Is it considered possible for women to compete with men professionally in team sports played with a ball other than baseball?


Nowadays, there are two controversial issues about the influence of sports on the character depending on the number of participants. Some people suppose that sports done in team helps to build a stronger character than individual sports do. Others believe that those who do sports on their own have a more virile character than team-players. Who is right?

In my opinion, team sports helps to develop a tough character. Firstly, these sports are more effective as the work in team helps to communicate with people. For example, every third politician has gone in for a team sports. Secondly, team sports are more useful because they forbid to give up not to let the team down. For instance, according to the researches, 45% of team-players have become more responsible and stopped giving in facing a problem. So, sports done in team are more advantageous than individual ones.

However, there are some people who are sure that sports done solely do good for the developing of one’s...

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Should women be allowed the same opportunities in sports as men? |

There's this thing called "equality"

The reason some of these people (I'm assuming males.) think that less people want to watch women's sports is because everyone overwhelmed with men's sports. You see very few people on TV talking about Brittney Griner. But just 15 minutes ago it was all about Lebron James. In the sports world there are less opportunities for women. This is wrong. It's completely out of a women's control. It is very similar to discriminating against one's race in sports. As a female athlete this I am outraged that this needs to be a topic of debate. It should simply be common sense.


Title IX is fair

If you get involved in travel sports for girls you will be impressed. My sister plays on a big time travel softball team and from what I see they work really hard to get a college scholarship. These girls play year round to get a...

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Due to the increase in popularity of clubs such as Major League Gaming, World Cyber Games, and the Cyberathlete Professional League, video gaming has made impressive gains in the field of standardized competition. A fashionable debate is one of whether competitive video games are sports or not; it’s a source of contention for many gamers and non-gamers alike. If so-called cyberathletes are competing against formal teams in a formal environment, with real titles and monetary stakes on the line, it seems absurd to not deem the activity a sport.

But it’s not. Video games should not be categorized as sports, and unless something technologically bizarre overwhelms our world in the next few decades, they never should be.

Traditional sports are steadfast, and resolute in their structure and mechanics. A professional American football player from any past decade could be transplanted into a current football scenario, and would only have to be told of a few minor rule changes...

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A x-ray of my right hand taken around 2003.

I have a disability called Poland Syndrome. Poland Syndrome is a birth-defect characterized by the absence of the pectoral (chest) muscle on one side of the body. In my particular case, I am missing my right pectoral muscle and one of the side-effects is that I have a smaller right hand with shortened fingers that are not really capable of bending. In the fifth chapter of Mika LaVaque-Manty’s the Playing Fields of Eton that is called “Being a Woman and Other Disabilities,” LaVaque-Manty claims that, “In disability sport, the idea of open competition is that anyone who can compete can join in. It is not only true in disability sport,” (LaVaque-Manty 147). As a person with my own disability and drawing from my own experiences and thoughts, I believe if a disabled person can participate in a sport, disability or able-bodied, he or she should have a right to compete with or without the help of an aid.

From my own experiences...

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All original and exciting people come up with the game is not like the ones we are used to (football, basketball, hockey). And here is a small selection of sports that are collected from all over the world. A creative approach to the sport will not leave you indifferent.

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Every year in the picturesque Cotswold Hills held a game in which the crowd daredevils running down the hill in pursuit of a Double Gloucester cheese head. People from all over the world come to the hill Cooper to see and even take part in this dangerous, but very fun contests.


Can you imagine a combination of football, baseball and hockey? In Ireland there is already a game called hurling, which perfectly fits this description. Outfit Player-hёrlera consists of football shape, a protective helmet and a wooden stick. The aim of this game is to earn as many points scoring balls in the opponent.

Finnish jogging...

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Sport in Canada consists of a wide variety of games. There are many contests that Canadians value, the most common sports are ice hockey, lacrosse, Canadian football, soccer, basketball, curling and baseball, with ice hockey and lacrosse being the official winter and summer sports, respectively.

Ice hockey, referred to as simply "hockey", is Canada's most prevalent winter sport, its most popular spectator sport, and its most successful sport in international competition. It is Canada's official national winter sport. Lacrosse, a sport with Indigenous origins, is Canada's oldest and official summer sport. Canadian football is Canada's second most popular spectator sport,[1] being the most popular in the prairie provinces. The Canadian Football League's annual championship, the Grey Cup, is one of the country's largest annual sports events.[2] While other sports have a larger spectator base, Association football, known in Canada as soccer in both English and French, has the...

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Track and field is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.[1] The name is derived from the sport's typical venue: a stadium with an oval running track enclosing a grass field where the throwing and jumping events take place. Track and field is categorised under the umbrella sport of athletics, which also includes road running, cross country running, and race walking.

The foot racing events, which include sprints, middle- and long-distance events, race walking and hurdling, are won by the athlete with the fastest time. The jumping and throwing events are won by the athlete who achieves the greatest distance or height. Regular jumping events include long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault, while the most common throwing events are shot put, javelin, discus and hammer. There are also "combined events" or "multi events", such as the pentathlon consisting of five events, heptathlon consisting of seven events,...

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Dan Donnelly (March 1788 – February 18, 1820) was a professional boxing pioneer and the first Irish-born heavyweight champion. He was posthumously inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Pioneers Category in 2008.

Donnelly was born in the docks of Dublin, Ireland in March, 1788. He came from a family of seventeen children. His father was a carpenter, but suffered from chest complaints, probably bronchitis, and was frequently out of work. In those days there was no pay if you didn't work. It was a terrific struggle to bring up a family of that size. To Donnelly, like most kids of his time, this was the life he knew and was not particularly aware of the poverty around him. As soon as he was able, he went to work as a carpenter.

The country was still reeling from the aftermath of the 1798 Rebellion when the Act of Union was passed. It merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Britain to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. There was a...

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Meet our panelists N. Chrystine Olson: From the perspective of an American football official

Rugby and gridiron compete for my loyalty in September. Tri Nations winds up, American football starts. I attempted to watch both last Saturday, contacting the only sports bar known for showing “the rugby,” hoping one screen could be dedicated to the South Africa / Australia match.

I settled into a lonely booth while every other patron focused on college football. Enjoying a pint in anticipation of the scrum, I got the bad news. They no longer subscribed to the obscure cable channel responsible for rugby. The waiter brought me a free beer, switching on the Alabama / Virginia Tech game.

The sports gods were talking to me: Remember your roots. You’re American. Watch football. I like rugby, but I LOVE football.

Lola Akinmade: From the perspective of a former competitive rugby player

“I found it!” I remember one player announcing gleefully as he picked up his lost tooth...

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Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 most popular sports in the world. But before we do that it is important to know the importance of sports and the criteria that should be used to make a ranking of sports.

Sports plays an important role in our lives. From the early childhood years where we take sports very seriously to the later years in life where we consider it as a hobby, a fitness ritual, and sometimes even a profession. Today in every part of the world some sport is passionately followed. People take their sporting heroes as their role models and often have emotional attachment with their favorite sports stars and sports teams. People in different regions of the world have different favorite sports. This makes ranking the sports quite a challenging and difficult job. This is exactly why it is hard to ascertain the reliability and accuracy of different sports lists out there.

Here, it is important to know exactly what do we mean by most popular...

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