Little League pitching rule clarification please


By Communications Division
June 21, 2013

In an effort to provide additional guidance on the application of “Tournament Rule IV (d) Pitchers, Exception” regarding the new pitching threshold, the tournament committee has prepared the clarification outlined below regarding end of game threshold. This clarification is a result of questions from the volunteers in the field seeking confirmation of the threshold exception as it applies to end of game scenarios.


In a Major Division (11- and 12-year olds) Baseball game, in the sixth inning with no outs, the manager replaces the pitcher, the replacement pitcher throws 19 pitches and reaches two outs. The pitcher then faces another batter, throws five (5) more pitches for the third out, which ends the half inning and the game.

Rule VI (d) – Pitchers

e. Pitchers league age 14 and under must adhere to the following requirements:

If a player...
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The Norwell Little League division is made up of five leagues. Our age requirements are dictated by the National Little League Rules. For more information on the National Little League Rules of play please visit their website at

Norwell Little League makes every effort to ensure that individual players are in a division where they will be able to learn, have fun and compete.

The following is a brief description of each of the leagues within Norwell Little League as well as a link to the respective leagues rules. The General Rules of Play can be found after the table below.

Contact information for Little League Board Members and Level Directors can be found on the Board of Directors page.


The rules followed by Norwell Little League are intended to promote fair play and safety of all participants. For the most part, Norwell Little League adheres to the National Little League Official Regulations...

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Um...Why doesn't someone just call the Regional office?

Tournament Rule 4.f states; "A player may not pitch in two games in a day". Since this is not a Junior level game or above, then the pitchers are limited to pitch in one game.

For catchers, Tournament Rule 4.a states; "Any player on a tournament team may pitch. Exception: Any player, who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day."

Therefore, any catcher that catches more than 3 innings, can not pitch for the remainder of that day.

Example; Smith, a 10 year old, catches the first 3 innings of a game. For the remainder of that game, Smith plays shortstop. In game 2, Smith catches the first inning. Smith is no longer eligible to pitch in any part of game...

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Baseball and Softball Rules

~~New rules, changes, or clarification will be in bold and italics.~~


· The Little League is a non-profit, non-denominational organization. The purpose of this program is to provide recreational opportunity for youth, boys and girls of Bond County. The League will administer the operation of softball and baseball programs during the school summer vacation.


A. Naming a League Representative - Each town will be required to name a League Representative to participate in the Little League. This must be done before the pre-season meeting.

B. Registration - Each League Representative will ensure that there is an open registration period. The registration dates and registration deadline will be distributed to the general public within the town they represent. All participants registering prior to the deadline will be assigned to...

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Know the rules!

Find the links on the right for all Issaquah and National Rules documents. Rules for the upcoming season are updated around the end of February. Little League International Rules are copyrighted and available for purchase on their website.


Issaquah Little League Local Rules - In general, Little League rules govern play, except where specifically modified by Issaquah Little League in our local rules.

Read the general section which applies to all divisions, then read the specific modifications to Little League Rules for your division.

Useful links: Pitch Count Log, Line up Card

A summary of the local rules differences per division can be found here.

Illegal Bat - a batter is out for illegal action when the batter enter's the batters box with an illegal bat or is discovered having used an illegal bat prior to the next batter entering the batter's box. Minimum Playing Time -...
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A youngsters arm is not designed naturally nor biologically with the physical structure to withstand the rigors of over extended pitching activity.

Some kids at an early age and when reaching that 10 to 12 year age threshold are bigger and stronger than their peers or teammates. Now given this advantage it is so natural that these larger kids can throw harder faster and with more real zing.

Seeing this attribute in a player it is a natural progression of coaches to allow these kids to be the pitcher and having an advantage against the opposing players as hitters. This allowing of the biggest and most overpowering throwers to pitch for wins is potentially a bad omen in the game of Little League Baseball.

Shall we back away from this winning syndrome and focus upon the hazards of letting these kids which are capable of out performing their teammates at this pitching phase of baseball. We need and must know even though some kids are bigger and stronger does not...

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Major & Minor League Rules

Ages 9-12


League age is determined by the 2016 Little League age determination matrix.

Major League will consist of Little League Age 10-12 Year Olds

Minor League will consist of Little League Age 9-11 Year Olds

League age 12 year olds must be drafted into the Major League.

League age 9 year olds must be drafted into the Minor League.


Rosters are limited to a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 12 players.

All players’ information must be printed or typed on rosters provided by the league.

No team roster is valid until the registration fees are paid to the league.

No changes in the official roster will be made unless approved by the Board, in exceptional cases. Or if a team has insufficient number of players to field a team.


Six (6) innings constitute a...

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Below is a brief summary of the 2015 Little League rule and regulation changes. Note that not all of these changes were listed in the front of the rulebook – Little League listed what they considered the “significant” rule changes there, but didn’t mention some less obvious ones.

The list of changes is somewhat extensive this year, although a significant portion of them are actually clarifications in the form of “Approved Rulings” (marked “A.R.”) in the rulebook. Approved Rulings essentially provide instruction on how the rules should be applied, interpreted and enforced.

Also note that there are downloadable versions of this information at the bottom of the page.

Regulation I – Baseball and Softball

The minimum age for advancing to Minor League play has been adjusted for players who participated in Tee Ball.

Previously, the regulation said:

NOTE 3: Participants league age 6 are permitted to advance to Minor League Coach Pitch or Machine...

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On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are grateful for all the hours each volunteer devotes to Redmond North Little League during the year. RNLL is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the service of our youth. Managers, Coaches, umpires, scorekeepers and facilities managers are all needed to help enable our baseball games, providing lasting memories for the players. Other volunteers are needed to serve as League officers, members of the Board of Directors, fundraisers, and team supporters. The Little League program seeks to provide an outlet for healthy activity and an opportunity for training under sound leadership—all in the context of community participation. The program further strives to help children become good and decent citizens while establishing the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Many companies in our area have programs that match your volunteer time and make payments to organizations such as Redmond North Little League. Microsoft is...

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2016 FALL Registration Fees 1. Individual registration fee is $65/player 2. There is a consecutive $10 discount for each sibling that is registered from the same parents. For example: A family who registers three of their children to play will pay $65 for Sibling "A", $55 for Sibling "B" and $45 for Sibling "C" 3. The registration fee covers the player's shirt and hat, Little League, Inc. fees, and insurance.

Important Dates to remember. Please note these are subject to change. Please check back often!!

August 11, 2016 - Walk Up Registration at Spring Creek BBQ from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

August 20, 2016 - Walk Up Registration at Spring Creek BBQ from 10:00am to 2:00pm

August 27, 2016 - Walk Up Registration at Spring Creek BBQ from 10:00am to 2:00pm

September 11, 2016 - Late Fees assessed for all late registered players

PostPoned due to wet field conditions --> September 12, 2016 - T-Ball (4 and 5 year olds) and Machine Pitch (6...

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The volunteer refunds will be handed out this Wednesday July 27th at the East Granby Public Library from 6 to 7:30 PM AND Friday July 29th from 6 to 7:30 PM at the East Granby Farms recreation center building. If you cannot pick up your cash refund, checks will be mailed out to all eligible families who have sent in forms before the end of September. If you have any questions please contact Dawn at

The EGLL Board met and discussed the volunteer refund. It seems many misunderstood who was exempt from shack hours and we are moving ahead to address this more clearly next year. We have decided to relax the policy this year due to what believe may have been a misunderstanding about the volunteer requirement. Next year the policy will be strictly adhered to by the board and any persons who do not follow the volunteer guidelines will not receive a refund of their volunteer fee. Please inform all parents that we are extending the date for getting the forms in to July...

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Check back here for tournament schedule information, scores, and write-ups on the games.


Games will be held at Mission Viejo Field near Hampden / Buckley.

July 5 - The team fell behind early but came back in the 4th. After 4 innings, KCLL was down by one run, 7-6. But the High Plains bats came alive in the 5th and put the game away. The final was HPLL 16 - KCLL 6.

Jul 6 - The Tri Lakes bats were alive and KCLL did not have an answer as our 13s were eliminated from the tournament with 19-4 loss.

GOOD EFFORT by our inaugural Intermediate All Star Team!!! GOOD GAMES everyone! Thank you to the coaches and players and parents and volunteers that made it all possible.

Intermediate Division Champions: High Plains Little League.


Games will be held at Mountain View Field near Mississippi / Buckley.

July 6 - After taking an early lead against Cherry Creek Little League, the...

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We are a volunteer organization. There are lots of ways to volunteer, not all of them time consuming. We always need people who can lend a hand for an hour or two for field preparations, announcing games, painting, concessions, opening day, etc. If you are interested in getting involved please send an e-mail to expressing your interest.

If you have something that you would like posted on our web site such as an announcement, picture, or article please e-mail the Information Officer at . Your request will be reviewed and posted on our web site if appropriate.

Please feel free to share any comments or concerns with the Board of Directors via email at or you can find contact information for specific board members here.

Please visit our web site throughout the Season to stay current with our Little League Baseball, Softball and Challenger programs. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram at...

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Division and Age Determination for the Spring/Summer 2017 season are as follows:

Division Age For Spring/Summer 2017

Majors/AAA 10-12

AA 8-9

A 6-7

Rookie Ball 5

Challenger All Ages

Age Determination For Spring/Summer 2017

You are If you were born between Division

5 9/1/2011 – 8/31/2012 Rookie Ball

6 9/1/2010 – 8/31/2011 A

7 9/1/2009 – 8/31/2010 A

8 9/1/2008 – 8/31/2009 AA

9 9/1/2007 – 8/31/2008 AA

10 9/1/2006 – 8/31/2007 ...

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Welcome to the home of Newington Little League.

NLL provides a positive coaching environment for children ages 5-15 in baseball and softball.

Please look around our site and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


We would like to congratulate the Newington Heat and the Newington Indians 12u teams on making it to the CCFBL Championship game!!!Both teams played great baseball throughout the Fall season having the best two records in the league!!!

Due to weather conditions the Championship game has been rescheduled for Sunday October 23rd @ 12 pm in Volunteer field when they meet again, this time for all the marbles!!!

This has been a great year for Newington Baseball. Hope to see you all!!!

The Newington 11u All Stars played awesome last night and won over a tough Glastonbury American team by a score of 7 to 3.

Congratulations to Newington 11u All Stars for winning the District...

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