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NOTE: My answer is not specific to snooker, but attempts to provide insight toward what, I believe, you are experiencing. Consistency comes from practice, practice, practice. As a golfer, I have experienced performances you have had in snooker
I think this really depends on your ambitions. What is the purpose of you playing the game. I mean, really think about WHY you are playing
I found a karting seat that is made from carbon-fiber here: On that page, it claims: To Improve Performance: The Ribtect seat helps the chassis and driver to work better. Keeping the kart rolling free and providing a better launch out of the turns. C
300m should not make that much of an effect for average sports, but higher than that, the effect grows gradually, there are reports of people suffering from altitude sickness when ventured higher than 2400m. Altitude training has been used by athlete
The amount of calories you need to burn to cover any given distance is the same regardless of whether you haul ass or you take a leisurely stroll (roughly 70-80 per km, depending on body weight). Properly, you burn more the slower you go, but that is
you and I have a lot in common - playing both table tennis and regular tennis. My answer to this question (from years of observing the effects of playing both sports) is both yes and no. Some things are the same (and help across both sports) and some
As an adolescent, your body is growing and developing into an adult, becoming stronger and faster. Just about every 13 year old is able to run faster than he could when he was 12. For each person, though, this experience is different
I don’t know what you consider to be “strong research”. But, there are several sports psychology papers that take up the concept of “mental toughness”. In the Journal Of Applied Sport Psychology (2002), Jones, Hanton and Connaughton from the Universi
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: doi: 10. 1519/JSC. 0b013e31823f8dd4 Original Research The Effects of Resistance Training on Explosive Strength Indicators in Adolescent Basketball Players Santos, Eduardo J
Not so much a drill but a thought process in how you swing the club - I think the key to this is what you do in the backswing, not the downswing. If you set yourself up well in the backswing then the downswing will take care of itself (i. e