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I think this really depends on your ambitions. What is the purpose of you playing the game. I mean, really think about WHY you are playing
I used to have the same problem doing another sport, swimming. I used to have competitions and trainings in the morning all the time, and for sports, it is not unusual. The best routine to get yourself used to, as far as I'm concerned and what I lear
Extending our riding season beyond summer is all that most of us have in mind when searching for winter gear. Sure, there are people out there who want gear suitable for hunting the abominable snowman on his home turf - in January. But, that’s kind o
There's a reason that Sports Psychology has grown into a pretty large niche of psychology overall. :) Mastering one's mind will (in my opinion) always be a constant pursuit of mankind in general, and absolutely in sports. Whether it's hitting 100 fre
Takeoff: if you're a beginner in jumping, start with green kickers. They are (very) small, but they still provide (more than) enough possibility to learn. I'll split this part into 3 sub-parts for a) total beginner; b) advanced beginner; c) almost in
During my college days when competitive match comes , i always encounter big servers because it throw of your balance and you can kill the rally by simple one-two punch , i will teach you my technique on how to counter and use your opponents strength
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Short Answer: Scientifically, the size of the arena is irrelevant to the shooting performance though the nervousness of playing in front of a big crowd can negatively affect a player's shooting. Long Answer: Statistically speaking, the stadium doesn'
I don’t know what you consider to be “strong research”. But, there are several sports psychology papers that take up the concept of “mental toughness”. In the Journal Of Applied Sport Psychology (2002), Jones, Hanton and Connaughton from the Universi
Not to be confused with cheapies, cheap characters are a variant of character that are overpowered and easily capable of defeating opponents. Some cheap characters are unintentionally cheap, and are the possible result of poor programming. Use of che