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I've been riding for 5-6 years now and skating for longer, and I tried the same thing about 2 years into it. I found that the switch took a while to get used to, but once I had the muscle memory I could switch flawlessly. What I did, as silly as it s
I've been in the same position as you and hope I can shed some light on the subject: I found that it wasn't super difficult to transfer over, but the major thing was the idea of bindings and boots. This is a major difference, as now your feet are att
Longboards are strongly associated with soft wheels for good reason. Unless you are riding on the smooth and seamless concrete of a skatepark, or grinding ledges and handrails, soft wheels will roll faster, grip better, and give you more easily contr
Hi, my name is Cameron and today I'm going to teach you how to land an Ollie. If you're having trouble with landing your Ollies, but you can pop them and get them in the air, but you can't quite land them on the ground, I'm going to help you fix that
Quote: If you can think about it quick enough, give it some gas. If not, that is fine.
Mountain boarding is one of the most demanding extreme sports physically, but equally fulfilling at the same time. Terrain extreme sports have evolved tremendously with new technology and gear, and we are now seeing new sports emerge because the appr
I've been learning how to skate around the back streets and on my brief commute to work over the past few months. I'm a 45yo 165cm 77kg man. I've been using a penny nickel and a penny 22 that I got when my 10yo son was briefly interested in skating u
By Steve Cave Question: Am I too old to learn to skate? A lot of skaters pick up their first board when they're in their teens. Many even younger. But then there's the late skaters; people who get interested in skateboarding later in life