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NOTE: My answer is not specific to snooker, but attempts to provide insight toward what, I believe, you are experiencing. Consistency comes from practice, practice, practice. As a golfer, I have experienced performances you have had in snooker
There's a link at the bottom of this post to an online version of the rules of Snooker. These are the rules I'm working off of to answer your questions. If you're watching this, I'm guessing you understand the rules of snooker, but I'll explain some
There's no real difference between centre-joint and 3/4 joint. If they are well made then there's no issue of balance. As you say, the only benefit is portability
Snooker on the hityah website Without a really good cue-action no player can consistently strike the cue-ball accurately enough to make steady progress in their chosen game. The first part of this section then will begin with a few strokes to test yo
Scotland’s McManus, a former world number six who now lies 55th in the rankings, beat the one-time world number 10 to move into the second round of qualifying, where he will face Stephen Maguire. That match will take place at the Tempodrom in Berlin