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NFL 6th consecutive year captain patch. Captain stars on NFL football jerseys. Related
Tim Tebow couldn't get any playing time last season when the New York Jets had three quarterbacks on the roster. Following the selection of Geno Smith last week, they had six. Well, now they have five
The NFL rulebook states in Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2: All players must wear numerals on their jerseys in accordance with Rule 5, Section 4, Article 3, Item 3. Such numerals must be by playing position followed by a list of positions and allowed nu
Stance is the position an American football player adopts when a play begins. There are three common stances used by linemen: two-point, three-point, and four-point. The stance names reference the number of points where a player's body is touching th
Getty ImagesAs football fans we seem to have an on-off switch about brain injuries. The top story in the NFL on Friday and into the weekend was that Cam Newton took several shots to the head on Thursday night, and the response to those shots to the h
Though only two weekends have passed since the 2016 NFL season kicked off, the temptation to panic remains ever present in locker rooms, front offices and in the stands. That applies doubly for teams still waiting for their first win of the year. An
There are two aspects to consider in a play with a possible fumble: 1. was there a fumble or was the ball carrier down? and 2. if there was a fumble, who recovered it? Now think about how often the on-the-field ruling is correct for each of those asp
Getty ImagesJaguars coach Gus Bradley is a likable guy, a rah-rah coach who makes you think you wish you could play on his team. Fans like him, reporters like him, players like him. I don’t feel good about saying what I’m about to say about him
In American football and Canadian football, a quick kick is any punt made under conditions such that the opposing team "should not" expect a punt. Typically this has been a kick from scrimmage from a formation that is, or resembles, one usually used
There are no rules. Players get to give a shout out to one school and they say whatever they want. Would the networks let a player who went to Miami say they went to Oregon? Probably not