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With the NBA season fast approaching, now's the time to break down the season win totals and make some bold predictions. Vegas had their first release of the win totals last week and jumping on them before the public does is key to cashing some of th
That would be illegal and considered interference. A player should not : b. Touch any ball from within the playing area when it is above the basket ring and within the imaginary cylinder
In the sports MBA program, we’re often encouraged to complete projects around real-life sports data, and back in our Statistics class Dom Lucq and I tried to discover how NBA advanced stats lead to wins, playoff appearances and championships through
West East Start of 1st Quarter (12:00) Jump Ball James vs Bryant (Westbrook gains possession) Westbrook Driving Dunk Shot: Made (2 PTS) 11:46 [WST 2-0] 11:31 Anthony 3pt Shot: Missed Curry Rebound (Off:0 Def:1) 11:30 Curry 3pt Shot: Missed 11:23 11:2
Chris Kaman seeing his psychiatrist. Realistic rating: 9. 5 Last night, Lakers center Robert Sacre invoked a little-known NBA rule when he fouled out of the Lakers-Cavs game
For now, the closest tracked stat to finding out who complains the most is probably the technical foul leaders. http://espn. go
Another year, another controversy in professional basketball about just how clean the NBA really is. The last ref caught messing with the game says the fix is still in. “The NBA releases the (officiating) assignments at 9 a
It is dependent on the player: skill level, mindset, contract, and particularly age. A lot of young players, in less organized franchises, have varying routines. Some older players (JJ Redick, Kyle Korver types) prefer shorter, high intensity workout
Picture sitting in a room for hours breaking down game film to prepare scouting reports for upcoming opponents. What type of offensive set is being run on each possession? A pick and roll, an isolation, a post-up, a dribble hand off? And which player
After setting fire to the trees on Broad St, pelting brawlers with beer bottles, playing the Rocky theme on bugles, looting a luggage store and flipping over a car and a fire engine (or a police car, versions differ, it might have been both), Philade