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Gun law in the UK is among the world’s most severe, and yet airguns are still unlicenced. .
Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international events without undergoing sex reassignment surgery, according to new guidelines adopted by the IOC. International Olympic Committee medical officials said on Su
I know this does not match the condition on only speciality that were present in leat 10 editions, but I think 8 editions is relevant enough to be noted. Also, I am answering taking the sport at a whole, since checking 35 sports is easier than checki
The current list of Olympic sports, Summer and Winter is: Sports | List of Summer and Winter Olympic Sports and Events. The criteria for a sport's inclusion seem to be that it is widely played around the world and that there is an international feder
Sir Mark James Todd is a New Zealand horseman noted for his accomplishments in the discipline of eventing. Although he didnt win the gold medals, he holds the record for longest time between two medals and thats still really impresive Alad