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The design for the medals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games highlights the relationship between the power of Olympic heroes and the power of natural forces. The medals use the form of the laurel leaf, an ancient symbol of victory, to connect the champion
But is NOT west fault. NOT WADA, NO one but Russia's.
Wrestling at Rio continues with the first 3 women’s freestyle weights. Here’s what you need to know. We’ll begin this preview of Day 4 as we will all future previews, with a link back to our Olympics Wrestling primer, which has a cheat sheet and live
Darya Klishina, a Russian long jumper, will be permitted to compete in these Rio Olympics, after the Court of Aribtration for Sports (CAS) ruled in her favor. As CNN details, Klishina was suspended by the International Association of Athletics Federa
One is the world record-holder, the other is the world champion. But aside from being two of the best race walkers on the planet, Yohann Diniz and Matej Toth are two very different athletes. While Diniz raced away at the start of the men’s 50km race
Recent 2016 Rio Olympics results revealed that Usain Bolt has earned the ninth gold medal of his career. The Jamaican sprinter led his team to victory with a time of 37. 27
Bob Mathias, a small-town wonder from the San Joaquin Valley farming community of Tulare who was an unknown teenager when he won the first of his two Olympic gold medals in the decathlon and later served four terms as a U. S. congressman representing
Usain Bolt ended his Olympic career by claiming an unprecedented 'triple triple' and his ninth gold as Jamaica won the 4x100m relay final in Rio. Bolt, 29, had won the 100m and 200m in Rio and is the only man to win all three sprint events at three G
Considered the ‘equestrian triathlon’, eventing combines dressage, jumping and cross country. Riders compete on the same horse in all three disciplines, each of which has its own day. A rider’s score (which counts for the individual and team events)