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A bare minimal install of Fedora with networking support.


Detailed Description

This is a minimal Fedora installation which just include the minimal core package group, corresponding to the minimal package group install option in Anaconda. It is intended for users who want to easily do smaller custom installations by hand or developers who need a minimal environment for development and testing, etc.

Benefit to Fedora

This spin provides an simple alternative to minimal net installs, and because of the small number of packages contained hopefully should be more stable during the development cycle than larger spins.

It often happens in Rawhide that breakage prevents larger spins from composing or booting: hopefully this minimal spin will be available more of the time during the development cycle, allowing for more testing of Rawhide early on.

Kickstart File

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SPIN - Modeling Vocabulary


The SPIN Modeling Vocabulary is a light-weight collection of RDF properties and classes to support the use of SPARQL to specify rules and logical constraints. Based on an RDF representation of SPARQL queries, SPIN defines three class description properties: spin:constraint can be used to define conditions that all members of a class must fulfill. spin:rule can be used to specify inference rules using SPARQL CONSTRUCTs and DELETE/INSERTs. spin:constructor can be used to initialize new instances with default values. In addition to these class description properties, SPIN provides a powerful meta-modeling capability that can be used to build your own modeling language and SPARQL extensions. These meta-modeling features provide the ability to encapsulate reusable SPARQL queries into templates, and to derive new SPARQL functions as well as magic properties from other SPARQL queries and functions.

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This method explains the procedure for applying a Xylan 5000 series coating to bolts for subsequent salt spray or torque tension testing.

Smart Computing Article - Step 12: Test Your System

everything is attached, plug in your external devices and turn on the power. As the computer awakens, it should show signs of life. The most obvious are the fans starting up (for the power supply and the CPU [central processing unit]) and the hard drive starting to spin. You'll also probably see flashing

Hubble Probes the Workings of a Stellar Hydrogen Bomb

Peering into the heart of two recently exploded double-star systems, called cataclysmic variables, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has surprised researchers by finding that the white dwarf stars at the heart of the fireworks are cooler than expected and spin more slowly than thought. "This...

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The {{clarify span}} template may be used when there is text that needs further explanation or clarification. Unlike the template {{clarify}}, this template attaches explicitly to a portion of text, for example one or more specific sentences, by surrounding the text with the template. This is especially useful for flagging multiple facts or multiple sentences as needing clarification, and for singling out a specific unclear fact among many.

Once the passage is clarified, please remove this template from the surrounded text.

{{clarify span|text=Passage(s) needing clarification|explain=Reason for the needed clarification|date=February 2017}}

The date and explain parameters are optional. The parameter names for |text= and |explain= can be omitted, as long as the text is in the first position, and the explanation is in the second. Therefore, the minimal syntax is:

{{clarify span|Passage(s) needing clarification}}

Example of usage:

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I just want to clear up something about electron spin to see if I have it correctly. As far as I understand it is it not really spinning but it's just a convenient word and what it denotes is the the particular quantum number is either up or down. Now I think I've got it right to say that this value is not determined until it is measured and the measurement then forces the electron to choose either up or down on the axis which it is measured.

I further understand it that once the spin is measured on a particular axis that the spin on the other two axes cannot be known. What I am not sure of is if an electron has 'spin' on three different axes at once but only one can be measured and therefore known at one time. Or if it in fact it only ever has spin on a single axis and whatever axis is measured the electron then becomes either spin up or down on that axis.

I hope that is clear with regards to my...

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Posted by Dave Arnold

Purpose: Clarify difficult-to-clarify lime juice

Techniques Used: Gel clarification, centrifuging

The holy grail of clarification is lime juice. Lime juice doesn’t last long enough to gel clarify, can’t be heated enough for traditional clarification, doesn’t filter well, and takes 48,000 g’s to spin in a centrifuge. In short, it’s a clarification guru’s nightmare.

We like clarification. We use traditional clarification, filtration clarification, distillation clarification, centrifugal clarification, enzymatic clarification, centrifugal enzymatic clarification, gelatin clarification, agar clarification. Wylie tells me gellan gum works too. (Just about the only clarification I know of that we haven’t tried is Angel Leon’s burned out plankton filter—he heats up the algae to over 500°, grinds it up, and uses it to clarify stocks, which it does surprisingly better than egg whites). Anyway, the enzyme I use won’t clarify at lime’s low pH....

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Protein Ark’s Proteus mini purification spin columns are designed for small scale protein purifications such as those required for expression trials, solubility determination tests, screening, titering and scouting studies. The columns fit all standard microfuges and allow you to process multiple samples in parallel.

Protein Ark’s Proteus mini clarification spin columns are designed to remove microorganisms, particles and precipitates larger than 0.2...

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Since we published our stories about Whisper between 16 October and 25 October 2014, the company has provided further information. We confirm that Whisper had drafted the changes to its terms of service and privacy policy before Whisper became aware that the Guardian was intending to write about it. We reported that IP addresses can only provide an approximate indication of a person’s whereabouts, not usually more accurate than their country, state or city. We are happy to clarify that this data (which all internet companies receive) is a very rough and unreliable indicator of location. We are also happy to make clear that the public cannot ascertain the identity or location of a Whisper user unless the user publicly discloses this information, that the information Whisper shared with the US Department of Defense’s Suicide Prevention Office did not include personal data, and that Whisper did not store data outside the United States. Whisper’s terms for sharing information...

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