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Two main tips (note that I used to run in Wellington, NZ which is famed for both its hills and its wind). Firstly, a headwind is basically a hill you can't see - treat it that way. Techniques like small, quick steps to preserve momentum are most usef
I noticed that a lot of training plans have you running most every day with a day or 2 off at different intervals. Why is this? I am currently training for a half marathon. If I run on Sunday (6
Hal Higdon has a ton of training plans. Here's his one for multiple marathons. http://www
I'm going to be running in the London Marathon in two weeks time. Initially my target time was to run sub 4 hours. Its my first marathon and my training had been going quite well until the last two weeks
Good day and welcome to another great edition of About Lifting specials; again your host for this evening; Iron Thumb. On today’s episode we will examine two photo specimens. I want you to be honest with yourselves and make a grown up decision of whi
Last November, news broke that Rita Jeptoo, the three-time winner of the Boston marathon had tested positive for EPO. Photo: AP Last November, on the eve of the New York City Marathon, the running world received some shocking news: Rita Jeptoo, the t