Is it possible to change the captain in the middle of the match?


The captain can be changed at any time during any game, provided he/she is one of the playing eleven (not a substitute player). The law doesn't recognise "farewell matches", so that is immaterial. Dhoni could have made Mohammad Shami the captain if he wanted to.


Law 1 (The players):
3. Captain

If at any time the captain is not available, a deputy shall act for him.
(b) At any time after the nomination of the players, only a nominated player can act as deputy in discharging the duties and responsibilities of the captain as stated in these Laws.

The other answer has a lot of misinformation. It is not necessary that the vice-captain should take over. It usually happens, but the law does not require it.

Also, the captain's job is not just changing the field, as the other answer seems to imply. The laws are not even concerned with who changes the field.

Specific laws require the captain's involvement. Some...

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What happens if a soccer player needs to use the toilet in the middle of a match?

The player resists the urge, as would anyone. When the situation becomes imperative, the player goes to the nearest toilet. At the professional league level, there should be one very close by under the grandstand. The player leaves, with a word to a teammate and to an official.

The Laws of the Game, of course, make it cautionable misconduct for a player to leave the field of play, but this is intended to punish disregard of the spatial limits of the field, or unsporting departure from the field to put an opponent offside, or to unsportingly quit the game. A Referee would treat leaving to answer an urgent call of nature as he would treat a need to remedy an equipment or uniform problem, allowing the player to leave the match. The player would report his return to the Referee or another official, the player’s uniform and equipment would be checked (NOT what you might be thinking!), and the...

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AB de Villiers "absolutely" wants to lead South Africa in the 2019 World Cup despite being part of another failed campaign in an ICC event because he thinks he can be the man to oversee a change in South Africa's fortunes.

"Because I'm a good captain. And I can take this team forward. I can take us to win a World Cup, I believe," de Villiers said, after the defeat against India at The Oval. "I believed the same thing over here in this tournament and the last one here but that's what I believe. I love doing it."

De Villiers has captained South Africa's limited-overs' sides since 2011 and while he gave up the T20 reins in 2013, he remains the ODI skipper. Overall, he has played in 13 ICC events, dating back to the Champions Trophy in 2006, and captained in five but his first-hand knowledge of South Africa's litany of unsuccessful attempts to take home a trophy has not provided him with any answers to explain why they have yet to come out on top.


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In cricket, the batting order is the sequence in which batsmen play through their team's innings, there always being two batsmen taking part at any one time. All eleven players in a team are required to bat if the innings is completed (i.e., if the innings does not close early due to a declaration or other factor).

The batting order is colloquially subdivided into:[citation needed]

opening batsmen or openers (the two batsmen who start, or open, the innings) upper or top order (batsmen at positions three, four and sometimes five in the order) middle order (batsmen five to eight) lower order or tail (batsmen nine to eleven)

The order in which the eleven players will bat is usually established before the start of a cricket match, but may be altered during play. The decision is based on factors such as each player's specialities; the position each batsman is most comfortable with; each player's skills and attributes as a batsman; possible combinations with other batsmen;...

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I love this FIFA 13.... just unbelivable how developers can make a poor football game....

Career mode issues:

every single national team match is a ...debut for me.... even if I play already in national team since 5-6 seasons....

every match which is simulated is simulated totally can win, lose or draw with much weaker team with the same probabilty, no players skills, form or tactic decide about winning...

trainer choosing first team base not on form or how important match it is..but just base on current fitness.... you can be choosen to play not important match just 4-5 days later to be put off the team in most important match of the season...

totally random transfer offers.... you can play your first season in 3th english league... and ... you can get offert from.... Inter mediolan....... just lol.......

players from top european teams dont know what off sides are about... nor the referees.....

players from top teams...

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Oh Captain My Captain:

I’m running into a communications problem, and could use some advice.

First the backstory: I live with my parents. My mother, who is nearing seventy, is having arthritis issues and needs a little bit of extra help around the house; generally more help that I can reasonably provide while being a full-time student. A year ago, a friend of mine had to choose between an abusive situation and homelessness, and I convinced Mom that we could offer her a third option. Now we have Kat in our guest room, doing dishes and minor housecleaning tasks for ten dollars a day plus room and board.

Now, the problem: Mom is unhappy with Kat’s performance. A lot of this is coming from the fact that Mom isn’t actually talking to her. She doesn’t remind either of us of routine tasks (because we’re intelligent people and she shouldn’t have to explain the obvious), and deals with extraordinary requests by telling me that they need to be done (with the unspoken...

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I doubt it is possible to kill all captains. If atleast one is killable by mission, you can be sure new uruks will be promoted to captain.

I've killed all captains and warchiefs. I guess I could have started my previous post with that.

It's possible. It's totally pointless and serves no real purpose, because right after you do it you'll get new captains, but it's possible. I'm surprised that they didn't give it an achievement.

Remember, most of the captains are just wandering around in the world. You only need to do the spawn missions for warchiefs. If you really want to clear the screen for a screenshot or something, I suggest that you start with all the captains that aren't engaged in missions, and then hit the missions as you move from region to region. Just, like I said earlier - do it quickly because at least a few of them will be replaced while you go. I think it took me about 2 straight hours of rushing to clear everything.

Also, it's best to attempt...

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