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That could possibly be considered interference. The initial throw to the third baseman was legal and just a bad throw, with a legal run scoring. On the second throw to home, however, play should have been stopped by the umpire
The Austrian Grand Prix bore witness once again to a clash between Mercedes AMG Petronas team mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, costing the former two penalty points on his licence and a further 10 seconds added to his race time at the end of th
According to old FIFA Law 9: The ball in and out play: If, when the ball is in play, it touches the referee or an assistant referee who is temporary on the field of play, play continues because the referee and the assistant referees are part of the m
Soccer by the Rules – Penalty Kick – Parts 1 and 2 By Joe Manjone, Ed. D. This contains the first and second articles on the Penalty Kick
Football fans have their own language when they talk about the game. To keep up, it’s useful to know what terms like down, extra point, safety, and snap mean. Down: A period of action that starts when the ball is put into play and ends when the ball
Position your arms at an angle over the net. Arms should be straight and go over the net as far as possible. This will get you closer to the ball
1 Know the basic guidelines that apply to all assistant referee signals. These are as follows: Always make eye contact with the referee before signaling. Come to a complete stop and face the field before signaling
Click to enlarge, and debate the strip below the line. Keith Hackett's verdict 1) What a nightmare. You and your colleagues count as part of the field of play, and normally if the ball makes contact with any of you, play continues
Veteran Indian batsman Virender Sehwag recalled some nervous moments during his ODI debut against Pakistan back in 1999, Indian media reported on Monday. Sehwag had walked in to bat at number seven against Pakistan but unfortunately was only able to
Grip the ball. Like other curveball grips, the variable this time is your index finger. Grip the ball with your middle finger along the bottom seam, and your thumb along the back seam