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MLB has clear rules for this circumstance. If the interference by a ball boy is intentional, the ball is declared dead, and the umpire can do whatever thinks he needs to do to nullify the interference. If it is unintentional, the ball is still alive
Typically a sign and trade is a maneuver that is used by teams and players to allow a player to make more money than he would have otherwise been able to make by just signing a contract with his new team. NBA teams (particularly the ones like the Hea
I envisioned three possible values of draft picks: better player talent, cheaper pay, and increasing options for the future. The main negatives of uncertainty in player development and the time needed to develop. But had really no great idea on how t
This page features the complete list of players with 60-point games in the NBA, including the season and playoffs. Here you have the list of players who scored at least 60 points in an NBA game. Only 2 from a total of 66 performances of 60 or more po
Sometimes teams get locked into long-term financial commitments from which they later want to extricate themselves. Typically this is when they have players with expensive, long-term contracts, but have no real hope of competing for a title before th
For now, the closest tracked stat to finding out who complains the most is probably the technical foul leaders. http://espn. go
There are actually 15 categories of fouls in the NBA (depending on how you count). Given the number of possibilities, most fans/announcers tend to treat fouls that are not "routine" as technical fouls, though some of the "special" fouls are actually
The game is generally played at the site of the team holding the home advantage across the series. The nature of a best-of-seven series requires that the series be tied at 3 games apiece going into Game Seven, such that either team can take the serie
24 seconds is already a pretty short amount of time to get the ball down the court, and also set up a play, and execute that play. In college they are given 35 seconds, which I would agree seems to be too long as there is too many times an offense is