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Actually, maximum overs allowed per players is decided by dividing total overs by 5. E. g
What do the official table tennis rules say about a good serve?Why do the service rules keep changing? Find out here. .
Not sure about ODI matches but in T20I match it is allowed to use nicknames. Here is a photo of a T20I match between Australia and India played at Melbourne on 1st Feb. 2008
There are actually 15 categories of fouls in the NBA (depending on how you count). Given the number of possibilities, most fans/announcers tend to treat fouls that are not "routine" as technical fouls, though some of the "special" fouls are actually
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Yes, if you attack the ball, and the blocker makes any contact with the ball, and it comes back to your side, then your hits are reset (otherwise a block to your side would be a guaranteed point for them every time) and you can once again take up to
Update: The below answer was valid at the time it was posted, however, the rules changed dramatically, and now any contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. (With explicit inclusion of t
Note that while a no ball and a wide ball are types of delivery, dead ball is a state. Put simply, the ball is not dead whenever it is in play. According to Law 23
According to wikipedia offensive fouls are personal fouls. A personal foul against a player of the team in possession of the ball is called an offensive foul. What I understand from the article is that a team foul relates to the foul count against a
There is an offside rule in (ice) hockey, which essentially means a player cannot just hang out the attacking 1/3 of the rink and wait for the puck to be passed to him. There is also an offside rule in rugby which seems to differ a bit with respect t