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Olympic Games ceremonies of the Ancient Olympic Games were an integral part of these Games; the modern Olympic games have opening, closing and medal ceremonies. Some of the elements of the modern ceremonies harken back to the Ancient Games from which
Freestyle skiing, which includes men’s and women’s moguls competition, was the most popular Olympic sport among U. S. TV weekend viewers through February 15, according to a minute-by-minute analysis of viewing conducted by The Nielsen Company
WHAT IS AUDI? Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Its headquarters are located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi is among the best-selling luxury automobiles in t
Bobsled or bobsleigh - bobsled has resulted in the greatest number of deaths among Olympians during competition or training (no one has died during an actual Winter Olympic competition, though Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia died in a luge crash on a
Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history this week as the first Americans ever to win the Olympic gold medal in ice dancing. Their story was made even more dramatic by the longevity of their partnership (17 years), the longtime rivalry between them
There some more differences: Slalom and giant slalow are technical events, super-G and downhill are speed events. Super combined, as the name implies, combines runs of slalom and downhill. Downhill and super-G events have one run, slalom and giant sl
The Soviets were the most dominant teams of all time in international play. The team won nearly every world championship and Olympic tournament between 1954 and 1991 held by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Russia won the 2008, 2009, 2012 and
In a more perfect world, Friday’s matchup between Canada and the United States in Olympic hockey would have been for the gold medal – a repeat of the final in Vancouver four years ago. As it happened, it was only for a spot in that penultimate game,
To go through all Olympic tournaments prior to 1998, when the NHL permitted its players to take part in the Olympics, would require serious digging. It's possible there may be a scenario in which an Olympic gold medal-winning netminder was not a memb