Semipermeable swimming nose clips


Nose clips (sometimes called nose plugs) are small devices that allow you to keep water out of your nose while swimming. They are especially useful if you are a beginner and haven’t yet mastered the breathing technique of a particular swimming stroke.

Nose Clip Types

First of all there’s the basic nose clip. It’s made of an u-shaped bridge with padded ends to avoid cutting. The bridge is made of stiff wire or nylon and the pads are made of latex, silicone or TYR. The u-shape of the clip pinches both nostrils together, so that it sticks on your nose and keeps water out.

Then there are strapped nose clips. They have an additional latex strap attached at both ends. The strap helps to keep the plug in place while swimming. It also prevents losing the nose clip in the water when you remove it from your nose.

How to Wear a Nose Clip

Fitting a regular nose clip is rather easy to do. Simply push it against your nose with the bridge facing upwards....

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Many water athletes wear nose clips when swimming to prevent water from entering their nostrils. Nose clips can help you be more comfortable and focused while in the water. If you wear nose clips for swimming in water sports, they can give your an advantage because you will not have to stop to clear your airway from water. Your nose clips should have a snug fit and be comfortable enough so you can forget you are wearing them. They should also be small enough so they don't interfere with your hydrodynamics.

Sit by the body of water where you will be swimming and unpack your nose clips.

Place the long band attached to the nose clips around your neck to secure them. If your nose clips do not have a band, consider making one for it because it could save you time looking for your clips underwater. A band also comes in handy when you are not using the clips but are not ready to put them away.

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You can buy nose clips on Amazon, a lot of swimmers use them. I don't know what they are like but from what I read some people use them if they have allergies to chemicals in a pool. That could be the problem you are having?

Here is an excerpt from a good article on the pros and cons of using a nose clip.


If your nose is allergic to pool chemicals (e.g. chlorine), a clip might be the solution to keep those chemicals out.


Breathing is less efficient because the nose is shut down and the overall physical efficiency in the water decreases. You have a greater tendency to hold your breath if you wear a nose plug. Holding your breath should be avoided as it is better to exhale continuously in the water because it keeps the body more relaxed and the stroke more fluid. Water might become trapped in the nose and generate snot that can't evacuate. That was the case for me and my nose was regularly obstructed after a swim...

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Swimming nose clips (also called nose plugs) are those little pieces of bent wire padded with rubber that you can stick on your nose and that are designed to keep the water out by squeezing the nostrils together.

A basic nose clip with a wired frame and latex padding

If you are a beginner, there are so many things to think about and get right. Breathing is yet another technique to master. So the temptation is great to buy a nose plug to at least keep water out of your nose. But is using a nose plug a good idea?


Well, when I took up swimming again as an adult, nose plugs were one of the first swimming accessories I bought besides the mandatory swim suit, swimming goggles and swim cap. I used them extensively before I weaned myself off them after about a year of swimming.

So let’s review what the advantages of using a nose plug are:

When you learn the freestyle stroke, it avoids that water enters the nose when you rotate your head...
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Nose Clips

Why Wear a Nose Clip?

Though most competitive swimmers don't make use of nose clips due to added drag, fitness and recreational swimmers often enjoy the benefit of sealed nostrils - no water entry whatsoever. Beyond that, any synchronized swimmer will tell you that a nose clip is essential for performing propulsive moves underwater.

Materials & Styles

Made from plastic, rubber, or silicone, each clip has its advantages. A clip with a metal structure is adjustable and can be bent to accommodate differently-shaped noses. A plastic clip is not adjustable but may be more durable over time. Clips with nose pads, like the Barracuda Nose Clip, are ideal for lasting comfort on long swims. Some clips come with a storage case or a built-in headband for security, though most come...

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SMU sophomore Rachel Balke models her team-issued nose clip above

No more than a few years ago, whenever a new swim parent asked if their child could swim in a nose-clip while swimming backstroke to keep water out of their noses, the answer was usually one of uncertainty.

Thoughts of “well…I’m not sure if those are legal” and “no, she’ll get laughed out of the pool!” would cross a coach’s mind, before giving some more politically-correct response about the importance of learning proper breath control when a swimmer is on their back.

But nowadays, as they say, is a whole different ball game. The nose clips are here to stay.

Nose clips are not a brand new phenomenon, but they are now reaching a critical mass to where, like caps and goggles, it will be odder for a swimmer to be without them than with them (at the least in backstroke races).

At this year’s USA Swimming National Championships, no fewer than three of the A-Finalists (including National...

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