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To answer your question, we must first recognize that a game is 90 minutes long; not more, not less. Some people might think that a game is 90 minutes + overtime, but that's not true. A game is 90 minutes long, and the added time is there to compensa
com/2013/03/13/cairollers-bring-roller-derby-to-egypt/ ^ Whittaker, Richard. "Electric Skaterland: Austin births a Roller Derby revolution Austin Sports". AustinChronicle
posdef's answer is pretty much correct. I tend not to use the term "dangerous play", as it sounds a lot like "playing in a dangerous manner", which is a different offence where no contact is made and a player is unable to play the ball for fear of in
If an onfield umpire is ill or injured in an international match, then he is replaced by the third umpire. The duties of the third umpire are then performed by the fourth umpire. An example of this was 1st ODI: India v Australia at Vadodara where the
There should not be a change of strike if the batsman is bowled. The umpire made the correct decision by letting the new batsman face the next ball. This is covered by Law 18, which states that the rule of batsmen crossing only applies if the dismiss
For the record, I've NEVER met anyone from Africa or South America that only knew 1 language. So many different languages are spoken in these areas that most people know at least 2 or 3. And for the Brazilian player that knows German, it's not surpri
Another rain interruption saw another over reduced and we were effectively witnessing a T20 game. With just 18 runs to win off the final two overs, the lights went off and it was pitch dark. Scotland opener Kyle Coetzer was looking in excellent touch
Ms Galego said she asked the delegate to give the perpetrator of the sexist insult a warning “but it’s fair enough that he was expelled”. Spanish football has suffered a series of incidents involving abuse of referees and players on the grounds of th
Shouldn't he run as fast as he can, just in case he can get to the other end before the ball is taken? By this you want to say that a batsman should take a run before he cought out. So they win before he get out. As per LAW 18 (SCORING RUNS) Section9