on it. Products marked by the Fair Trade label contain 100% Fair Trade certified contents.
The importer and the processor have to pay the costs for acquiring the license. The farmer himself does not have to carry the burden. However, it is worth noting, that some co-operatives encompass all these functions, therefore...

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December 13, 2016

Q: Can we play the Wizards every night? -- Dan.

A: Because, yes, the Heat are 2-0 against the Wizards and 6-17 against the rest of their schedule. The thing is, with this Heat roster, beating the elite teams is going to be a challenge, so you can more easily move past the two losses to the Spurs, the one to Cleveland, accept the split with the Grizzlies and justify the losses in Toronto, Portland, Atlanta and Chicago. But it's the other ones, against teams similar to the Wizards, that got away that are the ones that continue to sting. If the Heat were able to hold their own against the middling, they wouldn't be in the position they're in, where even a 4-2 homestand still would leave them eight games below .500. Now they have to find a way to quality wins, as well, like on this homestand against the Clippers and Celtics.

Q: Ira, what is the status on Dion Waiters? I would love to see him playing with Ellington -- Leo.

A: He is supposed...

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After spending last season trying to figure out how to put Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor on the court together and have the 76ers thrive - and after pretty much washing his hands of the idea after a while - Brett Brown spent Tuesday talking about a similar topic. There were two fascinating things about what he said: his optimism, and his relative exclusion of Okafor from that optimism.

After missing the Sixers' first 21 games this season following knee surgery, then spraining his left ankle in his first game back Sunday, Noel could return Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors or Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. So it's likely that sometime this week, Brown will finally confront the challenge that everyone knew he'd have to confront this season: He has Noel. He has Okafor. He has Joel Embiid. They're all 7 feet tall. They're all healthy. They all play center. They all have varying areas of expertise. Now what?

"You go into it with a mind-set and an...

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-- Rams IR Cory Harkey; Sign One --
Tue Dec 13, 2016 --from

ESPN reports the Los Angeles Rams have placed FB Cory Harkey (triceps) on injured reserve, ending his season. The team also signed CB Troy Hill from the practice squad.

-- Bears Sign One --
Tue Dec 13, 2016 --from

ESPN reports the Chicago Bears have signed TE MyCole Pruitt from the Minnesota Vikings practice squad.

-- Ravens IR Lorenzo Taliaferro --
Tue Dec 13, 2016 --from

ESPN reports the Baltimore Ravens have placed RB Lorenzo Taliaferro (hamstring) on injured reserve, ending his season.

-- Weekly Fantasy Newsletters with Daily Releases! --
Tue Dec 13, 2016 --from

The majority of the Weekly In-Season Fantasy Newsletter is written by 4-peat winner of the Fantasy Experts League, Michael Nazarek. Not only does this newsletter help premium subscribers...
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