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MLB Salary Caps: An Annotated Bibliography DeMause, N. (n. d
The 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was the 87th edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The game was hosted by the San Diego Padres and was played at Petco Park on July 12, 2016. It was televised nationally on Fox
© Chris Williams/Icon SMI/Corbis Basketball and hockey coaches wear business suits on the sidelines. Football coaches wear team-branded shirts and jackets and often ill-fitting pleated khakis. Why are baseball managers the only guys who wear the same
Drafting has changed dramatically with the new collective bargaining agreement. There are really great reasons to pick under slot players early in the draft. First, a bit on how the draft slotting system works
What is the MLB record for most errors committed by a single player on a single play? I wondered about this today, when Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford was charged with two errors on the same play in the second inning. (With a runner at second, Cra
According to the Dowd Report, Pete Rose was busted for betting on matches in which he was involved Pete Rose bet on baseball, and in particular, on games of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club during the 1985, 1986, and 1987 seasons It was not shown th
I was just watching the cubs - mets game on TV (7/1/15) and in the bottom of the 8th, a bit of a bizarre play transpired, which seemed to stump the umpires and commentators alike. There were runners on 2nd (Daniel Murphy) and 3rd (Ruben Tejada) and 1
I have played Division 1 baseball, and I was recruited to play both infield (SS) and pitch, so I have a little experience for this question. Frankly speaking, the glove is all about preference by the player. Personally, I hated breaking a glove in
The Duplication glitch was the most famous glitch of RuneScape Classic, exploited on 7 November 2003. Its effects continue to have an impact on the economy of RuneScape today. Before the glitch, Pink Partyhats (Now called Purple Partyhats) were the m