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Yellow cards and Red Cards are given to players when they indulge in indiscipline - (making rash tackles on other players, arguing with the referee, wasting time, taking their jerseys off while celebrating, indulging in fights with other players). La
Batsman will be given out. If the ball going to the stumps hit by the bat twice intentionally before the ball has been touched by a fielder, it will be given out by the umpire under the rule hitting the ball twice. In your scenario, the batsman is hi
Hit wicket is when a batsman dislodges the bails(or the stumps, which happens rarely), no matter how(may be with his bat, legs, gloves, helmet, etc. ), while attempting a shot or completing the follow-through of the shot. The only thing that matters
I have some doubts regarding net run rate in the ongoing ICC world twenty 20 2014 event. It takes a while to read so please don't hesitate and give me a solution regarding this. My doubt is that in match 12 of world twenty 20 2014(In Group Stage Last
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According to the FIFA Laws of the Game 2013/2014, a player that has been sent off the field is considered an outside agent: Outside agentsAnyone not indicated on the team list as a player, substitute or team official is deemed to be an outside agent,
Actually, maximum overs allowed per players is decided by dividing total overs by 5. E. g
There are actually 15 categories of fouls in the NBA (depending on how you count). Given the number of possibilities, most fans/announcers tend to treat fouls that are not "routine" as technical fouls, though some of the "special" fouls are actually
By Greg Letts Updated August 22, 2016. N writes: Greg, I searched a question on google to determine who gets the point when a ball "deflects" from the table by hitting an edge. I believe that you are incorrect in asserting that either player can rece
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