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Kochi Team[edit]

The BCCI and the IPL Executive Committee has ruled that the Kocchi Tuskers will no longer be a team. Shouldn't that be reflected on the page?

IPL table[edit]

This page need not read like a reading board of what all is controversial about IPL. We can have a seperate page for that. What we really need here is a table listing the winners and runners up for every year with the location, number of teams etc. Let this page look like the EPL or the NBA page please.

DLF has only been assigned sponsorship only for the tournaments for a period of 5 years. So this sponsorship isn't applicable for the entire marquee in general. Even for coming seasons,the tournament would be called DLF Indian Premier League purely for formal and sponsorship reasons. So please keep the name of the tournament as it is now. Also please do not remove entire (especially the lead section) entirely. If you have certain objections to the content please discuss it...

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No cricket player looks forward to a string of zeros. However, the players of the DFL Indian Premier League Twenty20 had huge grins on their faces as the zeroes were strung on like pearls in an endless necklace.

Cricket is on a winning streak, with the Indian Premier League raining big bucks, fame and glamour. IPL has elevated the game to a new high and the rules of the game have been rewritten forever.

Cricket has always attracted big amounts of money in India. But post-IPL, it is set to enter levels never thought possible.

The player’s auction was a huge sale with no discounts. There were eight franchises from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mohali and Delhi. These franchise owners, most of whom are billionaires, spent over $718 million between them to get the team rights. Each team was allowed to register a maximum of eight foreign players, only four of them will be able to play in the XI.

Big money was spent by the franchises...

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Indian Premier League season 9 will be getting underway in April after the T20 world cup in India. The player draft and auction has taken place and all 8 teams have their 2016 squads ready. IPL is a “sports brand” which is on the up considering how far the domestic indian T20 league has come in less than 10 years. Financially it is the most lucrative T20 league in the world by far for both players and the participating teams.

IPL has a revenue sharing model pretty much similar to England’s Premier League football where most of the money comes from TV rights deal which is shared equally between the clubs while the central pool which include revenue from IPL title sponsors and other partner companies is also shared equally between all the teams.

Although small potion from TV rights deal money and small percentage from central pool makes up the yearly prize money fund. Which is distributed according to how the teams finish. We take a look at Indian Premier League...

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The list of player regulations and governing council decisions taken for the 2014 Indian Premier League

Player contract

One-year term with a franchise having the option to extend for either one or two additional years. The option must be exercised on or before 15 December in each year. IPL league fee for all players to be denominated in Indian rupees. Overseas players to be paid in the currency of their choice at the prevailing exchange rate on either the actual date of payment or contract due date, whichever is beneficial to the player. IPL league fee to exclude payment for playing in the Champions League Twenty20, but to include up to six approved friendly matches. The additional fee for playing in CLT20 to be an amount equal to 10% of the IPL league fee.

Click here to find out the number of players that can be retained in IPL 2014

Squad composition

Each squad must include no less than 16 and no more than 27 players, of which up to 9 may be...
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Ten Most Expensive IPL Players in 2015

After the introduction of Indian Premier League , there are some big sponsor companies who attracted towards the IPL and there are number of players who bought on record deals and price , every year Auction happen before the India Premier League season will start , but one thing which is quite thinkable is the most expensive players who are they and how much they get paid to play in the IPL here today we bring you the list of some of the top and most earning players of IPL .

IPL is one of the most recomended league in the world of cricket , many country players want to be the part of it and every knows how much Indian people love the game of Cricket . IPL is one of the most revenue generating league in the...

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Kochi Tuskers Kerala's controversial stint in the Indian Premier League lasted barely a year. But during their one-season appearance in the IPL, the owners of the franchise indirectly ended up playing catalyst to the dramatic exit of Lalit Modi. It was a saga that involved allegations of threats and intimidation, a curious case of a reprimand that wasn't, and led to the downfall of the former IPL chairman and the resignation of a federal minister.

In its inquiry report, the BCCI's special disciplinary committee, which was appointed to probe charges against Modi, details the alleged irregularities that he committed from the time the IPL's governing council approved the draft of the Invitiation to Tender (ITT) in December 2009 - for adding two more teams to the league - to Modi's eventual suspension in April 2010. The case of Kochi's entry into the IPL constitutes three of the eleven charges pressed against Modi - rigging bids, arm-twisting franchises and bringing the BCCI...

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We look at the number s and speak to Afridi and Ramiz Raja on the potent ial of the Pakist an Super League


Pakistan Super League (PSL) inaugural edition will kick off on February 4 in the UAE, where five teams named after the four provincial capitals; Karachi (Sindh), Lahore (Punjab), Peshawar (KP), Quetta (Balochistan), and one team named after the federal capital Islamabad will take part in a 20-day long tournament.

There is no doubt that the PSL project will take the country’s talent to new heights and can only be described as a win-win for the cricket obsessed nation. However, the obvious comparisons to the most successful cricket league, the Indian Premier League (IPL), can’t be avoided largely due to the intense rivalry between the neighbours.

The Express Tribune took a look at the key differences between the PSL and the IPL, including target audiences, pay scales for cricketers and other interesting aspects.


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Cricket has been rocked by an alleged betting scam but how much do top class cricketers earn?

Big hitter: England's Kevin Pietersen makes a tidy sum - but many Test cricketers are paid much less

In a world where the sports pages are dominated by diamond encrusted footballers, many people imagine all professional sportsmen to be on easy street.

That makes events such as the alleged betting scandal involving members of the Pakistan cricket team even harder for some to understand.

But many may also be surprised at how much some of the cricketers playing in the select few Test-class cricket teams earn, compared to perceptions of what a top-class professional sportsman makes.

For example, did you know Pakistan's players are on roughly the UK average wage?

Despite failing to come even close to their football playing counterparts earning power, the members of the England cricket team do much better. The central contract system is understood to...

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We hear news like MS Dhoni earns Rs 450 crore a year, Sachin endorses a brand for Rs 5 crore, Gautam Ghambir got Rs 11.04 crore in IPL4 auction. Makes one wonder Just How much does a cricketer earn? How much IPL pays cricketers?What about the endorsements and his retirement? Through this article we have tried to explore these questions.

BCCI Fee for Cricketers

The BCCI awards central contracts to its players, graded according to the importance of the player. Players’ salaries in various grades called Contract Grade revised in Nov 2010. From Annual report of BCCI of 2015-16 are as follows :

Fees of Women Cricket Players



Following players were added in Grade ‘B’ as they represented India in...

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DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) is mix of entertainment and Twenty 20 cricket. The marketing and revenue models of IPL also make an interesting business case study.

Q: How did the idea of IPL Twenty 20 Cricket originate?

A: It all began with the formation of Indian Cricket League (ICL) by media baron, Zee group’s Subhash Chandra to counter BCCI’s strength in Indian cricket. The ICL had senior players from all cricket playing nations (most were nearing retirement) and young budding cricketers from different parts of India.

To take advantage of the growing popularity of Twenty-20 cricket, BCCI and Lalit Modi conceived of an alternative cricket tournament, with the backing of ICC, built on the larger pattern of the English Premier League.

The idea had all the ingredients to be a success – top cricket players of the world, cricket crazy Indians having a perfect viewing experience in summers/ holiday season during prime time TV, presence of Bollywood...

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A List of 10 Highest Paid IPL Players in 2016 Edition. Players who will get maximum salary in IPL 2016, Eighth Edition of lucrative and most popular T20 League in the world. 10 Most Expensive Buy in IPL auction or retained by respective franchise by paying them More than 6 Crore Rs. Here is the list of Highest Paid IPL Players.

10 Most Expensive Players In IPL Auction 2016

List Of Players Sold In IPL Auction 2016

Top 10 Highest Paid IPL Players 2016

1. Virat Kohli – 15 Crore Rs

RCB Captain is highest paid IPL Player with salary of 15 Crore rs. RCB Retained him for 12.5 Crore rs but actually pays 2.5 Crore more than that

2. MS Dhoni – 12.5 Crore Rs.

Recently bought by Rising Giant Pune from Players Draft. He will get paid 12.5 Crore Rs.

3. Shikhar Dhawan – 12.5 Crore Rs.

Retained for 12.5 Crore Rs by Sun Risers Hyderabad and is getting same amount of money making him one of the highest paid IPL Players for 2016...

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How the 2014 IPL auction money was split between teams, countries and types of players

Which teams paid the most money? Which players made the most money within each team? Which countries were the highest auctioned players from? Did Batsmen command more money in the 2014 IPL Auction than any other type of player? We deep dive into the 2014 IPL auction data and show you different perspectives from the points of view of teams, countries and types of players.

How the auction money was divided among teams

The map below captures the money paid by the franchises for their player purchases in the 2014 Indian Premier League Auction. The rectangles are sized according to the auctioned price money, while the colours show the different teams. One can read the dominant IPL auctions in each team by seeing the map above. The retained players' individual prices (MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, etc.) have not been disclosed yet and have not been shown.

Mumbai Indians,...

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Yes, we know IPL involves big money. Yes, we know that Kolkata Knight Riders as a team has one of the strongest brand values in the IPL. Yes, we know that Virat Kohli is the highest paid cricketer in IPL 2016. But do we know how the IPL economics actually works?

A lot of thought process goes into the kind of investment and money flow we see in one of the most talked about tournaments in the world. The team owners are smart enough to know the pitfalls and have become wiser with every passing year.

Also Read: IPL 2016 Team and Players Lists, Key Players to watch out from each team

Here we try to decode the IPL economics and see how the teams actually make profits and where do the teams really spend their money. We also look at how the players are paid in the IPL.

How do the IPL teams make money?

Major source of income comes from the official sponsors of the IPL. For eg. Vivo is the title sponsor for IPL 9, 2016 along with other sponsors like Yes...

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The amount paid to the players are based on their availability for the matches. If a player was available for all the IPL matches, then that player is eligible for the full amount. If the players were not available for some matches, then they are paid on a pro-rata basis.

In the above case, Ponting and Maxwell were available for the entire season. Missing a match due to injury or benching is not considered as unavailability and hence they should be getting the full amount. There was a rule that if a player was available for a certain no of matches and misses only a certain no of games, they should be paid the full amount. Not sure if this rule is still there.

Also note that the amount offered to the players vary based on certain other criteria as well. For eg:- if the team didn't qualify for CL, players will get only 80% of the auction rate. Players also might get some % of amount if their team wins the IPL or finishes at 2/3/4. However there is no clarity on this and...

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Chris Morris was in the Kimberley dressing room with his Lions team-mates on Sunday morning. Little did he know he was sitting on a diamond mine.

Across the Indian Ocean, the IPL auction was taking place. Morris was one of the outsiders, with a base price of just US$20,000. That is the equivalent of R177,000 - which can buy a mid-level new car in South Africa.

Interested to see if he would be picked up by any team, Morris and some of his team-mates turned on an iPad and watched the action unfold live on this website. Three franchises bid for Morris - the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and the Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Super Kings' bid reached US$95,000 and then Mumbai upped to US$100,000. Gordon Parsons, the Lions bowling coach, "grabbed the iPad away from me and saw that it was up to 100,000," Morris told ESPNcricinfo. "He said, 'Good going, that's a fair amount of money.'" But that was not all.

Mumbai soon doubled the amount, then Chennai raised,...

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Paul Radley

When the Indian Premier League (IPL) arrives here next week, its gilded stars will think nothing of booking dinner at Reflets par Pierre Gagnier and ordering whatever they fancy on the menu.

Until they get their break in the IPL, though, the majority of cricketers would just be happy to get a table at Ravi’s in Satwa.

For six weeks, cricket’s leading players get to live like the stars of other world sports.

Top-bracket Indian players earn about US$200,000 (Dh734,000) annually from their basic central contracts from their national board, or about $15,500 per month.

For the same amount of time in the IPL, Yuvraj Singh, who fetched the highest price of any player in the most recent auction, will earn $1.5m – 100 times more.

It is not far behind the stars of other sports. After his lucrative summer transfer, Gareth Bale reportedly earns about $2m per month playing football for Real Madrid.

In another bat-and-ball game, the...

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Virat Kohli is the highest-paid cricketer in the IPL, according to salary figures released by the league on Friday.

While Kohli will cost his franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore Rs 12.5 crore (approximately USD 1.89 million) from their salary purse, they will actually pay him Rs 15 crore (USD 2.26 million). MS Dhoni, for long believed to be the most expensive IPL cricketer, will be paid USD 1.89 million, which is equal to his purse deduction, by the Pune franchise. Pune secured Dhoni in a draft of players who were part of the suspended Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals franchises.

Apart from Royal Challengers, who are paying Kohli and Chris Gayle more than the purse deduction, Mumbai Indians are paying Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga and Ambati Rayudu more than the purse deduction they result in.

However, contrary to the general perception that quite a few players used to get paid much more than the official purse deduction, quite a few have...

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Top 10 Highest Paid – Most Expensive IPL Cricketers in 2014

IPL the league of cricket warriors , where the money is used to bring the shinging stars of cricket from the world . Well there are huge names that has been listed in the most expensive and highly paid cricket players . Today from Virat Kohli to MS Dhoni each of them will be counted in huge money there is a top money invested on International players like Chris Gayle , David John Hussey , Dale Steyn .

Note : ( The List is created from Last 6 IPL Auctions : it will updated on 12th February with new Expensive players )

1) MS Dhoni : Chennai Super Kings : $3 Million:
The leading man in the money ration , still no one can chase him in the money run . MS Dhoni who almost got most of the advertisement packages then any other cricketer , He is almost earning round about $3 Million from...

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