How to find “distance covered” for players during the World Cup?


Distance Covered is being tracked at FIFA World Cup 2014.

On FIFA's website, detailed player statistics are provided for each match. For example, here is the page for Match 1 between Brazil and Croatia on June 12. Scrolling down to the Official Document section, you'll find Croatia player stats (.pdf) and Brazil player stats (.pdf). These documents contain the distance covered for each player; for example, Neymar, the Man-of-the-Match for Brazil, covered 9,538 meters during the game, contributing to the 102 km team total for Brazil.


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Several types of tracking technology exist, and the type used depends upon the the circumstances of the competition.

In training, some teams are now tracking with systems like RedFIR, a German technology comprised of tiny (15 gram) radio transmitters that can be placed in uniforms, footwear or balls, and a network of receivers set up around the field. The system detects events like passes, crosses and goals, plus provides real-time info on player step count, speed, and distance covered. Fraunhofer IIS, the company that makes RedFIR, says that its radio-based system provides a major benefit over other tracking solutions: "its tracking capability is not diminished by obstacles obscuring the line of sight."

But so far FIFA hasn't adopted the technology. This may be because rules changes would be required to implant the transmitters into balls. Also, players haven't been to receptive towards adding microchips to their shoes or shin guards during competition.


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To celebrate the biggest competition in football, Newsround is bringing you a footy fact for every day of the World Cup.

32. How many goals were scored in the 1958 World Cup final?

The most goals ever scored in a World Cup final was seven in 1958, when Brazil played Sweden winning 5-2 in the final. Three World Cup finals have seen six goals scored, all of them finishing with the result 4-2.

31. How many times have Germany finished runners-up?

Germany have finished runners-up the most times, losing in the World Cup final on four occasions. Netherlands are next on the list, they've been the runners-up three times.

30. Which team has won all of the penalty shoot-outs they have been a part of?

Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Italy are the teams who have all ended up in the most penalty shoot-outs in the finals of the World cup, totalling four each. Although Germany are the only ones who have managed to win all four of them

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Miroslav Klose bidding to become all-time leading World Cup goalscorer Germany striker is currently level with Brazil great Ronaldo on 15 goals Try out our 23-question World Cup quiz as the tournament comes to an end
Bastian Schweinsteiger is the one to watch in Tuesday night's semi-final

Published: 14:34 GMT, 8 July 2014 | Updated: 16:40 GMT, 8 July 2014

Miroslav Klose currently with 15 World Cup final goals needs one more to overtake Brazil’s Ronaldo and become the all-time highest scorer at tournament.

Ronaldo’s scored his 11th and 12th World Cup goals against Germany and Klose in the 2002 final. Even though he was considered 'past it' by then he still produced the goods in the wake of his infamous experience in the 1998 final.

OK, so you knew that, probably.

Prolific: Klose celebrates scoring one of his five goals at the 2002 World Cup

Still going strong: Klose scored his 15th World Cup finals goal against Ghana in the...

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In Argentina’s final match of the World Cup, Lionel Messi — on whom Argentine hopes have rested for over a decade — only touched the ball at a rate of once every two minutes. One of those touches was a great opportunity to win the game near the end of regulation, which he failed to even put on goal. Despite this, and despite a decrease in goals and assists as the tournament progressed (four goals in his first three games, an assist in his fourth, and nary a goal or assist since), he won the World Cup’s Golden Ball award (essentially the tournament MVP). That prompted Diego Maradona, Messi’s Argentine forefather and foil, to say, “It’s not right when someone wins something that he shouldn’t have won just because of some marketing plan.” The sharply worded op-eds, so plentiful on Sunday and Monday, are dying down — for now — but even Messi’s fans may start to wonder what was going on, and whether Messi was playing like his usual self.

Before Sunday’s World Cup Final, Messi’s...

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This weekend saw thousands of people pounding the streets in the 34th London Marathon. The 26.2 mile course, which winds through the streets of London, is the pinnacle of many people’s sporting achievements, but we wondered how the distance covered by elite hockey players during a tournament such as the Rabobank Hockey World Cup measures up in comparison?

Figures outlining exactly how far a hockey player travels over the course of a hockey match varies quite dramatically depending upon a number of factors. The ability to roll players on and off the pitch means that you are unlikely to see any player, with the exception of the goalkeeper, playing an entire 70 minutes. The distance covered by a player will also vary according to position, defenders are less likely to clock up the miles than a midfielder, for instance.

But, some general figures do give us a feel for how far a hockey player can expect to run. International level midfielders generally cover the greatest...

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Tracking technology using video or GPS chips have transformed the ability of coaches in elite team sports to monitor the physical contributions of players in games. This type of data is usually highly sensitive, but increasingly it is being made publicly available during major tournaments. The World Cup is no exception with FIFA publishing detailed data on the distances covered by individual players in every game. So it’s possible to analyse just how important this kind of physical contribution is to winning games.

FIFA’s data shows that (in all the games played up to and including Nigeria’s 1-0 victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina) teams have averaged a total distance covered of 106.2km per game. FIFA breaks down the distance covered into three categories: low activity (63.0km), medium activity (16.5km) and high activity (26.8km). FIFA also records the number of sprints with teams averaging 346 sprints per game.

Further and faster

Have winning teams tended to...

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Want to work in football but don’t want to play? Here are 10 jobs that were integral to getting England to the World Cup (and who’ll probably be coming straight home with them pretty soon) you can totally look into… (And don’t forget to sign up for the GoThinkBig Sessions in Glasgow!)

Salary: Depends on your experience but a highly experienced massage therapist could earn over...

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One aspect of soccer that separates it from many sports is the unique combination of speed and endurance that is required, and no position must run farther during a match than midfielders. These players are often asked to cover the entire length of the field, which can be up to 130 yards long.

During the U.S. national team's opening match against Ghana, midfielder Michael Bradley led the team with 7.9 miles covered during the match. The match lasted 100 minutes and 1 second, which means Bradley averaged 4.75 mph for more than an hour and a half, with only one real break (continued below).

This chart also shows that even goalkeepers must travel long distances, with Tim Howard traveling just under 3 miles during the match.

We also get a sense of the effects fresh legs can have on a match.

Alejandro Bedoya, who was replaced by Graham Zusi midmatch, combined with Zusi to travel 7.8 miles, topped only...

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“Now that Frank Lampard has been released by Chelsea, he could well be playing at the World Cup without having a club team. Are there any other examples of this happening?” asks Michael McCarthy.

Well, it’s fair to say that judging from our mailbag there have been a few. The most popular suggestion was Gary Breen, who went to the 2002 World Cup with Ireland sans club, after leaving Coventry. His performances there led to suggestions that teams as prestigious as Juventus and Barcelona were keen, and in fact Breen revealed years later that he agreed a deal with Internazionale but failed a medical. In the end he signed for the slightly less-picky West Ham but they were relegated and he only played 18 games. Ah, what could’ve been.

Jeff Lawrence reminds us of the Canada squad in 1986, the only World Cup they have ever qualified for, which had no fewer than six unattached players in it. They were captain Bruce Wilson, midfielder...

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As the 2014 World Cup reaches the final round, physical demands of the tournament begin to take a toll on the players. Maintaining peak performance while managing fatigue and injuries has been critical as Germany and Argentina worked their way into the finals. Coaching staff and trainers from each team are tuned in more than ever, and some are using technology to get an edge on the competition.

Take the German national team (DFB), which crushed Brazil in the first semi-final match. They become the first team to score 5 goals in the first 29 minutes of a World Cup game. Leading up to that match, Germany was averaging one goal every 39 minutes, requiring only 5.3 attempts to put the ball in the net.

Going into the final, DFB stands as the 2014 scoring leader with 17 goals, which is five ahead of Netherlands and Colombia, and nine more than Argentina.

While this success can be attributed to many things, it could all be traced back to the role and method of...

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A goal just before halftime changed everything for the Liga MX side, which had a decent first half but ultimately couldn't keep up with Real Madrid in a Club World Cup semifinal.

Imagine how different Ricardo La Volpe's halftime speech would've been.

Real Madrid takes 2-0 win over Club America

Club Ameirca was just minutes away from going into the locker room level with Real Madrid, the European champion, one of the biggest teams in the world. It hadn't necessarily been a stunning first half for the CONCACAF champion - Moises Munoz was needed on multiple occasions, and the goalkeeper's post helped him out on a Ronaldo header in the 26th minute. But it had been a good opening 45 minutes for America. The Mexican side found half-chances, it won set pieces, it defended well.

Then, the goal fell, and as it so often does it changed everything. Toni Kroos threaded a pass through to Karim Benzema, who had burst past Paolo Goltz and finally beat Munoz two...

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The players eligible to receive a travel award will receive instructions from Wizards of the Coast regarding whom they must contact and the deadline by which they must arrange their travel awards. Wizards of the Coast will not refund travel made outside this service. Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to award a cash equivalent award in lieu of any travel award in its sole discretion.

All travel itineraries must be from the international airport nearest the player's home and to the host city of the Pro Tour, and must include all the dates of that event. No award will be substituted if member is unable to participate. All other expenses are the responsibility of the member and may include, without limitation, accommodations, ground transportation, taxes, itinerary change fees, passport and visa fees.

This award must be redeemed through member's arrangement of travel itinerary no later than (30) days before departure. Failure to complete travel...

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In 2011, Sepp Blatter had a very Sepp Blatter moment when he insisted that there is no on-the-field racism in football, and that therefore players who feel as though they're being racially abused should simply shake hands, shrug and accept that it's just a game.

Yet players continue to allege that their opponents have made racist remarks. And since they're not receiving support from FIFA, footballers are taking matters into their own hands, walking off the pitch or eating bananas thrown at them by racist fans.

Meanwhile, despite Article 3 of the FIFA Statutes, which prohibits discrimination of any kind, the organization refuses to take a firm stand against homophobia. Playing upcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar is fine, Blatter says, because gay fans should simply "refrain from any sexual activities." Goodness knows how any gay footballers, required to attend tournaments as part of their job, are expected to feel about traveling to countries that have made...

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How much live action actually occurs in each major sport?

Editor Post-publishing Update: this was originally published in July of 2013. Over the years I have updated this post with additional information, resulting in adjusted numbers from the original. I’m always looking for more and better information and am all ears if you have links to these kinds of studies.

I’ve never been the biggest NFL fan, despite living in a distinctly football town here in Washington DC. But in the past few years or so, slowly my patience for watching an entire NFL football broadcast has ended. Notice how games used to be slated for 1pm and 4pm on Sundays? Now they’re 1pm and 4:15pm, with seemingly all that extra time now devoted to commercials. Every time there’s a time-out, a break in play, after every challenge, there’s more commercials. My friends and I have a joke. I’ll ask “Hey, what time is the 8:00 game?” And instead of the answer being obvious … the answer is 8:15 or 8:30 or...

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