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The Liverpool Graeme Souness returned to was clearly different from the one he had left seven years earlier. He inherited an ageing side heading for decline, but rather than arrest it, he hastened the fall from the summit like a mountain climber discarding his guide ropes in favour of overcooked spaghetti. He also clearly suffered some bad luck ‘“’“ a serious Achilles tendon injury sustained while representing England rid John Barnes, the best player at the club, of his pace, and he was a shadow of his former self in between 1991 and 1994, while the massively influential Alan Hansen had just retired. But Souness’ failure in the transfer market, and his decision to insensitively sell a story to The Sun newspaper on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, meant that he contributed to his own inevitable downfall.

The timing of Liverpool’s partial demise could not have been worse. The new financial landscape of the Premiership opened up in...

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"Souness" redirects here. For the 1950s footballer and cricketer, see

Jim Souness


Graeme James Souness (; born 6 May 1953) is a retired Scottish professional football player and manager.

Souness was the captain of the successful Liverpool team of the early 1980s, player/manager of Rangers in the late 1980s and captain of the Scottish national team. He also played for Tottenham Hotspur, Middlesbrough and Sampdoria.

His managerial career began when he joined Rangers, leading them to three Scottish titles and four league cups, before joining Liverpool as manager. He went on to become manager of Galatasaray, Southampton, Torino, Benfica, Blackburn Rovers, and Newcastle United.

Souness now does media work and divides his time working as a pundit for Sky Sports and beIN Sports.

Club career[edit]

Early career[edit]

Souness was brought up in the Saughton Mains area of Edinburgh, and supported local side Hearts[1] and...

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This is a Liverpool Quiz for Liverpool Fans and liverpool fans only who know there stuff about liverpool and everything about Liverpool. take the quiz and find out if your a true liverpool fans and not anything else.

do you think you can handle the liverpool quiz. can you answer all the questions. are you a true liverpool fan or just a stupid fool. find out in my how well do you know liverpool quiz

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Graeme Souness knows his days are numbered. And it’s his own fault. His extremely negative attitude the past few weeks when answering questions from the press has had a detrimental effect on the team’s play.

He’s been clutching on to the injury excuse for a while now, but the fact remains that Newcastle’s performance since last summer has been very lacking.

Contrast this with Rafa Benitez. In January of last year, Florent Sinama-Pongolle became the 11th first-team player to suffer a long-term injury at Anfield that season following problems for Cisse, Chris Kirkland, Milan Baros, Xabi Alonso, Harry Kewell, Vladimir Smicer, Luis Garcia, Steven Gerrard, Antonion Nunez, Steve Finnan and Josemi.

What was Benitez’s reaction to the injury pileup?

In the November 28th, 2004 edition of The Guardian newspaper, he said: “If you lose your two main strikers, all the other things change. Only time can sort that out, and hard work. If you are working properly,...

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Serene is not a word one would immediately conjure up when describing Graeme Souness. Passionate, possibly intimidating, determined, proud, independent, and fiery perhaps, but not serene, never in a month of Sundays.

And yet, as he sits calmly in the manager's office at The Dell, he gives the impression that a bomb could quite easily explode next to him and he would remain unruffled, speaking in a quiet, considered and measured tone, and so laidback that he makes Des Lynam look like hyperactive.

You mention that perhaps his image is very different from the person now in charge of Southampton since the start of the season. Souness agrees: "I've never been true to my image. I accept that I sometimes overstepped the mark, but I can tell you that, off the pitch, I've never been an overly aggressive person."

To prove his point, he tells you what he got up to during his self-imposed 18-month exile from the game after he walked out on Liverpool in 1993. "I know...

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The former Sampdoria midfielder criticised the goalkeeper for his loan move to the Granata, saying he should have remained in the English Premier League.

“Every day someone comes up to me and they have their opinions,” Hart shrugged at his official presentation.

“I don’t care what they say. Souness? I’m at Torino and I’m glad.

“We can challenge for the Europa League, and with the support of the fans we can do well. Talking to [Sinisa] Mihajlovic was important, he always tries to make me feel at ease and make sure I’m happy.

“When we met for the first time he asked me about my mindset and my motivations and I told him I wanted to come to Torino and work with him.

“I’m here to learn and improve.

“Before coming to Torino I researched them, and there’s a great attack here. I’ve been received well and I’ve found top quality here.

“By working well and combining my skills with my teammates we can do...

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Anfield Update: Reds hero confirms...

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