Is this a held ball (which should have led to a jump ball)?


That would be illegal and considered interference.

A player should not : b. Touch any ball from within the playing area when it is above the basket ring and within the imaginary cylinder.

g. Touch the ball at any time with a hand which is through the basket ring.

i. Touch the rim, net or ball while the ball is in the net, preventing it from clearing the basket.

PENALTY: If the violation is at the opponent’s basket, the offended team is awarded two points, if the attempt is from the two point zone and three points if it is from the three point zone. The crediting of the score and subsequent procedure is the same as if the awarded score has resulted from the ball having gone through the basket, except that the official shall hand the ball to a player of the team entitled to the throw-in. If the violation is at a team’s own basket, no points can be scored and the ball is awarded to the offended team at the free throw line extended on either sideline. If...

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It all depends in what context the contact happens, it's either judged as incidental or illegal contact. Incidental contact is judged if the ball carriers "move" is not effected by the contact. Here's the relevant bit from the NBA rulebook (Rule 12 Fouls and Penalties, Subsection B)

b. Contact initiated by the defensive player guarding a player with the ball is not legal. This contact includes, but is not limited to, forearm, hands, or body check.

(1) A defender may apply contact with a forearm to an offensive player with the ball who has his back to the basket below the free throw line extend-ed outside the Lower Defensive Box.

(2) A defender may apply contact with a forearm and/or one hand with a bent elbow to an offensive player in a post-up position with the ball in the Lower Defensive Box.

(3) A defender may apply contact with a forearm to an offensive player with the ball at any time in the Lower Defensive Box. The forearm in...

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Yet no rule limits headers in children's soccer and they're often taught to

head the ball

from the age of three.

It states that players under 17 should not be allowed to

head the ball

in training - "or be limited in the number per week" - and under-14s "should not head at all, or at a minimum be limited in the number of headers".

It would also be interesting to test professional footballers, who are likely to

head the ball

more but use a better technique.

Soccer players who hit the ball with their heads a lot don't score as well on a memory test as players who

head the ball

less often, a new study finds.

The bounce caught out Kayleigh Green and Nokes, and Williams nipped in to

head the ball

over Nokes to double her tally.

And the second goal four minutes after the break was almost a carbon-copy as Sean Doherty ran onto a cross by John Newby, who was in the Liverpool side which won the FA Youth Cup 15 years ago,...

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Offending team...

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Ball In
In the rules of beach volleyball, the ball is in when it touches the ground of the playing court, including the boundary lines.

Ball Out

The ball is out when

It lands outside the boundary lines, without hitting them
It hits a person or object outside the court
It hits the antennae, cables, ropes, posts, or netting outside the antennae
It completely crosses the net totally or partially outside the crossing space

Playing Faults

The penalty for a fault is the opponent wins the rally
If two or more faults are committed consecutively, only the first one counts.
If faults are committed simultaneously, a double fault is counted and the rally is replayed.

Rules of Beach Volleyball for Playing the Ball

Team Hits
Each team is allowed three hits

For doubles The block does count as a team contact, and either player can make the next contact after the block.

For fours and sixes The...

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Held ball: A situation in which two players hold the ball in their hands simultaneously, but neither can pull it away from the other. Also called a jump ball.

Held Ball
A held ball situation is where one or more players from each opposing team have one or more hands firmly on the ball so that neither player can gain control without undue roughness.

Held ball:
Formerly called a 'jump ball.' When two players on opposite teams are in joint control of the ball.
Help Side:
The half of the court from the middle to the sideline opposite to where the ball is currently located.

Held Ball - When two opposing players both possess the basketball but neither one can gain sole possession. In the NBA, the ball is blown dead and a jump ball restarts play. College teams use the alternate-possession rule.

Held Ball: This is when two players from opposing teams have their hands on the ball. This should be called when both players have hold of...

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You just need to hold this Pokeball-type device in your hand, give it a few spins and charge your phone’s battery anytime and anywhere!

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Pic Credits: digitaltrends

The device works on a two-axis rotor gyroscope, and to start it device; the users need to wind a starter ring....

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Please see:

Greg Anthony (the commentator) is quite insistent that this should have been a jump ball. But it looks to me that the ball was not in Hibbert's "continuous possession" (as required by the rules, see below).

Instead, it looks like Hibbert went up, Millsap blocked it, ball completely left Hibbert's hands, Hibbert rebounded the blocked shot (albeit while still in the air), and came back down with it (just like you would when getting any rebound). So this shouldn't be a jump ball (and the officials got it right with their no-call). Is my interpretation of the rules correct?

A held ball occurs when two opponents have one or both hands firmly on the ball or anytime a defensive player touches the ball causing the offensive player to return to the floor with the ball in his continuous possession. (p. 19 of this...

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The jump ball that starts the game, known as the opening tip, takes place at center court.

A jump ball is a method used to begin or resume play in basketball. It is similar to a face-off in ice hockey or field lacrosse, or ball-up in Australian rules football. Two opposing players attempt to gain control of the ball after it is tossed up into the air in between them by an official.

In the NBA, WNBA or competitions operated by the Euroleague Basketball Company, a jump ball occurs at the start of the game (called the opening tip or tip off), the start of any extra period, to settle special situations where penalties cancel out and neither team is previously entitled to the ball, and to settle any held balls. Held balls occur when two opposing players both lay equal claim to the ball, and after trying to wrestle it from each other, end up in a stalemate. A jump ball may also be called if there are different calls by two or more referees.

However, most...

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A. Alternating Possession


Following the initial jump ball, if A1 muffs the tapped ball out of bounds, Team B starts the alternating procedure when the ball is placed at the disposal of the thrower. True 4-3-3a


If A1 and B1 simultaneously control the jump ball, the held ball results in a jump ball between any two opponents in the center circle. False 6-3-3 Note


If tapper A1 gains control of the referee's toss during the opening jump ball, Team B gains the first possession and the arrow is set toward A's basket. False 6-4-7c, 6-3-1


To establish the alternating procedure, "control" may be gained as a result of a violation or foul. True 4-3, 6-3-1 B. Coaching Rule


Assistant coaches may stand to confer with bench personnel during dead ball periods. False 10-5-2


During the game a coach may not use cards or signs to...
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Take a look back at some of the rules changes that have taken place over the years.

(Changes/clarifications implemented prior to season, except where noted)

Initial Rules
• 60-game schedule followed by championship playoffs involving the top three teams in each division.
• Games are 48 minutes long.
• Players are allowed six personal fouls.
• Every time you scored, the other team is given possession of the ball.
• Zone defenses are allowed.

• Zone defenses outlawed on January 11, 1947.

• Player fouls allowed per game increased from five to six.
• Maximum roster size reduced from 12 to 10 players per team.

• After a free throw is made in the last three minutes, there is a jump ball (between the player who committed the foul and the player fouled) instead of possession for the team that committed the foul.
To eliminate deliberate fouling and...

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The jump ball in basketball is used to begin the game and to begin an overtime period. Its primary purpose is to determine initial possession of the ball. To perform a jump ball (sometimes called "opening tip"), five players from each team are on the court. One person from each team is allowed inside the center circle. This is usually the tallest or highest jumping person. The other players may be positioned anywhere on the court as long as they do not stand directly between an opposing player and the jump ball circle, and they may not enter the jump ball circle. Nevertheless, strategy generally dictates that most players stand directly behind their team mate performing the jump ball. If an opposing player wishes to stand between two players of the same team he or she must be allowed to do so.

When the players are situated, with each jumper takes his position in the part of the circle away from his own basket, the referee lobs the ball into the air between the two players....

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THE LANGUAGE GAP. Increased national and international radio and television coverage of basketball has produced many different terms.If you are in tune with the game, you know what “nothing but the bottom of the net” means; although Dr. Naismith, the man who invented the game, might have trouble understanding that this means a successful field goal. Maybe you are trying to decode the word “carom.” That term is slang for the recovery of a missed field-goal attempt and more commonly called a rebound. And just in case you are thinking the word “assist” is limited to your favorite shortstop or hockey player, be advised that an assist is credited to the player whose pass to a teammate led directly to a field goal.

SOME OFFICIAL TERMS. Among the officially defined terms having player-spectator significance are these:

ALTERNATING POSSESSION-In situations in which possession had once been determined by a jump ball (other than at the beginning of the game or...

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There's also some additional information regarding traveling in the 2011-12 NBA Rulebook:

Section XIII—Traveling

a. A player who receives the ball while standing still may pivot, using either foot as the pivot foot.

b. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing must release the ball to start his dribble before his second step.

The first step occurs when a foot, or both feet, touch the floor after gaining control of the ball.

The second step occurs after the first step when the other foot touches the floor, or both feet touch the floor simultaneously.

A player who comes to a stop on step one when both feet are on the floor or touch the floor simultaneously may pivot using either foot as his pivot. If he jumps with both feet he must release the ball before either...

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