How many jumps are mandatory? [closed]

quick question..... should drop zones make first time jumpers do tandems. my first jump they wanted mme to do a tandem. i'm sure it's a safe way to go. but i was terified to do it. i wanted control of my own life, instead of trusting a guy i don't know anything about. i know a lot of people feel safer to make a first jump with an experienced diver. i feel people should be given a choice. whats your dz's polocy on that....just curious as i'm trying to recruit new blood, and feel like some of my friends are better off with aff, and others with tandem, but i don't think my closest drop zone allows aff only.

tandem is cheaper most places and is the best way to go if your not wanting to start skydiving a lot. doing the whole class for aff is a waste if you just wanna jump once. to me it is better to do tandem first cuz then you'll know if you'll like it and wether or not you'll freak out up there. most my friends just do tanems over and over cuz it's funner for...
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In computer security, mandatory access control (MAC) refers to a type of access control by which the operating system constrains the ability of a subject or initiator to access or generally perform some sort of operation on an object or target. In practice, a subject is usually a process or thread; objects are constructs such as files, directories, TCP/UDP ports, shared memory segments, IO devices, etc. Subjects and objects each have a set of security attributes. Whenever a subject attempts to access an object, an authorization rule enforced by the operating system kernel examines these security attributes and decides whether the access can take place. Any operation by any subject on any object is tested against the set of authorization rules (aka policy) to determine if the operation is allowed. A database management system, in its access control mechanism, can also apply mandatory access control; in this case, the objects are tables, views, procedures, etc.

With mandatory...

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convertible securities were sold to the public at 100% of the notional amount of U.

For groups numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 service preventive and


preventive pest control in the City of Zagreb and other specific measures of preventive and


preventive disinfection, pest and rodent control, type, quantity and a description of the services concerned are listed in the program of measures of preventive and


preventive fumigation, disinfection and pest control in the City of Zagreb in 2014 (A.

Cullercoats in North Tyneside also jumped from the minimum


to make Recommended.

One consequence of


minimum sentences has been a dramatic growth in our federal prison population.

In recent years the PCAOB has considered the idea of implementing


audit firm rotation, going so far as to open the issue up for debate.

In fiscal year 2010, drug...

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Our.. sad pathetic turret. At lower levels, this is very helpful, but late game, this is just about useless. None of these glyphs are even useful except one (Energetic Turret) and it's not worth picking up almost under any giving circumstance anyway. I won't even bother going over them. The turret dies in 1 hit and even when placed correctly its range can be nice, but let's face it. It would need to have 100% uptime to really do any significant damage and we all know that doesn't happen.

Our knockdown recovery skill. It's a very slow animation and well, it's just like everyone else's. Not worth glyphing in PvE so I won't cover those.

Command: Recall
This is one of our best skills and IMO one of the best Iframe/not an iframe skill in the game. This skill pulls you from up to 40 yards away to the safety of your bot's location giving you a 3-second immunity to damage. Pretty helpful. (Similar to that of Retribution from reapers if you're familiar with that,...

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Odds are when it was revealed that American swimmer Ryan Lochte embellished a tad about getting robbed at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, you read about it for a few minutes and then said, “Well, I’ve got six million more important things to do, so I’m moving on.”

But that apparently isn’t the case for everybody, as two dipshits jumped on the stage during ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” Monday night and tried to attack Lochte while he sashayed along the floor with some smoking hottie.

Thankfully for Lochte, security acted fast and prevented the two men from getting anywhere near him and his partner. And thankfully for us, the cameras caught most of the chaos:

Wow. Great stuff.

Here are the two dudes who apparently couldn’t go on with life as it was knowing that Ryan Lochte lied about getting robbed in Rio:

Cuffed for rushing the stage at #DWTS during @ryanlochte‘s dance

— Jason Nathanson (@ABCNewsJason)...

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It doesnt have to come. The hospital should look at the reasons WHY nobody wants to work there & fix that. Do some research. Take a poll of the staff. Evaluate the results. Present it to the hospital & demand that they make changes that will make working in that dept more attractive & also help to hire enough staff. Mandatory ot is not the cure for people not wanting to work in the unit. But it is a big reason why they wont be able to hold to the staff they do have because people will not put up with it for long.

There has to be a REASON why people dont want to work there. Instead of looking at that, the hospitals all just say "oh well we cant find nurses - you have to stay another shift". Most hospitals have no monetary disincentive to using Mandatory ot. Even at the time-&-a-half ot pay required by law, its still less expensive in the long run than hiring more staff or using agency. And less expensive than making improvements that will attract nurses.

Then its a...

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They asked that the mandatory should be England, but England had too much on her hands.

Rock's advice carried a mandatory note which was not lost upon his auditor.

I mean the mandatory letter against me by the archbishop of Paris.

But among the Hebrews the requirement was mandatory and imperative.

The Peace Conference seems to have given us a new word in "mandatory."

Again, the referendum may be mandatory or advisory in character.

Her weeping friend turned up her face to give the mandatory kiss, and Podge was gone.

A great nation should be made the mandatory over an inferior people.

But in 1901 Minnesota enacted a state-wide, mandatory primary law.

The opinion that obedience to the Law was mandatory unto salvation was gaining...

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A mandatory user profile is a special type of pre-configured roaming user profile that administrators can use to specify settings for users. With mandatory user profiles, a user can modify his or her desktop, but the changes are not saved when the user logs off. The next time the user logs on, the mandatory user profile created by the administrator is downloaded. There are two types of mandatory profiles: normal mandatory profiles and super-mandatory profiles.

User profiles become mandatory profiles when the administrator renames the NTuser.dat file (the registry hive) on the server to The .man extension causes the user profile to be a read-only profile.

User profiles become super-mandatory when the folder name of the profile path ends in .man; for example, \\server\share\\.

Super-mandatory user profiles are similar to normal mandatory profiles, with the exception that users who have super-mandatory profiles cannot log on when...

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Trouble Shooting:

Unit is Soft:

- Make sure 1 tube is tied off & 1 Tube is attached to a motor
- Make sure all openings are closed. Patches and zippers
- If Slide is soft check all patches, zippers located on the bottom, sides & back

Unit has a hole:

- If the jump is still firm, continue to use
- If there is a large hole or tear, please discontinue use, and call the office

Unit won't inflate:

- Check to make sure the motor is switched on
- Check your breaker
- Check your connections on your extension cords

Emergency contact # 337-474-5867

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the price include set up and delivery?
A: The prices listed are 4 hour rates unless otherwise stated. Delivery prices vary by distance but include set up, take down and pick up. Select units are available for self pickup.

Q: Do you deliver to other cities?
A: Yes! Please call our office at...
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Update by the Dedicated Staff of
June 16, 2016 8:15 p.m.

Firefighters take shelter behind the engine as flames advance on them along near El Capitan State Beach. (Mike Eliason/SBCFD)

CHP is currently report the Sherpa Fire has jumped into the center divider of Highway 101 at Mariposa Reina with vehicles stuck on the roadway. The highway will be closed in both directions shortly as crews try to get a handle on this out of control blaze.

The fire is currently estimated at 1,400 acres with 1,230 personnel on scene.

Just after 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, CHP reports the fire quickly moving down the hillside and vehicles stopping on the side of the road. At 8:00 p.m. Highway 101 was ordered to be closed again between Winchester Canyon and Buellton. Traffic is being diverted back to SR-154 and SR-246.

At 8:14 p.m. it was reported the fire jumped the center divider at Mariposa Reina and vehicles were stuck on the Highway.


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The U.S. Forest Service said Tuesday afternoon that there are no active uncontrolled fires in the Sand fire area.

Smoke and fire being reported by residents are from controlled burning operations, Forest Service spokesman Nathan Judy said at about 2:30 p.m. Controlled burning is used to reduce the amount of flammable materials which could cause a larger fire.

“Crews are working hard to put containment lines around this fire,” Judy said. “They’re doing mop up in areas where fires have burned and keeping an eye on isolated areas of unburned fuel.”

The Sand fire grew to 37,473 charred acres by Tuesday morning as most Santa Clarita Valley residents gratefully returned to their homes to assess damage after the blaze burned perilously close to Santa Clarita Valley neighborhoods early Monday.

Placerita Canyon Road and its neighborhoods remained closed Tuesday morning, but residents of Sand Canyon and most other evacuated area were allowed to go home, though...

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A huge wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alta., destroyed an entire neighbourhood and burned homes and businesses in several others Tuesday, and continues to rage out of control.

CBC Radio presents live coverage

As CBC Edmonton is the only radio station currently on the air in Fort McMurray, we will continue with live fire coverage throughout the night.

You can find CBC Edmonton at 93.9 FM and 740 AM

By late afternoon, the entire city of 60,000 had been ordered evacuated. Residents by the thousands fled the fire and for hours caused gridlock on Highway 63, even overwhelming oilsands work camps, where beds and meals were offered. Police were patrolling the highway with cans of gas, after fuel supplies ran out in Fort McMurray, Wandering River and Grasslands.

Fire chief Darby Allen said the entire neighbourhood of Beacon Hill "appears to have been lost" and the fire burned many homes in other parts of the city.

No buildings were lost in the city's...

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[Oklahoma City,] we have a problem.

The DOT’s Announcement Can Be Viewed Here.

The FAA’s request for comments is here.

The underlying FAA report of drone sightings is located here.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics responded to the report with an analysis located here.

Second Update: An individual took the time and responded to this post. I posted my reply at the bottom.

Update: Just to clarify, my point is not to “troll” the FAA, I think geofencing will produce far better results by preventing problems as opposed to pointing to who might have done it after something has happened. The uneducated new recreational flyers are the ones I believe causing the problems. Having manufacturers voluntarily “lock” the drones until an unlock access code is provided after an introductory ground school would produce better results. One way to sweeten the pot is not just provide “how to fly safely” video tutorials but also “how to get that awesome shot”...

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire Standing with a group of police and corrections officers, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump on Thursday called for a mandatory death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer.

"One of the first things I do in terms of executive order if I win will be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country, out to the world, that anybody killing a policeman, policewoman, police officer - death penalty," he said.

Riding stronger than ever before in the Republican polls, Trump's event in New Hampshire Thursday was perfectly conventional: He was receiving the endorsement of a police union inside a smaller-than-usual hotel conference room.

But the atmospherics of the presidential race -- Trump's call this week for a ban on Muslims entering the United States has only firmed up his standing atop the GOP polls -- overshadowed the appearance where he picked up the endorsement of the New England Police...

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