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Shots that hit either the post or the crossbar are not considered Shots on Goal. Currently, they are quantified as a Missed Shot. These shots are included with shots that miss the net entirely; as such, they will appear in both Fenwick and Corsi tota
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At every game, there are two groups of two people who are in charge of collecting these stats. One person in each group keeps an eye on the game and tells the other person what events to mark down. The other person has a computer tablet with which th
There are many different ways to define an "ace". He is the best starting pitcher on a pitching staff. "Ace" being a common nickname for the number 1
Last year, the Oakland A's traded Grant Green to the Los Angeles As for Alberto Collaspo. Both had similar statistics (as of 2013), and both can play second base. (Collaspo has since been moved to first, where he is a "light hitter" for his position
The bowling average is one of a number of statistics used to compare bowlers in the sport of cricket. It is the ratio of runs conceded per wickets taken, meaning that the lower the bowling average is, the better the bowler is performing. The bowling
Distance Covered is being tracked at FIFA World Cup 2014. On FIFA's website, detailed player statistics are provided for each match. For example, here is the page for Match 1 between Brazil and Croatia on June 12
Several types of tracking technology exist, and the type used depends upon the the circumstances of the competition. In training, some teams are now tracking with systems like RedFIR, a German technology comprised of tiny (15 gram) radio transmitters
SahuKahn has correctly pointed out that additional time is added on for substitutions, assessment of injury to players, removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment, wasting time and any other cause (which seems like an overly libe
Video games are a part of today’s modern world. If you look around you, everyone is playing a video game. The father and son having a coffee and a milkshake are too busy playing video games to communicate