In the NBA, why is the sign-and-trade a thing? [duplicate]

In a sign-and-trade, a team signs a free agent to a contract and then immediately trades him to another team. The trade has been agreed to in advance, and neither the team nor the player can back out after the contract is signed.

Sign-and-trades are basically an accepted loophole in the NBA's collective bargaining agreement, most commonly used by teams over the salary cap. Teams that are over the salary cap cannot sign new free agents, but they can re-sign their own players even if it takes them further over the cap. All teams can trade players so long as the salaries they get back are within 20% of the salaries they give out.

So say for example that LeBron decides to leave the Cavaliers. Cleveland will still be over the cap even without LeBron's salary, so they won't be able to sign new players to upgrade their roster. But if LeBron cooperates, they could re-sign him at around $17 million, and then trade him to another team in exchange for around $17 million worth of players...

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After a long summer of topless championship parades, free-agency meetings in the Hamptons, Snapchat mishaps, and gold medals, the NBA is finally, truly, really, almost back. The start of training camp marks the beginning of our NBA Preview.

This is Squad Goals Week. We’re looking at a bunch of teams and asking one question: What constitutes success for this franchise?

“Go with Danny Ainge. He’s just lucky.”

This was Red Auerbach’s advice to Celtics co-owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca during their search for a president of basketball operations in 2003. “That’s a high compliment from Red,” Grousbeck told me last week. “Sometimes things just happen, other times you make your own luck.”

Ainge learned a great deal from the man who drafted him in 1981. “I liked Red because he was a risk-taker by nature,” Ainge told me last month. The 2016–17 Celtics are as good as a team can be in this league...

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In the National Basketball Association, a sign-and-trade agreement is a type of contract (allowed by the collective bargaining agreement [CBA]) wherein one franchise/team signs an unrestricted free agent player to a new contract, only to then immediately trade him to another team (of the player's choosing). This is typically done to enable the player to obtain a higher salary and/or greater number of years on their contract than NBA salary cap rules ordinarily allow the destination team, itself, to provide the player.[1]

Benefits & Function[edit]

The sign-and-trade helps NBA teams capitalize on financial assets that they would otherwise lose—with nothing gained in return—if a player became a free agent. It is a factor in the departing player's increased salary and extended contract. It helps the team gaining the player, by enabling it to offer a better/more economically competitive contract to the player, than otherwise would be allowed under league rules. Often,...

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Everybody wants Kevin Durant.

In less than a week, he'll become the biggest free agent on the market, and the rest of the NBA world will wait to see what he decides. Stay in OKC? Join up with the Warriors and conquer the universe? Head back home to Washington? Take his talents to Milwaukee? (OK, no one thinks that.)

With Durant the next big NBA story now that the draft is over, we thought we'd guide you through his options -- which, theoretically, is every team in the NBA. We've broken all 30 teams into tiers based on their actual chances of signing Durant.


30. Philadelphia 76ers: They could make Durant's mom their new president of basketball operations and he would not sign with them. "I'm going to take the Sixers to the Finals" is a heat check from the parking lot that even J.R. Smith would not attempt.

29. Phoenix Suns: Their organization has a reputation for alienating players, they...

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Practice, practice, practice! If you have a basketball hoop at home, play basketball everyday. One way that you can get better at basketball, is to go to the gym a few times a week do some drills and work on your ball handles. Also, run everyday to be in good shape! Playing with people who are better than you will make you better. Also in a game, do not get easily discouraged. You can always make up for a disappointing game in the next.


Be sure to practice shooting everywhere on the court meaning your close range, mid range and 3 point range (within reason). Work on developing a nice, clean shot. Also practice shooting as if someone were guarding you and pay attention to the goal.


Definitely do not forget to stretch! This is one of the key elements in preventing injury, but stretch after you warm up. Also, try get a roller to roll out on before and after practice


Play as hard as you can in every game. If you...

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Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker is the latest young player to suffer a significant injury this season. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

In order to become a championship-level NBA team, a dizzying amount of things have to properly fall into place. The right players need to be acquired, whether via the draft, trade or through free agency. The right coaching staff needs to be in place to use those players properly. And the infrastructure and support system has to be in place to keep everything working as it should be.

In addition to all of those things, something else is required for a team to not only reach the rarefied air of the sport’s elite, but to stay there: health. And, for all of the advancements that have been made in player rest and treatment and recovery in recent years, there’s still a large portion of health that seems to come down to good, old-fashioned luck.

Over the past week, the NBA universe has learned, in the most brutal ways possible, just how...

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This is the crown jewel of Boston's supposed hoard, and even it comes with a significant caveat.

(Note: I originally stated any team trading for the Nets' pick has to swap picks with Brooklyn, which is just incorrect. Shoutout to the fine Celtics fans who pointed that out. Appreciate your enthusiasm; your team is still very good, and your coach is easily in the top five in the NBA, if not the top three. But that doesn't drastically change how I feel about this asset — a very good trade chip that because of random chance is slightly overrated and isn't nearly enough on its own to land a star).

At this point in time, any team trading for that pick is at the mercy of probability. No matter how bad the Nets are, there's only a 25 percent chance this turns into the first overall pick.

While the Brooklyn pick won't fall any lower than No. 4, the chance you end up with something less than the best-case scenario diminishes the pick's value, as...

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The Rockets couldn't find any takers for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline. Scott Halleran/Getty

The NBA trade deadline has passed, and it was an unusually quiet day.

While there was a flurry of trades, the biggest names on the trading block all stayed on their teams, with only a few roles players changing cities.

Quiet trade deadlines are not unheard of, but this year's felt like a sign of a bigger change in the NBA.

In a year where players like Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Al Horford, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Jeff Teague, and even smaller-name, but good players like Ryan Anderson and Hassan Whiteside were reportedly available, none of them were moved. These are all high-impact players who can improve a team, yet there weren't any takers.

Perhaps the biggest reason is the impending salary cap jump, which will make this summer one of the wildest free agency periods the NBA has ever seen.


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MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Timberwolves are giving Lance Stephenson another shot in the NBA. Just how many he has left remains to be seen.

The Timberwolves signed Stephenson to a 10-day contract on Wednesday, hoping the enigmatic guard can bring some toughness and experience to a young team. With essentially a week to make an impression before the All-Star break, Stephenson will have to be on his best behavior as he tries to reclaim a place for himself.

"You already know he has it in him. Now we've got to get it out of him again."

Tom Thibodeau, on Lance Stephenson

"My job is to work hard, prove my point and show everybody I belong in this league," Stephenson said after the team's shootaround before Wednesday night's game against Toronto.

The Timberwolves were in need of depth on the wing after losing young star Zach LaVine for the season to a torn ACL. Coach Tom Thibodeau said he always liked what he saw from Stephenson when he played for the...

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Washington Wizards are one piece away from seriously contending for an NBA Championship. New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony could be that piece.

Looking to return to the NBA Playoffs in an Eastern Conference that’s considered “wide open,” Phil Jackson signed and traded for a number of notable names this past off-season.

Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose headlined the list of additions the New York Knicks made, but neither player has done enough to elevate the team. The team is sitting 10 games below .500 – 12th in the East.

Noah’s game has deteriorated and he has three years left on his $74 million contract, making him almost untradeable. Rose literally ran to Chicago without notifying the team and his future in New York remains uncertain. He’s on an expiring contract.

Through all of the dysfunction, Carmelo Anthony has remained committed to his role as the Knicks’ most important player. Anthony continues to shoot down trade rumors, despite Jackson’s...

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In a boon to writers (and players) bored with the winter doldrums, the NBA has been beset with drama this season. The Kings still can‘t handle DeMarcus Cousins. The Knicks are a mess from top to bottom. LeBron is in open disagreement with Dan Gilbert. And Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo are reviving their rivalry, but this time as teammates.

January was a bona fide circus by NBA standards. But which team has been the biggest clown show of them all? The Crossover staff is here to weigh in.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Suns

Ben Golliver: Back in 2013, Charles Barkley briefly “campaigned” for the Suns GM job, drawing chuckles and snorts from media analysts for his blunt talk (“The Suns are the Titanic… The Suns stink”). As crazy as it sounds, it’s now time to wonder whether the TNT commentator would have been worse than Ryan McDonough, the rookie executive Phoenix ultimately hired.

The sheer diversity of McDonough’s blunders is staggering. He...

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Fans who slept through Monday night's Mavericks-Spurs game will wake up to read that Dallas pulled off a "thrilling" victory in a series that was "as good as basketball gets." I'll give it to you straight, sleepyheads: Reading about it was a lot more fun than watching it. The dramatic high point of Dallas'Game 7 victory came when Manu Ginobili's 3-pointer put the Spurs up three with 32 seconds to go. The Mavericks responded by calling timeout. After Dallas tied the game on Dirk Nowitzki's three-point play, San Antonio called timeout. A few missed shots and a two-minute commercial break later, the game went to overtime, wherein four more timeouts were called. In the game's final moments, there were nearly as many timeouts (six) as field goals (seven). If this is as good as basketball gets, please run 2,000 volts through my recliner.

The extraordinary run of tight, fast-paced games in the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs has spawned talk that pro basketball is in the...

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It's officially deadline month! To celebrate, theScore's NBA editors will be asking and answering the questions that matter leading up to Feb. 23.

With the Chicago Bulls on the brink of collapsing for the second time in as many years, All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler has once again found himself mentioned in trade rumors with the deadline approaching.

Despite putting up All-NBA level numbers through the first half of the season, Butler's shoddy relationship with the team's front office has made him expendable in the eyes of Bulls' management, making it a realistic possibility he's dealt in the coming weeks.

While trading Butler could solve some of the hostility in the locker room, it would be far from a savvy maneuver, and could set the franchise back years if a deal actually comes to fruition.

Just how good is Butler?

It may seem overly laudable given the Bulls' unremarkable record, but you could make a strong case that Butler has been the second...

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As midseason requests go, LeBron James’ recent call for an additional playmaker to be added to the Cleveland Cavaliers roster isn’t nearly as bold as, say, unscheduled trips to Miami that had become an annual tradition of sorts for one of the game’s greats.

And let’s not forget how those subplots played out: with James and the Cavs reaching the Finals in 2015, then ascending to the NBA’s mountaintop for the first time in franchise history last June.

This time around, as the Cavs scuffle through this stretch in which they’ve lost seven of their past 11 games, this a different version of the same story. James is clearly seeking rest and recovery again, and thus he wants help when it comes the regular season workload. And who – Charles Barkley notwithstanding – can blame him?

At 32 years old, he leads the league in minutes per game (37.5) and has now played more regular season minutes than all but six of the league’s current players (40,130, behind Dirk Nowitzki,...

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TORONTO -- Long after the end of an All-Star Game that featured a record 369 points but little in the way of memorable moments, a boy on his way out of Air Canada Centre looked up at his father and asked, "Is it very easy to be an All-Star two times in a row?"

I wanted to pull him aside and explain that nothing to do with All-Star Weekend is easy. Not the process of reaching the All-Star Game once, let alone in back-to-back years or 18 times. Especially 18 times. That's why Kobe Bryant had not one but two tribute videos playing on the scoreboard screens before the game.

There's nothing easy about becoming an NBA city with a chance to host an All-Star Weekend, as those who were around for the formation of the Toronto Raptors in 1994 can attest. There was nothing easy about getting to Toronto or being here throughout one of the coldest weekends in decades.

But man, the payoffs. Only at All-Star Weekend can you share an elevator with Hall of Fame players,...

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Maryland Vehicle Title and Registration Information

Titling Information

Registration Information

Other Information

Titling Information

Titling Used Vehicles

To title and register your newly purchased used vehicle, you will need to submit the following documents, (along with payment for taxes and fees):

Proof of ownership - The vehicle's current title has to be properly assigned to you. If the title was issued in Maryland, it can be used as your application for titling and registering the vehicle. If the vehicle is from a state that does not issue a title as proof of ownership, a registration document and a bill of sale may be submitted as proof of ownership. Application form - If the vehicle's current title was issued in Maryland, use it as your application form by completing the section entitled Application for Title and Registration. If not, use the application for certificate of title (form #VR-005). Be sure to include your...
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Can I get my old ring repaired?

We will need to evaluate your ring to determine if repairs can be made. Please ship your ring to the repair address listed on this website along with instructions, a return shipping address, daytime phone number and return shipping and handle (see website for S&H information). If repairs can be made and if any charges apply we will contact you.

How much will my ring a repair cost or is it covered under warranty?

While there might not be any charges, we need to evaluate your ring in order to determine if charges are applicable. See your limited lifetime warranty information. Normal wear and tear, diamonds and junior high school spirit rings for example are not covered under the warranty. If your ring can be repaired under warranty guidelines we will be more than happy to repair free of charge.

How long will my repairs take?

Repairs typically take 2-3 weeks; sometimes less. Remaking your ring if...

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Are you a baseball fan? Check out our guide on creating monster players in MLB 15: The Show here.

I hate change.

Every year, I look forward to my favorite series tipping off another great October basketball experience. I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks with NBA 2K15, but I’ve also had to climb a steep learning curve in my favorite game mode: MyCareer.

How can there be a learning curve to a series I’ve bought annually for over a decade? It’s simple — NBA 2K15 developer Visual Concepts changed everything. Player attributes and unlockable badges are totally different. The purchasable player traits such as Finisher and Brick Wall are now part of the new badge system. Starting player types, such as 3-point shooter or slasher, have gone the way of the Seattle Supersonics (extinct).

I’ve had to relearn everything I learned in the years of creating powerful players that led to last year’s guide, but that’s OK. I think the drastic changes to the creation and...

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Derrick Rose's name should be in lights, like the Chicago Theatre sign, only bigger. Put the Rose sign outside the United Center or maybe in his old neighborhood of Englewood. Or erect the sign somewhere on the Dan Ryan so frustrated commuters can have something to stare at besides the bumper six inches from their face.

If Rose's name isn't in lights, it should be on your back. If you're trying the adidas store on Michigan Ave., you better call ahead.

If Rose's name isn't in lights or on your back, it should be on your mind. What's he doing? And what nameless European is he dunking on today? Why didn't you vote for him for the All-Star Game? When are his new shoes coming out?

This is Derrick Rose's world and we're living in it, right? Right?

In a city once dominated by MJ and Oprah and lately, Obama, Rose is unquestionably the most enthralling, talented and promising athlete.

Aesthetically, he captures the imagination in ways that even Patrick...

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Typically a sign and trade is a maneuver that is used by teams and players to allow a player to make more money than he would have otherwise been able to make by just signing a contract with his new team. NBA teams (particularly the ones like the Heat and Lakers that have several max contracts), live on the edge or even past the salary cap, so there are serious restrictions on how much they can pay players acquired in free agency. Sign and Trade is a way to allow these players to make the money they have earned, and allow teams with max contracts to actually fill out their rosters (and make competitive offers to appealing free agents like Nash).

In the case of the Nash trade, the Lakers would only be able to offer him a starting salary of (likely) about 3 million through the mid-level exception. However, by trading for Nash they are able to use the trade exception they received last year for Lamar Odom to account for Nash's salary. This allows the Lakers to pay Nash 27...

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