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1994 and before, World Cup semifinals often took place on the same day, so one team had only a few hours more preparation time than the other. When semifinals did not take place on the same day, the team with the extra rest day most often lost. Here
Data, data, and data :-) Went manually through the history of two major tournaments, the World Cup (main tournament only) and the European Championship (through round of 16 games in 2016). It's probably reasonably fair to call these the two predomina
This is covered in Law 41 section 3. It states: *If a protective helmet belonging to the fielding side is on the ground within the field of play, and the ball while in play strikes it, the ball shall become dead and, except in the circumstances of La
Wikipedia has a list of NFL win-loss records for each of the current 32 NFL teams. The list includes all games that each team has played in, including regular season and playoffs, from each team's first season in the NFL through the 2014 Super Bowl.
How to calculate bdi (brand development index)? Brand Development Index Calculation BDI is called as Brand Development Index. It is used to measure the performance of a brand among certain group of customers and comparing it with its average performa
Historically runouts have not been recorded in cricket, however the good people at the ACS have gone through the old newspaper reports and attributed runouts retroactively to players, although the ICC do not recognise these, they are largely respecte
The specific example I had in mind is the decathlon association which has published a "media guide" for the decathlon and heptathlon at the Trials; this is packed with lists of previous winners, all-time best performances in each event, at an Olympic
As of now there are very few standardized statistics taken by the ATP or WTA concerning "percentage of sets won by player who served first". However, Professors Franc Klaassen and Jan R. Magnus recently completed research on a number of Wimbledon tou
Since this answer will probably need occasional updates, I have made it community wiki. The post is compiled from these sources:1 Below is the list of players having more goals than caps which have played at least 25/50 international games. 25+ caps