Is it Okay to Swim all seven days a week?


Considerably, this means six days of school, correct? Well then, these are the Pros and Cons. Pros: Inevitably, more time of study. More time to have social interaction with

… classmates and teachers. More influence from their peers. Cons: Not all students like such things. In fact, most don't. They'd be happy about the extra time with friends, but they'd be engrossed in that, and most likely fail to pay attention in class. Undecided: Extra homework, less freedom, and less family time in higher school levels. Extra homework might be good for revision, but might cause more stress. Less freedom is something that parents might find good or bad. If parents think their children have too much freedom, the extra school time might be good. If parents think their children have too LITTLE freedom, though, they won't like the extra school time. Less family time works vice versa, as families might be happier seeing their children more, or they might not, depending on how close they are...
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Monday, the start of my holiday

Понедельник, начало моего отпуска.

Freedom for just one week...

Лишь неделя свободы,

Feels good to get away...

Хорошо уйти от проблем...

Tuesday saw her down on the beach

Во вторник увидел её на пляже.

I stood and watched a while

Я стоял и наблюдал некоторое время,

And she looked and smiled at me.

И она взглянула на меня и улыбнулась.

Wednesday I didn't see her

В среду я не видел её,

I hoped that she'd be back tomorrow

Я надеялся, что она вернется завтра.

And then on Thursday

И потом в четверг

My luck had changed

Фортуна повернулась ко мне.

She stood there all alone

Она стояла совсем одна,

I went and asked her name

Я подошел и спросил, как её зовут.

I never thought that this could happen to me

Я никогда не думал, что это могло случиться со мной

In only seven...

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Hi everyone. I have been working out for a little more than a year and a half. Right now I'm running the PHUL routine four days a week and I'm really enjoying it. The thing is, I'm going to swim three days a week too for now on. I'll only go to the gym three days a week then, so I won't be able to run my PHUL program as before.

My question is: which 3 days program is better for hypertrophy, coupled with swimming every other day? Should I keep doing PHUL as a three day routine (U/L/U - L/U/L), try PPL 3x a week only or go with a fullbody?

I'm looking for hypertrophy/aesthetics more than strenght, and I'm not really fond of FB routines (I'll try and stick to it if it's the best solution...

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Good for you! A Couch to 5K training program is typically 9 or 10 weeks long; whereas, setting a solid base can take up to six months for a brand new runner. You are certainly on your way, but I suggest you continue with running three days a week for two or three more months. Adding more run days primarily depends upon your running goals, so define your goals first before increasing mileage unnecessarily. We tend to think that if a little is good, then more is better, but that's not always the case.

As a new runner, and a master's runner at that, (a runner over the age of 40) it's very important to give your body plenty of time to recover so it can adapt to the training. The body's cells respond in different ways and in different time frames to the applied stress of running. Running stimulates the body to expand its aerobic capacity by building new blood capillaries beds, which is somewhat similar to building new highways, so more oxygen and nutrients can be...

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Each of us has an inner calling, something that fills us up instead of tiring us out, something that makes us lose track of time. That's the truth about us. Finding that inner truth and sharing it with the world is the key to everything.

Do you remember how serious you were when you were a kid? Perhaps that statement sounds backwards. Bear with me here. Show me a child at play, and I'll show you determination, concentration, and honesty.

Compare that with what the average adult does all day long. Grown-ups know how to pretend, to put up with, to sublimate in ways that children cannot even imagine. I'd argue that it's precisely that virtual reality that makes a person tired, frustrated, and old.

What if life were more like play? I don't mean that it shouldn't be taken seriously; quite the opposite, in fact. When you're really playing, you're focused on what you're doing to the exclusion of everything else. That's why...

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I've recently started lifting weights for the first time ever. I want to get back into the kind of shape I was 5-8 years ago. Just about everyone now says that you gotta lift some. Okay, I looked on AskMe and read about, and I started a 2-3 day a week full body plan. It's good, I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

However, the part of working out that I have always loved and missed when I stopped is swimming. My new gym has a swimming pool and I'd like to swim 2-3 times a week. I usually swim somewhere between 300-600 yards, nothing super intense, but it does make my arms tired.

My question is this: If I swim on my 'rest' day after weightlifting, is that ruining my recovery? I just swam this afternoon, the day after lifting, and my upper body is feeling a weird kind of enervation (no pain). How restful does my recovery have to be? Obviously I don't need to lay in bed all day the day after a workout, but I'm not to clear on what constitutes proper...

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Yesterday I saw the live action of Seven Days, and I felt like doing this because it was really good and beautiful. And I really want to talk about this, and talk about the details and stuff. Feel free to ask me or talk to me about this, that would be great.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Firstly, the movie was good, like I said before. It’s really cool how the lighting is, and the space surrounding the actors as they act. How they filmed the sky and the colors going through all the movie, I felt calm and happy. I liked it a lot, and I would watch it again sometime.

The location, the angles of the camera, the actors, the scenes. All of that, it was really good. My favorite thing about the live action is that it follows very closely the manga, if you noticed, the details and some of the dialogues are exactly the same as is written in the manga.

Pretty similar, hun? It’s awesome, is like seeing the manga in real life, like it happened. When I saw that there’s...

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You can swim 14 times a week, like all swimmers have done at many occasions, if you want. "Rest days" in swimming is when you only go once and only 5k instead of 7.

Really, the talk about rest days is probably something they came up with in a bodybuilding gym, and sure, for us swimmers lifting every other day is probably good.

As for the ache in the shoulder, I think you should be diligent in stretching your pectoral muscles. As you know, a typical swimmer's stance is a bit hunched, because the big and strong chest muscles pull the shoulders forward. This increases stress on the small muscles on the back of the shoulder joint and may cause the pain you describe. Stretch your chest to return the shoulder to its proper place and to relieve the stress on the smaller muscles. Stretching in general also helps your swimming, since many of the movements we do are at the full range of motion of certain muscles. Swimming without being able to reach all the way is not what you...

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Many of us really enjoy exercising. In fact the benefits for our emotional state and wellbeing often rival the positive changes we see in our health and fitness. I know plenty of people who sometimes exercise for weeks on end without a break. They just ‘need’ to workout.

But is this a good idea? Can you workout 7 days per week?

The obvious answer is of course you can, but what I’m discussing is whether you should. That answer is a resounding NO. For just one moment look at the body for what it is – a complex organism made up of miraculous systems and cells. Too often we only think of rest time as a way to give muscles time to recuperate, but in truth the entire body and everything it’s made of needs rest time. Exercise taxes the entire body and rest is essential to being able to perform at 100%.

I’m without a doubt guilty of training for weeks on end without a break. I turn to exercise to help relieve stress, motivate me and overall I just like how it...

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When you’re carrying upwards of 20 extra pounds, the last thing you may be in the mood for is exercise. But in a pool (or any other body of water, for that matter) you weigh just a tenth of what you do on land. Which means bobbing weightlessly, feeling both lighter and more limber, can be a real treat. In fact swimming while pregnant just might be the perfect activity for expecting women, offering not only the benefits of exercise but also relief from a number of common pregnancy aches and pains.

Benefits of Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming is a gentle way to work toward your goal of 30 minutes most days of prenatal exercise — without aggravating your loosening joints. In addition to resulting in plenty of fitness-related benefits your body and your baby along with reprieve for your tired muscles and joints, swimming during pregnancy can also help:

Relieve ankle and foot swelling. Submersing your limbs in water helps push fluids from your tissues back into...
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Whether you're trying to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds for bathing suit season or for your BFF's wedding, when your regular 30-minute running workouts three days a week aren't doing the trick, you may decide to kick it up a notch and run every day. The scale may finally start to budge, but is it bad for your body to run every single day with no days of rest?

Working out regularly provides tremendous benefits to your body and your weight-loss efforts, especially since experts suggest exercising for 60 minutes, five days a week, if you're trying to lose weight. While running is an excellent form of exercise, you want to be careful not to overuse the same muscles and joints, which can lead to an injury and derail all your hard work.

Instead of hitting the pavement seven days a week, mix up your cardio workouts as well as the duration, and you'll continue to see results without taxing the same muscle groups. Go hiking, join a gym and take cardio classes like...

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Every employee is entitled to one day of rest in 7. So, an employer cannot require you to work more than six days out of seven.

But if the nature of the work reasonably requires that the you work seven or more consecutive days, you have to get the equivalent time off in a calendar month to make up for the days you did not get off in the those seven days. So, if you work for 15 days in a row, you have to get two days off in that calendar month in addition to not being required to work consecutively for more than 6 days.

If you are working on the seventh day out of seven days, you must be paid overtime for that seventh day.

An exception to this is if you do not work more than 30 hours in a week or six hours in any one day during the week.

If you work seven consecutive workdays (meaning seven days in a row) in a workweek, your employer must pay you time and one-half the regular rate of pay for the first eight hours you work. Double time must be paid for all...

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For many professionals, working on the weekends has become the norm — a way to catch up from the previous week or get a head start on the next.

As Business Insider Executive Editor Joe Weisenthal writes, “It seems that totally disconnecting for two days is too excruciating for a lot of people, so that by Sunday morning they're eager to start getting back into the swing of things.” He believes two days of weekend is too much for many people.

However, decades of research supports the 40-hour workweek and shows that working longer can lead to serious negative effects on health, family life, and productivity.

Studies show that, over time, working long hours can increase your risk of depression, heart attack, and heart disease.

It seems that working long hours has many insidious effects on health and wellbeing. Low on free time, workers may abandon good habits that counteract the negative effects...

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You may be able to race faster on three or four runs per week than you do on six or seven.

There are three key workouts that every runner should do each week. These are essential, must-do workouts. All of your other runs are optional. In fact, if you want to, you can create a training plan that includes only your three weekly key workouts and no other running.

The first run of the week is a speed session. Follow that up with a strength workout on Thursday evenings. And end the week on either Saturday or Sunday with a long run.

If you are a triathlete, this leaves lots of time to swim and bike. If you are just running, this leaves lot of time for recovery.

If you are a compulsive endurance athlete and cannot bear the thought of only running three times a week, here is your fourth workout: Do a tempo run on Wednesdays.

You might think that such an approach would make training easy. In fact, it makes it harder.

Most runners are...

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