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The specific example I had in mind is the decathlon association which has published a "media guide" for the decathlon and heptathlon at the Trials; this is packed with lists of previous winners, all-time best performances in each event, at an Olympic
It is possible and has happened before. That's why they have "backup". Multiple copies of the flame are transported with the relay or maintained in backup locations
The world had wondered: openly, loudly, some may even say rudely, if Usain Bolt was ready. There were rumours of injury, speculation over his commitment to training, worries over his wavering form, suggestions that the triple world record holder migh
In the early Olympic Games it was possible for individuals in a team to be from different nations. In such cases the medals are not split between the repersentative countries, but attributed to the mixed team. The results from these teams have been g
List of the longest NBA winning streaks by professional teams. A winning streak may span consecutive games or consecutive seasons, and the National Basketball Association has long been a vehicle for keeping such stats on professional sports teams. Th
Sunday, the Liacouras Center at Temple University erupted in cheers, as the final buzzer sounded, students and fans rushed onto the court. The last undefeated team in D-1 college basketball had fallen. The Temple Owls had just upset No
“American professional athletes are bilingual; they speak English and profanity. ” – Gordie Howe The Olympics have three official languages: English, French, and the chosen language of the host country (unless, of course, they speak French or English
In addition to the ones listed by Philip, there have been many other instances of swimmers being DQ'd in top level meets, sometimes being overturned, sometimes not. The one that comes to mind is in 2004, Aaron Piersol was DQ'd for turning over onto h
At the first Olympic Games in 1896, there were nine sports contested. Since that time many sports have been added (and removed too) from the program. Only five sports have been contested at every summer Olympic Games since 1896: Athletics, Cycling, F