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I've been riding for 5-6 years now and skating for longer, and I tried the same thing about 2 years into it. I found that the switch took a while to get used to, but once I had the muscle memory I could switch flawlessly. What I did, as silly as it s
The Snowboarding Live Scoring System, or SLS, is a judging system that has evolved over the past 10 years. It was launched successfully during the TTR 6Star Arctic Challenge Slopestyle, held in Oslo in 2010, and the first Halfpipe, at the 5Star BGOS
No matter what level of skier or rider you are, or what type of skis or board you ride, everyone needs wax. From ski racers to noobs lapping the bunny slope, wax is the common thread connecting all manner of winter alpine snow sliders. Unless you are
I've been in the same position as you and hope I can shed some light on the subject: I found that it wasn't super difficult to transfer over, but the major thing was the idea of bindings and boots. This is a major difference, as now your feet are att
There are different types of ski, snowboard or winter socks for infants, toddlers, to teens for every winter sport and activity. As a matter of fact, snowboarders and skiers can be quite particular about the right pair of winter socks. Children's Ski
First of all, I should mention that snowboarding isn't my strongest dicipline. Instead, I'm a skier - and sometimes even a telemark skier - but the general idea is the same. To begin with, going fast shouldn't be a goal per se
The first level of the pagoda: The primary key to jumping is balance. You should start off by exactly NOT putting more weight on your back foot. You should find (or make) a kicker that you can glide off of, and that has an appropriate landing transit
When you "bail" on a snowboard a multitude of nasty things can happen due to the facts that you are strapped to the board and that the board is great at catching snow with its edges. So you may end up tumbling, twisting your joints and spraining musc
Takeoff: if you're a beginner in jumping, start with green kickers. They are (very) small, but they still provide (more than) enough possibility to learn. I'll split this part into 3 sub-parts for a) total beginner; b) advanced beginner; c) almost in
Always start choosing your equipment with the boots. Because you're quite tall(6'2" ~ 188cm), I assume you have big feet as well. Find boots that fit your feet good