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Is the Olympic spirit dead? The largest-ever Olympic Games are now well underway in Sydney. More than 10,000 athletes are taking part, watched on television by half the world's population. Television companies and corporate sponsors are paying more t
By Janis Prince Inniss Even before I married into the sport, I loved track and field! (My husband ran track in high school, as did both of my step-children. And I’m quite sure that my two-year-old grandson can beat any child in an ”Under 4” race, bas
Sun Yang, 2012 London Olympics. Photo by Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports. Swimmers are a hard lot
https://twitter. com/AIBA_Boxing/status/737971666056286208 Is this a shot in the arm for boxing? cool so instead of boxing for money they can box for free. the olympics is boring anyway
Eric Moussambani Malonga (born May 31, 1978) is a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea. Nicknamed "Eric the Eel" by the media after the name first appeared in an article by Craig Lord in The Times newspaper in London, Moussambani won brief international fa
everyone knows why - the dev team i'm sure knows as well - it just probably doesn't matter that much to them. as mentioned the exp medals will always round up to the next hour/half hour. It is ideal for the hour long medals to start them at 1 minute
Legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps is among many Olympians who have attracted attention at the current Olympic Games in Rio de Janiro with red-circled bruises on their bodies. These bruises were caused by a now popular medical therapy called '
PA Do you know why this diving pool turned green? The eery transformation from blue to green took place before the women’s 10m synchronised diving final at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday night. Britain's Tonia Couch and Lois Toulson tried to ignore the
According to OlympStats. com, it was only the 8th time that two gold medals have been awarded in a single event at the Winter Olympics. In the most famous case, both Russia and Canada won gold in the pairs figure skating event in the 2002 Olymipcs, a
Reuters Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow fall in pool after finding out they won bronzeTom Daley, 22, and his partner Daniel Goodfellow, 19, were overjoyed to win a bronze medal in the tense diving final at the Rio Olympics. Jack Laugher and Chris Mea