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The FIS Audi Alpine Ski World Cup season traditionally kicks off in S
A GOAL IN EVERY MINUTE Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now scored in every minute of a football match. Ibrahimovic became Sweden's all-time top goalscorer on Thursday with a brace against Estonia, bringing his international tally t
In most ballgames like basketball and tennis, points aren’t that difficult to come by. In contrast, goals in football come few and far between. In fact, it’s not completely surprising for games in the sport to end in 0-0 draws; part of the reason why
Leading Goal Scorers UEFA Club Competitions Top 10 Leading Goal Scorers UEFA Club Competitions 1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 78 Cristiano Ronaldo has participated in 117 UEFA Club Competition matches for his teams and scored with a great and remarkable spee
I read somewhere that in normal high jump, jumpers must take off on one foot. Correct. According to Rule 182 of the IAFF's 2012/2013 Competition Rules, the athlete must take off on one foot: RULE 182 : High Jump The Competition An athlete shall take
Vatican Olympic team of 2012 Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world but this does not stop it from participating in international games just like the other nations. Vatican City also has national teams that represent it during va
Expectations were high for the Chicago Bulls in Michael Jordan's first full season back from his 17-month retirement, and they became even higher just before training camp opened when the Bulls dealt workmanlike center Will Perdue to San Antonio for
Directed and produced by Alec Morgan, it won several international and Australian awards. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation did not air it for two years. The film is now standard fare in educational institutions, and has been highly influential
There is no limit to the number of red cards that a referee can give, though the game would be stopped as soon as there are less than 7 players of a team remaining legally on the pitch. As of Law 3 in the FIFA Law Book, there cannot be less than 7 pl