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Top tips to help you choose your ideal table tennis racket. Part three - what type of table tennis rubber do you need? Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five So, if you're following my recommendation to buy a customised racket (part
Australian Open Champions Most of my PsychologyToday posts on this blog have dealt with marriage advice like about how to stop arguing, and with how to build healthy relationships. This post carries that theme into a different realm of partnership by
Usain Bolt ended his Olympic career by claiming an unprecedented 'triple triple' and his ninth gold as Jamaica won the 4x100m relay final in Rio. Bolt, 29, had won the 100m and 200m in Rio and is the only man to win all three sprint events at three G
Position your arms at an angle over the net. Arms should be straight and go over the net as far as possible. This will get you closer to the ball
Chilling photographs of a fake grave for Donald Trump positioned in New York's Central Park swept across social media Easter Sunday. The tombstone appeared to be engraved with the Republican front-runner's name and underneath an epitaph: 'Made Americ
One official source: WPA rulebook, located at this link: http://www. wpa-pool. com/web/the_rules_of_play Rule 3
Click to enlarge, and debate the strip below the line. Keith Hackett's verdict 1) What a nightmare. You and your colleagues count as part of the field of play, and normally if the ball makes contact with any of you, play continues
RBFried/iStock Q: Why do baseball managers, unlike coaches of other professional sports teams, wear uniforms? A: This goes back to the early days of baseball, when managers were often also players and had to wear uniforms to play. That was not the ca
Checking in ice hockey is any one of a number of defensive techniques, aimed at disrupting an opponent with possession of the puck, or separating them from the puck entirely. It is usually not a penalty. Young boys are taught proper body checking tec