Is it true that sports which use motorized equipment cannot participate in Olympics?


Chapter 5, Part II of the Olympic Charter covers the rules regarding participation in the Olympic Games. The actual details of the requirements for qualifying for the Olympics varies by sport, but the Charter discusses the general procedure.

Each country in the Olympics has their own National Olympic Committee (NOC) that is responsible for assembling the team from their country.

Each sport in the Olympics is governed by an International Federation (IF) that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as governing that particular sport. For example, athletics (track and field) is governed by the International Association of Athletics Federations. The IF typically has affiliated National Federations (NF) in each country. These federations hold national and international competitions apart from the Olympics. The NF makes recommendations to the NOC as to who should represent their country in the Olympics.

The NOC then approves or disapproves of the...

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The precise rules for clothing are published by the international sport federations (FIVB for Beach Volleyball, FIG for gymnastics, FINA for Swimming etc.). Typically, they consist of

basic rules which concern safety and fairness instead of appearance. clothing regulations to all (top-level) competitions (e.g. limits on advertising) separate rules typically updated for each Olympic games (e.g. ensuring that colors don't overlap, or stricter standards on advertising)

In Beach Volleyball, the default clothing is indeed strikingly different and far more revealing for women. Women may wear more modest clothing citing religious or cultural reasons, but have to request permission for these. Men are not allowed not wear more revealing (or more modest) clothing.

In Gymnastics, the laws are really complicated, because there is a multitude of disciplines. Generally, women seem to have more options.

In Swimming, men must wear more revealing clothing.

Here are the...

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I would recommend going to an achey club and asking to try some of their bows. At the very least, go to an archery shop to try before you buy.

Type: a recurve bow, also known as Olympic, is probably a bit more beginner friendly. It has a rest for the arrow to sit on; with a longbow the arrow rests on the bow hand and often the fletches hit the hand on the way past, sometimes injuring the hand. A recurve has more choice for expansion with the addition of a sight, a long rod and a clicker, but you can also shoot "barebow" without these gadgets, at which point the experience is much closer to longbow.

Size: depends on your height and draw length. I can't advise this over the Internet. Go to a club or shop and ask them for advice.

Draw Weight: this depends on your strength. You will need to try shooting with a variety of weights to see what is comfortable. If you're learning, you're likely to improve quite quickly and progress from a lighter draw weight to a...

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Judy2004 wrote: Result may be good or bad,it partly depends on man and partly is out of man's control, like another chinese proverb that how to try to have things well done is up to man,but whether it succeeds or not is decided by God.

If the way people think to succeed something is to belive that everything is decided by God, then I think all the years the athletes have been practicing are wasted. What's the point for them to practice in all those years when everything is set? What's the point for them to practice to be the best players in the games when everything is set? If one was not set to win the game, he/she wouldn't win it eventually because it was God's decision even though he/she was the best one in that game????? It doesn't make any sense to me. I know it's nice to believe in something; however, if one thinks God decides everything in their lives, then what is the point of living when all he/she thinks is whatever he/she does still won't make a difference since...

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With only a few weeks to go until the opening ceremony of the Olympics the hot topic in our ‘Ask a Sports Engineer’ question box this week was about the Olympics and the importance of the event.


The Olympics originally started as a series of competitions between representatives from cities in Ancient Greece. The events were mainly athletic, but also included combat and chariot racing. In this era the Olympics were of fundamental religious importance as the events were held in parallel with rituals to honour Zeus and Pelops, mythical kings of Olympia- the location of the original Olympic ‘stadium’. The Olympics were held every four years and this period, known as Olympiad, was used by the ancient Greeks as a way of time measurement. Winning an event was of great value and recognition as the winners were idolised by the Greeks on a national level. The winners were also immortalized through the writing of poems and construction of statues. Many winners are...

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Hello Luschen,

Kindly evaluate below Essay written by my brother on the scale of 0-9. Thanks in advance.

Essay Topic-->

Many people want their country to host an international sporting event. Others believe that international sporting events bring more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

In today’s world competition among countries for hosting any international sporting event increases [every year]. {or "has increased greatly"} Many people believe that international sporting events causes many [negative] issues,{"issues" is still too neutral - used problems or dilemmas or another negative word} however I strongly disagree because it gives an opportunity to {"for" is better here} all nations to come together.

Firstly, for organizing any sporting event requires costly equipment, additionally there is a need of vast arrangement. {"arrangement" sounds a bit odd - maybe "logistical coordination"} {this topic sentence does not...

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Hi there,

Ofcourse you can be a part of Olympics, but how would the world recognise you when you are under sheets. I mean try for the Open Nationals and State level Athletics Championships. Showcase your talent to the right people, the selectors. You need to qualify to appear in Olympics which would require a lot of training too to get your muscles and body synchronized. So, as the other answer says. Enroll yourself in SAI maybe. You can qualify for Olympics iff you run under the benchmark time. So go on. Train and show yourself off. Get selected to represent India in International Meets for only then can you appear in the qualifying event(s).

So this is a stepwise procedure with the first step being the state/national championship.

I might have considered your age to be a factor since the next Olympics are 4 years away now, but age is just another number isn't it?

Go sir, make the country proud.

(While this may also mean that you quit your job...

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Three Parts:Setting OutGetting SeriousGoing for a MedalCommunity Q&A

If you want to become an Olympian, you've got to be fairly trained and in good shape. It's a long, arduous path, but it will be worth it when you stand on the international stage. To become an Olympian, you'll need to do plenty of long-term, professional level training in a specific Olympic sport. Don't neglect other aspects of your life, but be prepared to put in long hours of practice and competition, work hard at financing your dreams, and commit to a remarkably healthy lifestyle. If you're ready to commit most of the next few years to a sport, you're already starting with the right...

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It is a group of sports including disciplines like alpine, cross-country and freestyle skiing as also snowboarding, ski jumping and Nordic combined.

Alpine Skiing: It was introduced in the Winter Olympics in 1936. It consists of combined downhill and slalom events for both men and women.

Cross-country Skiing: It is a part of Winter Olympics since 1924. Women's events were introduced only in 1952.

Freestyle Skiing: After being a demonstration game at the Winter Olympics of 1988, it is an official part of the Olympic Games since the 1992 Winter Games.

Nordic Combined: These events are a part of the Winter Olympics since 1924. It has often been contested as a pair of two sports, namely cross-country skiing and ski jumping.

Ski Jumping: Starting from 1924, till 1956 ski jumping involved jumping from a hill. The jump's length varied every time. It was only in 1960 that the height of the hill to jump from, was standardized to...

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Sports Do Not Build Character They Reveal It Free Essays...
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Below is a list of all the countries that are currently recognized by the International Olympic Committee as National Olympic Committees.

Five countries have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games – Greece, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, and Australia, though not always as part of official teams. Switzerland is on this list even though they boycotted the 1956 Olympics - they had competed in the equestrian events several months earlier in Stockholm. France did not send a team to the 1904 Games but a lone Frenchman did compete for the USA and a mixed team. Also in 1896 Great Britain competed as part of the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland', while Australia participated in 1908 and 1912 as part of a combined Australasia team with New Zealand. Therefore, out of these five nations only Greece has participated under its own flag in all modern summer Olympic Games.

On the other hand, Vatican City is one sovereign state never to have competed in an...

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Submitted by: T.J. Rosandich, Ed.D.


In this Olympic year it is appropriate to consider the roles that sport play in our societies. While the natural focus of attention associated with an Olympiad is on “the elite” of sport, we as administrators in the profession cannot lose sight of the fact that sport is truly an activity for everyone in society. Thus it is also appropriate that the focus of this conference is on sport and social inclusion which is really what SPORT FOR ALL should be all about.

I have been asked to address the topic of the application of technology to sports equipment. This is difficult to do in 30 minutes but I will attempt to provide an overview of how technology is changing the nature of sport. The discussion of the application of technology in the world of sport can be done in two broad areas:

When looking at how technology can enhance social inclusion and to expand the base of participation in sport throughout society,...

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Winning medals wasn’t the point of the Olympics. It’s the participating that counts.

Pierre de Coubertin

Olympic Games is a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games have come to be regarded as the world’s foremost sports competition where more than 200 nations participate. The Games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating, although they occur every four years within their respective seasonal games. Since 2008, host cities are contracted to manage both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games, where athletes who have a physical disability compete. The Paralympics are held immediately following their respective Olympic Games. Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in...

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A key meeting on the topic of whether NHL players will participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea a year from now ended Friday without a decision.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach joined International Ice Hockey Federation President Rene Fasel and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA Director Don Fehr in New York for the first time to discuss the Pyeongchang Games.

"This was a courtesy visit and there was a very good open and friendly atmosphere," Bach said. "Hopefully this has prepared the ground for successful negotiations between the NHL and international federation. Of course, we all want see the best players at the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018, and we know the players feel the same. Therefore, we hope even more that the international federation and the NHL will reach a solution to make the Olympic dreams of the players come true."

Fasel said Bach was in New York for other meetings, setting up the visit without...

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Motorsports are not currently part of the Olympics, although there is no rule banning them. In fact, in the 1900 Olympics in Paris, automobile, motorcycle, and motorboat racing were demonstration events, and in the 1908 Games in London, there were three motorboat racing events as an official part of the games.

However, there haven't been any motorsports in the games since then. IOC president Jacques Rogge, speaking specifically about Formula One, said in 2012,

Frankly speaking, the concept we are having is the games are about the competition for the athletes not for equipment. Therefore, while having a lot of respect, they will not be included into the Olympic program. (Source)

As a result, it is not likely that we will see motorsports in the Olympics in the near future, although there are a lot of motorsports drivers and fans that would like to see these events included in the Games once...

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Oklahoma, Miami, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Maryland and Florida are the only schools to accomplish this feat. Several other teams have come close only to lose the championship game.UCLA has never won a baseball championship and USC has never won a basketball championship.  …

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In the United States, the most popular sport in 1960s was baseball. Obviously, the answer would be different for each country; but it would make the answer unworkable to attempt to list each and create a great many disgruntled 'differing' people!

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%REPLIES% Answer Basketball is fun and exciting to play because theres always action that takes place out on the baaketball court.There are times it can be challenging and rough.There must be 5 players on the court at all times.There are four 8 minute quarters. Answer That is a subjective q…

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The Boston Red Sox baseball team came back from 3-0 to defeat the New York...

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In order for a country to send a team to the Olympics, the country needs a National Olympic Committee (NOC) that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). There are over 200 recognized NOCs, and Wikipedia has a list of all the recognized NOCs, sorted by the date the NOCs formed.

Under the current IOC rules, which were changed in 1996, new NOCs will only be recognized from nations that are recognized as an independent country by the United Nations. However, before 1996, the IOC allowed NOCs from countries that were dependent territories of other nations, and these NOCs are allowed to continue. Therefore, in the Olympics, you will see athletes from countries like Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Hong Kong, which are all territories of other nations. Currently, there are only two UN recognized countries that do not yet have NOCs: Vatican City and Niue.

There are unofficial NOCs that are not recognized by the IOC from various territories and groups of people,...

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Sport in China has been long associated to the martial arts. Today China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau) consists of a variety of competitive sports. Traditional Chinese culture regards physical fitness as an important characteristic. China has its own national quadrennial multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games called the National Games.

According to the Chinese Basketball Association, there is a record number of around 300 million active basketball players in China.[1][2] The largest audience for an event outside of China was drawn at the Yao Ming & Yi Jianlian matchup when 100–200 million Chinese watched live.[3][4]

Virtually the whole nation stands glued to their television sets, amid parties and wild celebrations.[4]

The largest audience for a single sporting event within the boundaries of mainland China was a football match in the Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou.[5]Football is a popular sport.[citation needed] The average attendance...

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Ice Sledge Hockey: United States (blue shirts) vs Japan (white shirts) during the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver.

The Paralympic sports comprise all the sports contested in the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. As of 2016, the Summer Paralympics was included 22 sports and 526 medal events,[1] and the Winter Paralympics include 5 sports and disciplines and about 72 events.[2] The number and kinds of events may change from one Paralympic Games to another.

The Paralympic Games are a major international multi-sport event for athletes with physical disabilities. This includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. Paralympic sports refers to organized competitive sporting activities as part of the global Paralympic movement. These sports are organized and run under the supervision of the International Paralympic Committee and other international sports federations.



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Dictionary of American History
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SPORTS. Sport in America began as premodern participatory contests of strength, skill, and speed that were unorganized local competitions with simple rules. However, as the nation modernized, sport became highly organized with formalized rules and national competition. Sport became commercialized with expert athletes entertaining paying spectators.

The first sportsmen were Native Americans, who competed for religious, medicinal, and gambling purposes. They had running races, but were best known for team ball sports like lacrosse, which had over forty variations. The colonists defined sports broadly to include all diversions. Colonial amusement reflected their European backgrounds, including social class and religion, and their new surroundings in America. Puritans brought their opposition to pagan and Catholic holidays, Sabbath breaking, and time-wasting amusements. They barred brutal sports,...

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