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No matter what level of skier or rider you are, or what type of skis or board you ride, everyone needs wax. From ski racers to noobs lapping the bunny slope, wax is the common thread connecting all manner of winter alpine snow sliders. Unless you are
That ski helmet appears to be an uvex wing rc (or similar). The first cycling helmet appears to be a Kask Mojito variant. Note that both companies make both kinds of helmets
1 Firstly understand what is involved in a Biathlon Competition: The skier carrying their . 22 rifle in a harness skis off along a cross country trail (on cross country skis). The objective is to ski fast
The Ski Race With a Pit Stop in the Middle It’s hard enough skiing 15 kilometers at full throttle, but try switching your skis and poles in the middle of the race. That is what the skiers at the women’s skiathlon did on Saturday at the Laura Cross Co
There are different types of ski, snowboard or winter socks for infants, toddlers, to teens for every winter sport and activity. As a matter of fact, snowboarders and skiers can be quite particular about the right pair of winter socks. Children's Ski
There some more differences: Slalom and giant slalow are technical events, super-G and downhill are speed events. Super combined, as the name implies, combines runs of slalom and downhill. Downhill and super-G events have one run, slalom and giant sl
Takeoff: if you're a beginner in jumping, start with green kickers. They are (very) small, but they still provide (more than) enough possibility to learn. I'll split this part into 3 sub-parts for a) total beginner; b) advanced beginner; c) almost in
1) Biggest Snowboard – 10m by 2. 15m It’s a lonely life as a solo boarder and days on the slopes are always more fun with a group of friends. But how can you overcome this challenge if your friends are too timid to learn? Easy
Equipment Recommendations for Alpine Racing for New Racers and ParentsBy Jodd Bowles AMS Alpine Coach & Director of Racing at Lost Valley. “Alpine” means we race down the ski hill not cross country. The two Alpine events in the Maine Junior Ski L
A ski binding is a device that connects a ski boot to the ski. Generally, it holds the boot firmly to allow the skier to maneuver the ski. However, if certain force limits are exceeded, it releases the boot to minimize skier injury, such as in the ca