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From Toss (cricket) - Wikipedia If the match is abandoned at any time after the toss, it stands as a match played and enters official statistical records. If a match is abandoned before the toss, it is not considered to have been played at all, and d
Chapter 5, Part II of the Olympic Charter covers the rules regarding participation in the Olympic Games. The actual details of the requirements for qualifying for the Olympics varies by sport, but the Charter discusses the general procedure. Each cou
A hat-trick or hat trick in sports is the achievement of a positive feat three times in a game, or another achievement based on the number three in some sports. The term first appeared in 1858 in cricket, to describe H. H
It appears that you don't have to declare your intentions to enter the draft. There are certain stipulations in regards to eligibility, though. For example, you can be drafted when you graduate high-school, but if you enter a four-year college, you w
New Delhi, Feb 1 (IANS) The Supreme Court on Wednesday was told that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has agreed to consider allowing three nominees from the Indian cricket board BCCI to participate in its crucial meeting at Dubai on February
NBA rules from http://www. nba. com/analysis/rules_5
Yes, a bounce that goes into the basket would count as a successful goal. Anytime (except on a throw-in) a live ball goes through the basket, it is a goal, and it doesn't matter who, if anyone, threw the ball. From the NCAA Men's Basketball 2013-14 a
This is what I found on forfeits over two legs; according to fifa. A team sanctioned with a forfeit is considered to have lost the match by 3-0. If the goal difference at the end of the match is greater than three, the result on the pitch is upheld
I've read in somebody's comment in another question: USA Table Tennis rules: 2. 5. 7 A player strikes the ball if s/he touches it in play with his/her racket, held in the hand, or with his/her racket hand below the wrist
1 Firstly understand what is involved in a Biathlon Competition: The skier carrying their . 22 rifle in a harness skis off along a cross country trail (on cross country skis). The objective is to ski fast