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In tennis, rule #24, which covers all the scenarios in which a player loses a point, does not forbid a player from switching the hand that holds the racket. 24. PLAYER LOSES POINT The point is lost if:a
Unfortunately, I've played too little tennis to give you an expert answer, but I'll give it a go anyway. The two main differences that I can think of are these: (1) The distance to the ball In squash, you generally want to stand closer to the ball wh
According to the rules on World Squash site A return is good if the ball: 6. 2. 1 is struck correctly before it has bounced twice on the floor; and 6
The rules are a bit complex. The word "let" is mentioned 39 times in the online US Squash Rules. Under rule 12, Interference, here are some of the more common uses of "Let", "No Let" and "Stroke": The player is entitled to a let if he or she could ha
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If they do get blocked up, be gentle! Most likely the snow will have frozen so don’t just rip it off else you’ll be taking chunks of mesh away too, a few gentle taps should suffice. And as the best way to keep goggles is by moving air through them, t