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Please see: https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=WxY47I-pc-Q Greg Anthony (the commentator) is quite insistent that this should have been a jump ball
Before the 2013 NBA playoffs, many people speculated that the Miami Heat would go 16-0 (e. g. sweep every series) en route to their 2nd straight title
If you don't understand why Kobe Bryant will go out like this, defiant to the end, airballing shot number 20 Sunday night, having missed 15 of the previous 19 shots, with a chance for his Los Angeles Lakers to tie the Indiana Pacers at the end of reg
The front office or reception is an area where visitors arrive and first encounter a staff at a place of business. Front office staff will deal with whatever question the visitor has, and put them in contact with a relevant person at the company. Bro
2014 and 2006 both had 89 games played in them, based on a cursory scrape of Wikipedia (which is much harder than it should be, btw; some significant editing is needed for consistency!). Those are the two largest number of games played; however, pre
At every game, there are two groups of two people who are in charge of collecting these stats. One person in each group keeps an eye on the game and tells the other person what events to mark down. The other person has a computer tablet with which th
Zone defense is not explicitly prohibited, but there is a defensive three-second penalty occurring when a defender is inside the lane without guarding an offensive player. From the NBA Rules: Section VIII-Defensive Three-Second Rule a. The count star
He remembers waking up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely, shaking, and feeling as if he was going to die. "I was scared; I didn't know what was happening to me," Michael Jordan would say. At first, he thought it was a nightmare
Dallas has been busy in the final phase of their offseason, culminating in a handful of contracts being given out to players you mostly have never heard of before it's tweeted out. That's fine. That's how this part of free agency goes
No, the NBA team can not pay a player less than his contract due to injury. They can, however, get a salary cap extension under the Disabled Player Extension, as detailed: (4) Disabled Player Exception. A team may replace a player who suffers a seaso