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Each player has to sign a contract with BCCI. The IPL has two type of contracts – under first, called the firm agreement, the player will get a fixed sum from BCCI and the difference between the bid amount and the fixed fee will be earned by BCCI, On
The production will be among the most sophisticated ever too, with 28 cameras, including seven ultra-motion cameras, Spidercam as well as graphics with key analytics, all of which will take the viewer right to the heart of the action. The control roo
Note that while a no ball and a wide ball are types of delivery, dead ball is a state. Put simply, the ball is not dead whenever it is in play. According to Law 23
The amount paid to the players are based on their availability for the matches. If a player was available for all the IPL matches, then that player is eligible for the full amount. If the players were not available for some matches, then they are pai
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In the calculation of net run rate (NRR), the final score, and not the target, is the relevant number. For Mumbai Indians, the requirement to finish the chase in 87 deliveries was only subject to their final score being 190. The chasing team, if they
If it is not possible to start the Super Over as described in the above paragraph or to then complete the Super Over without interruption, the team that finished highest in the league table after the 56 matches of the regular season shall be declared
In his first interview since being slapped with a life ban for corruption, former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent has offered a compelling insight into how. .
Generally reserved days are scheduled on the next day of the actual match day in every tournaments. From IPL's match playing conditions: 50. IPL 2014 PLAYOFF MATCHES 5