Sight adjustments on the Gamo Compact air pistol


by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Gamo’s Compact single stroke target pistol.

This report covers:

What is the Gamo Compact? Can you shoot 10 meter with one? Description Sights Trigger No safety Pumping Summary

I last tested a Gamo Compact single stroke target pistol in 1996, when I bought one for my newsletter, The Airgun Letter. That was 19 years ago, and I was interested to see if the gun had changed in any way. As far as I can tell, it is exactly the same today as it was back then. That’s something you can’t say about a lot of airguns.

What is the Gamo Compact?

The Compact is a single stroke pneumatic target pistol. Yes, it is a 10-meter target pistol, though Gamo doesn’t represent it that way. Nor should they. Ten-meter air pistols are very specifically designed for just one thing — competition in bullseye target shooting at 10 meters. Yes, people do use them in other ways, but the guns are designed for just one purpose —...

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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Gamo’s Compact single stroke target pistol is back.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

The sights Qiang Yuan Training pellets Gamo Match pellets H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets RWS Hobby pellets The rest of the test Summary

Today is accuracy day. We get to see what the Gamo Compact target pistol can do to a target at 10 meters. Let’s get right to it.

I shot the pistol at 10 meters with the gun rested on a sandbag. Since a single stroke pneumatic has no recoil, this is the best way to check the accuracy. I know there are some who believe the gun has to be held in a vise to check accuracy, but in the European factories they test the guns hand-held.

The sights

Remember that I adjusted the width of the rear sight notch in Part 2. It turned out that I got the width just about right for my eyes, so it was very easy to hold on-target. I pulled just one shot out of 40, and I will...

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by B.B. Pelletier

Normally, I don’t do comparisons, but this time I will. Here are two fine inexpensive 10-meter target pistols, one of which, the IZH 46, has become difficult to get. I say they are inexpensive, but that’s only compared to a world-class 10-meter pistol. The Gamo Compact is the least expensive of the two, yet it gives up no accuracy to the IZH. However, the Russian-made IZH has more features than the Spanish Gamo. Either pistol can compete in a local- and regional-level matches. This series will examine both guns in great detail.

Gamo Compact is an attractive 10-meter target pistol that resembles a semiautomatic instead of the single-shot that it is.

Starting with the Compact
The Gamo Compact is a single-stroke pneumatic pistol, which means the pump lever only has to be cycled one time for a shot. If you try to cycle it a second time you lose the air that was compressed on the first pump. The effort needed to close the pump lever during...

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Gamo Compact Target Pistol needs a two obligatory lubrication to work properly:

1. Lubrication of air cylinder through the hole of the top of it after 250 shots with the pistol. Use silicone-based lube like Gamo Air Gun Oil.

2. Lubrication of the air valve. Use silicone-based lube (I use gun grease, but this is not recommended).

Gamo Compact has many flaws in the design which makes it not suitable for competitive use as 10m air target pistol. It is not as accurate as claimed by Gamo and can not achieve 0.20 "groups. If you are interested in its real accuracy see this.

Very often I read in the forums things like: "My Compact losing air" or "losing pressure". This is another defect in the construction of the Compact and the mod. PR-45. When air valve become dry its plastic bushing at the lower end of the spring BLOCKS - Valve remains in a bent position ("ENDLESS UNCOCKED MODE" - as I call it) and the gun can...

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The Gamo Compact is a match standard mechanically operated pneumatic powered pistol that uses an integrated single-stroke over lever ‘pump’ for drawing air into the cylinder. The over lever is formed by the whole top frame of the pistol, which also houses the barrel. The top frame can be swung open to almost a full 180-degrees allowing the barrel to be ‘direct loaded’ by thumbing a pellet into the exposed breech. The return (or ‘closing’) stroke of the over lever compresses the air therefore filling the pistol with enough ‘power’ for one shot. This return action of the lever also cocks the pistol’s action, ready for firing.

The barrel is obviously steel but the square-section top frame is made of high impact moulded ABS; the majority of the mainframe is also manufactured from ABS. All pivot points and pins are made from steel, as is the retaining catch for the lock down of the pistol and there are two slim metal side plates running the length of either side of the lower part...

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gamo air pistols

12 shots in 2.4 seconds.

For people that love to shoot, Gamo has made the hottest new semiautomatic C02 pistol in the world. It's called the P-23 and it looks and feels like a standard high powered pistol. With steel and lead BB's it's a 12 shot semiautomatic and if you are really fast, you can get off 12 shots in 2.4 seconds.
For extreme accuracy it shoots single shot 4,5 mm. pellets. The P-23 weighs 0,45 Kg is 19 cm long and sports a 108 mm. rifled steel barrel. It has a muzzle velocity of 125 m/s. which means that you can shoot at a target trap indoors, or go outside for a different style of shooting.

12 shots in 2.4 seconds

Gamo's new Auto 45 is another semiautomatic air handgun that will catch the eye of gun lovers and collectors everywhere. It has the powerful 93squared-up94 design that is so popular today all over the
world. But it not only looks good, it shoots just as well. If you are quick...

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Good weight and feel
Blowback action
Sights are easy to use with the white dots
Respectable accuracy and power
Great design of the CO2 cartridge and tabs
Recessed barrel
Sturdy with adequate amount of metal

Difficulty in adjusting sights
No slide catch release
Velocity drops after a few rounds
Needs a lot of CO2 refill

Check Price

The Gamo PT-85 feels like a real pistol in operation, due to its innovative blowback feature that makes the gun semi-automatic. The gun is powered by CO2 cylinders, and can shoot Gamo’s PBA® platinum pellets at up to 450 fps velocity. The blowback action utilizes the small portion of air left in chamber after firing the shot and brings the gun closer to a real firearm, which makes it great for target practicing.

You can buy it in one of the three...

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.177 calibre single shot target pistol, with anatomical grip, adjustable sights and trigger.

Comes in plastic case with 250 pellets.

This is a right handed version, the left handed version is available to order and can be in store usually within 24 hours. Please contact us on 01629 826497 or email

This product can be paid for online but it cannot be sent to your home address. It must be collected from our shop or can be delivered to a Registered Firearms Dealer local to you. There will be a carriage charge of...

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Reviewed by Ammoland on Sep 24Rating:

Gamo Precision Airguns Launches Tactical Socom Air Rifle Series

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida –-( Gamo Outdoor USA, recognized as the leader in adult precision air guns, is introducing a new series of tactical, high performance airguns.

The new SOCOM series incorporates the latest advancements in spring power engineering, optics, noise reduction and stock designs. Giving shooters maximum flexibility for all hunting and shooting operations. The three gun series consists of the SOCOM CARBINE, the SOCOM TACTICAL and the SOCOM EXTREME air rifles. The SOCOM CARBINE and SOCOM TACTICAL models are powered by an advanced spring power plant which pushes the new PBA Platinum .177 caliber ammo at nearly 1300 FPS, and 1000FPS with standard lead ammo.

The SOCOM EXTREME, which has a larger spring power plant than the other two air rifles in the series, will shoot this new Platinum PBA at an astounding 1700 FPS and 1250FPS...

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Air Venturi V10 Competition Target Pistol

Single-stroke pneumatic Single-shot Two-stage adjustable trigger Extremely accurate Competition-grade rifled barrel Recoil and vibration free

The .177 caliber V10 Competition Target Pistol is the ideal choice for your entry into 10-meter precision air pistol shooting. The single pump V10 is loaded with features typically found in competition match pistols costing much more. The handsome pneumatic target pistol resembles a semiautomatic rather than the single-shot it is, but it doesn't hurt the wallet like most other top-level match air pistols designed for 10-meter precision shooting.

Constructed with a competition-grade rifled steel barrel, the pistol features an attractive, adjustable walnut grip custom fit for right-handed shooters. There is a large palm shelf on the right side that adjusts comfortably to your hand, a thumb rest on the left, and the robust grip has added stippling for superior control. The V10...

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October 16, 2016

It has the accuracy. It has an adjustable trigger. The grips are large, but easily sanded down to fit your hand. The contour of the grips, and the palm shelf make getting a repeatable grip easy. My rear sight needed to be widened a bit. I couldn't get myself to modify the OEM grips, so made new ones. This is an impressive pistol for the price. Still my Avanti 747 out shoots it and cocks and loads easier. However the grips on this pistol, and it's smaller size make it a winner too. This pistol has shot well with RWS 7gr match pellets and only a little less accurate with Gamo match wadcutters. Mine came with a case that also has room for a tin of pellets. I would rate it 5 stars if it were easier to cock and load.

Pros:Price Size Accuracy Grips Cons:Hard to cock and load for a 10 Meyer pistol.
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Wonderland Airguns deliver throughout the UK and Overseas. We endeavour to dispatch orders immediately but certainly within 48 hours of receipt. Orders will only be dispatched once payment has been received.

UK Delivery:
Order value (including postage) up to...

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by B.B. Pelletier

We have an emergency today. Seems one of our readers received an air rifle for Christmas and needs help sighting it in. Here is his comment, “I have just got a new Gamo Shadow 1000 and I was wondering if you knew how to sight in the open sights?” The nice thing about answering this question is the answer applies to all open sights on all airguns – not just the Gamo.

First – what is the sight picture?
With open sights, there are a number of different sight pictures to choose from. The one you select must be used every time you sight the rifle, or else the sight-in will be invalid. The Shadow 1000 comes with fiber optic sights, front and rear, so the sight picture is a red bead resting down in the U-shaped rear notch between two green dots. If there were no fiber optics, this would simply be a front bead resting down in the rear U-shaped notch. The front bead is held on the spot where you want the pellet to go. This is called a center-hold sight...

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There is something that I really like about target air pistols. Maybe it is the sheer joy of spending a few hours on an afternoon doing nothing more productive than trying to put some pellets through the 10 ring.

The Gamo Compact is an entry-level target air pistol. Weighing a just under 2 pounds, it stretches 12.6 inches from end to end, and delivers a wealth of goodies for a very reasonable price.

Let’s take a walk around the Compact and see what I mean. The first thing you notice about the Compact is the anatomically sculptured right-hand walnut grip with adjustable palm shelf. To the best of my knowledge, the Compact is the only entry level pistol that comes standard with such a grip.

Just forward of the grip underneath compact is the trigger guard, it – and the rest of the receiver and upper unit of the pistol, is made of an engineering plastic. The sides of receiver are reinforced with metal straps that are also part of the cocking mechanism....

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Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle with 3-9x40 Scope

Whisper Fusion Technology for quiet performance

IGT MACH 1 cylinder for more velocity (1,420 fps)

Smooth and consistent cocking efforts (41 lbs.)

SWA Recoil pad for 74% recoil absorption

Includes 3-9x40 scope on Recoil Reducing Rail

Crosman Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Arrows powered by 3000 psi compressed air

Integrated pressure regulator for consistency

Ambidextrous cocking for ease safety


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