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Forms Of Cricket Cricket is played in two very distinct forms. The first is limited duration, in which a specific number of hours of playing time are allocated and each team plays two innings. Test matches are played over five days, with six hours pl
This is a common problem with the 2016/17 Laws of the Game. The entire document was rewritten, and this was rushed through without seeking feedback from the global community of players, managers, referees and other officials for an extensive period,
Oh I know this one! My first cousin, Fred Swearingen #21 was the referee. The best answer is by the off-field official, Art McNally IN USA TODAY below. It wasn't my cousin's best call
That could possibly be considered interference. The initial throw to the third baseman was legal and just a bad throw, with a legal run scoring. On the second throw to home, however, play should have been stopped by the umpire
Why do most coaches save [time outs] till the end of the game? To stop the clock for the possibility of getting the ball back and the opportunity to score, if necessary. An example is from a 2013 wild card game with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Indi
They no longer throw guys out of the face off circle. The face off will get waived off after the first infraction and after the second the player goes to the box. This is to mainly stop players from intentionally getting thrown out to let players get
Currently*, there's nothing special about intentional base-on-balls in the MLB rules, except for noting that catchers must stand in the catcher's box during them or a balk is called (4. 03a,8. 05j), and a few rules about official scoring
Not this question again! It gets asked a lot, you know. Okay, technically, fighting isn't allowed; the players involved will get five minutes in the penalty box for dropping the gloves and sometime more. But fighting rarely gets one ejected from a ga
A team can score points by: - Making a touchdown by running the ball or passing the ball into the opponents end zone. A total of 6 points is awarded for a touchdown. o After a touchdown the scoring team then attempts a try
While holding a high defensive line can be an effective tactic, it can also be exploited. A high defensive line leaves a lot of open space behind the defense for an attacking team to exploit. In order to take advantage of this space, the attacking te