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The 2,000-yard club is a group of seven National Football League (NFL) running backs that have rushed for 2,000 or more yards in a season. [1] These seven rushing seasons rank as the highest single-season rushing totals in NFL history,[2] and reachin
Wikipedia has a list of NFL win-loss records for each of the current 32 NFL teams. The list includes all games that each team has played in, including regular season and playoffs, from each team's first season in the NFL through the 2014 Super Bowl.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — When the Ravens and Patriots have met in New England in recent years, it has usually been a close affair. In the six games the Ravens have played at Gillette Stadium since coach John Harbaugh took over in 2008 they are 2-4, w
Where Can I Watch NCAA Basketball Games Free? College sports are extremely popular in the United States and college basketball is no exception. Why are college sports so popular? Perhaps it's because people can identify with these colleges more, they
Oh I know this one! My first cousin, Fred Swearingen #21 was the referee. The best answer is by the off-field official, Art McNally IN USA TODAY below. It wasn't my cousin's best call
The San Francisco 49ers, who won five Super Bowls in some of the best and most iconic uniforms in NFL history, could debut another alternate jersey in 2016 after trying out a black alternate last season. Lions team president Rob Wood said in an event
Three main reasons: 1) LA is rather unique in its urban sprawl. This makes building an NFL stadium more difficult than anywhere else, because real estate costs so much, and incorporating a stadium into the existing infrastructure (roads, utilities, e
Why do most coaches save [time outs] till the end of the game? To stop the clock for the possibility of getting the ball back and the opportunity to score, if necessary. An example is from a 2013 wild card game with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Indi
For other uses of "Hash mark", see Hash. Hash marks are short lines, running perpendicular to sidelines or sideboards, used to mark locations, primarily in sports. Usage in ice hockey[edit] In ice hockey, the hash marks are two pairs of parallel line
According to the NFL Rulebook, Rule 8, Article 7 (page 53 of the 2011 Rulebook), a the enforcement in your example would be from the spot of the fumble, as it was forward of the line of scrimmage. Had the fumble or penalty occurred behind the line of