Is there a tennis Grand Slam winner with a lower career high ranking than #15?


Roger Federer with his record 18 grand slam titles leads the overall title list in men’s tennis history, Nadal and Pete Sampras has won 14 each. While Serena Williams is closing on Margaret Court’s 24 titles after winning her 7th Australian open and 23rd overall grand slam title after beating sister Venus in the 2017 Aussie Open final. we take a in-depth look at all time leading grand slam winners both in mens and women categories.

Serena Williams is within in one grand slam of Margaret Court (24 titles) record after winning Aussie Open 2017 taking her total to 23 Grand Slam title which makes her the most successful female tennis player in modern era. On this page you will find all the details of top 15 grand slam winners in both women and mens category.

Update: In mens category Roger Federer has won 18 grand slam title by winning Australian open 2017. His haul of record 18 titles include 7 wimbledon titles, 5 US Open, 1 french open and 5 Australia Open titles....

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In the last five years each of the four grand slams authorities has increased Prize Money pool and the trend started several years ago when ATP top men and women complained that they are not paid enough compared to other sports. Now US Open wants to take the total yearly prize money pool to around $50 million by 2018. Which kind of force other grand slams to increase the prize money every year as well.

In 2017 Australia Open increased the prize money by 14% compared to last year which took the total pool to Aus$50 million (USD$37 million) where winners of mens & women singles pocketed $2.8 million each. French Open also increase the total prize money pool to €32 million ($36m) in 2016 where singles winnners will pocket €2.1 million euros. Increase in french open prize money is part of 4 years plan where every year French Open will get prize money hike of around 10% to 15%. Wimbledon also announced a 5% increase in the total prize money pool taking it to...
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Coz he’s won $ 40 million in prize money.

That’s almost as much as Pete Sampras.

I feel your question is borne out of people stupidly oversimplifying greatness-in-tennis to just the slams, ignoring the hundred other tourneys on the ATP tour.

Murray is insanely consistent at gorging on the smorgasbord of these tournaments available, already more prolific at the Masters tourneys than Sampras, and a lot more all-rounded as a player.

Yes, he’s been a little bit off the Big 3’s level, but not as much as the slam numbers will have you believe.

Certainly, he isn’t 3 to Djokovic’s 12 in a tennis match.

He’s only just 0.05–0.1 % worse.

That isn’t enough of a difference to trivialize him, because he’s still an incredibly tall man walking with giants.

He’s like Jaguar Paw from the film about Mesoamerican tribesmen; ‘Apocalypto’.

He’s “Almost” (a sadistic nickname spun by Middle Eye, the bloodthirsty slaver).

Always just...

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Free Grand Slam Betting Tips

Grand Slam tennis is the pinnacle for any professional tennis star and also presents the best and most exciting betting opportunities for the tennis bettor.

There are four Grand Slams played every year, the Australian Open from Melbourne, the French Open from Paris, Wimbledon from London and finally the US Open from New York. These tournaments represent the ultimate challenge for the tennis professional and winning one of these iconic titles defines a players career.

All four Grand Slams are played over two weeks and consists of four rounds, followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals and final, a stern test on the mental and physical ability of the athlete.

Betting on tennis is one of the most popular for bookmakers as both the WTA and ATP Tours run throughout the year often featuring three to four tournaments per week, however it is during the two weeks of a Grand Slam that betting is at it's most...

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1990 - Played first ITF Circuit events, Tour qualifying at Miami and US Open WC (l. 1r).
1991 - First Top 100 finish; WC into Miami (l. to No.4 Sabatini); 2r at Amelia Island as WC (l. to No.13 Sukova in 3s); turned pro at age 15 at US Open, d. Farina Elia (l. to Van Roost); as No.138 qualifier, reached first Tour final next event at Phoenix (l. to Appelmans); afterwards on November 4, broke into Top 100 at No.76.
1992 - Played all four Grand Slams in one season for first time; reached 3r at Boca Raton (l. to No.3 Sabatini) and 4r at US Open.
1993 - Reached QF at Hilton Head (d. Davenport) and SF at Birmingham, d. No.2 seed Coetzer to break into Top 50 for first time on June 14 at No.49; also reached US Open 3r; won first Tour doubles title at Tokyo [Nichirei] (w/Raymond).
1994 - First Top 50 finish; reached second career final at Chicago (l. to Zvereva); reached SF at Hobart, Delray Beach (d. Majoli 60 60), Lucerne and QuTbec City; reached 4r at...

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The theory behind tennis world rankings

As was discussed in the article which assessed players defending ranking points, a Tennis player’s ranking is assessed on a 52-week rolling year basis with points being removed and added each week, depending on results.

Some tournaments offer vastly more ranking points than others. For example, winning a Grand Slam awards 2000 points, whilst the winner of a Masters event will receive 1000 points. Naturally, the winners of a 500 or 250 event will receive 500, or 250 points, respectively. Interestingly, reaching the quarter finals of a Grand Slam will award 360 points, which is more than the tournament winner of a 250 event earns.

Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that world rankings can be somewhat skewed based on a player’s success or failure in several big tournaments. Just a couple of good runs into the latter stages of Grand Slams or Masters events will dwarf the ranking points received by regular participants...

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There are essentially three ways a player can qualify to play a Grand Slam singles tournament: ranking, qualifying, and wild card.

Ranking: Most of the slots (104 out of 128) in a Grand Slam tournament draw are held for players who qualify based on ranking. So if a player plays well enough to make it into the top 104 in the world, he will be able to gain direct entry into the Grand Slam tournament. This is how most players do it, and the best way to guarantee a spot in the main draw.

Qualifying: All four of the Grand Slam tournaments have a qualifying tournament that takes place immediately prior to the main event. This is an entirely separate three-round tournament, with its own draw of 128 players. Of those 128, the final 16 players are given slots in the main draw of the Grand Slam event. This means that in order to win the entire event, a qualifying player would have to win 10 matches rather than just 7. Like the main draw, the 128 slots in the qualifying...

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At the 2003 Australian Open, Serena Williams became the ninth woman all-time to have won each of the four Grand Slam singles titles at some point in their careers, and only the fifth to hold all four majors at once. Here are the nine women to have achieved a Career Grand Slam of some form:

Calendar-year Grand Slams
Maureen Connolly (USA) - 1953
Margaret Court (AUS) - 1970
Steffi Graf (GER) - 1988

Non calendar-year Grand Slams
Martina Navratilova (USA) - 1983 Wimbledon / US / Australian & 1984 Roland Garros
Steffi Graf (GER) - 1993 Roland Garros / Wimbledon / US / 1994 Australian
Serena Williams (USA) - 2002 Roland Garros / Wimbledon / US / 2003 Australian
Serena Williams (USA) - 2014 US Open / 2015 Australian Open / French / Wimbledon

Career Grand Slams (year indicates first victory)
Doris Hart (USA) - 1949 Australian / 1950 Roland Garros / 1951...

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Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam on Saturday with a win over Spain’s Garbine Muguruza, who was five years old when Serena won her first major. With the American superstar just one Slam away from tying Steffi Graf for the all-time record, FTW ranked all 21 of Serena’s Slams, from least impressive to most impressive, keeping in mind that every Slam is feat in itself. (The total number of Slams at each of the four majors is in parenthesis.)

21. 2009 Australian Open (4)


In one of the most dominant finals wins of her career, Serena defeated soon-to-be No. 1 Dinara Safina 6-0, 6-3. The only other time Serena won a final giving up just three games was when Serena exacted Grand Slam revenge on Maria Sharapova at the 2007 Aussie Open, winning 6-1, 6-2.

20. 2010 Wimbledon (4)

ORG XMIT: 98880743 LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 03: Serena Williams of USA lifts the Championship trophy after winning her Ladies Singles Final Match against Vera Zvonareva of...
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Sania Mirza, India: Mirza was brought up in Hyderabad in a religious Muslim family. She began playing tennis at the age of six, turning professional in 2003. She is the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India, with a career high ranking of 27 in singles and 14 in doubles. She holds the distinction of being the first Indian woman to be seeded in a Grand Slam tennis tournament. Earlier in 2005, she had become the first Indian woman to reach the fourth round of a Grand Slam tournament at the 2005 U.S. Open, defeating Mashona Washington, Maria Elena Camerin and Marion Bartoli. In 2004, she finished runner-up at the Asian Tennis Championship. In winning, with Mahesh Bhupathi, the Mixed Doubles event at the 2009 Australian Open, she became the first Indian woman to win any grand slam event. In 2006, Mirza was awarded a Padma Shri, India's fourth highest honor for her achievements as a Tennis player. However on February 4, 2008, Mirza said that she would stop appearing in...

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Andre Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam title winner who is considered one of the best ball-strikers in the history of tennis. He is one of only five men in history to win the career Grand Slam.

In his 21-year career, Agassi won 60 singles titles, 870 matches and spent a total of 101 weeks atop the ATP rankings. Agassi finished his career with more than $31 million in prize money, ranking second only to Pete Sampras at the time of his retirement in 2006. Agassi is the only player to be ranked in the top 10 in three different decades and the only player in the Open era (since 1968) to have won at least one tournament in 18 different years. He will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in July 2011.

Agassi was born April 29, 1970, in Las Vegas. His father, Mike, is an Iranian immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen. He was also an Olympic boxer for Iran in 1948 and 1952. He was a strict taskmaster who pushed his son toward tennis and was determined that...

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