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by Tom GaylordWriting as B. B. Pelletier Gamo’s Compact single stroke target pistol
1 Firstly understand what is involved in a Biathlon Competition: The skier carrying their . 22 rifle in a harness skis off along a cross country trail (on cross country skis). The objective is to ski fast
This really depends on your barrel shape and the angle at which you fire. The natural ballistic path of a paint ball (with nothing special done in the barrel), is to fly straight, and then down (really it's an arced trajectory that is the downward ha
BW: Why did you decide to become a partner of IBU and what is most important in it for you? Schlegel: I do this in order to support biathlon. It’s my real, my former sport that I have done myself for years. Thus I can use my knowledge as an athlete a
Gun law in the UK is among the world’s most severe, and yet airguns are still unlicenced. .
Originally Posted by ShaeHST I need some help from kickboxing/boxing experts. I'm thinking of picking up either kickboxing (not the exercise/fitness classes, but the actual sport) or boxing. I've always been interested in learning some type of boxing