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In the match between Bristol and Arsenal in the highest league of women’s football in England the referee gave a penalty kick for a handball. But did he have to? Below four reasons for a referee to stop play for injury. First a short description of t
Familiarize yourself with the latest Laws of Badminton as approved at the Badminton World Federation Annual General Meeting of May 15, 2010. An umpire is responsible for understanding the laws of the sport and interpreting them to the referee during
Offside decisions will always be open to controversy because they are based on not only the fact of a player standing in an offside position but the hypothesis of what he has to gain by being there. For a long time match officials ducked the issue by
Law 12 FAQ © 1998 jointly in the following individuals: Jim Geissman, David Graham, Jim MacQueen, Connie Matthies, Jim Meinhold, Chris Mohr, Gary Rue, Ken Smith, Dave Teetz, Ron Tremper, who are together known pseudonymously as the SOCCER-COACH-L LOT
While holding a high defensive line can be an effective tactic, it can also be exploited. A high defensive line leaves a lot of open space behind the defense for an attacking team to exploit. In order to take advantage of this space, the attacking te
It's the goal area, also known colloquially as the "goal box", or "6-yard box". Its purpose is to delimit the area where a goal kick is taken: A goal kick in association football is the way to restart the game when the ball has been kicked past the g
That could possibly be considered interference. The initial throw to the third baseman was legal and just a bad throw, with a legal run scoring. On the second throw to home, however, play should have been stopped by the umpire
The Austrian Grand Prix bore witness once again to a clash between Mercedes AMG Petronas team mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, costing the former two penalty points on his licence and a further 10 seconds added to his race time at the end of th
According to old FIFA Law 9: The ball in and out play: If, when the ball is in play, it touches the referee or an assistant referee who is temporary on the field of play, play continues because the referee and the assistant referees are part of the m
Soccer by the Rules – Penalty Kick – Parts 1 and 2 By Joe Manjone, Ed. D. This contains the first and second articles on the Penalty Kick