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A "quality start" for a pitcher in baseball is defined as giving up no more than three runs in six or more innings of work. For frames of reference, a starter needs to complete at least five full innings (a majority out of nine) to be eligible for a
Players with more international goals than capsSandor Kocsis, Hungary - 75 goals in 68 games (1. 10 ratio)Gerd Muller, West Germany - 68 in 62 (1. 10)Poul Nielsen, Denmark - 52 in 38 (1
Rushing yards are an official stat. When a player receives a hand off or a backwards pass, he then advances the ball by running forward or "rushing". Most often you see this stat in the NFL for running backs
One of industry's veterans exemplifies how much running a Dota 2 team costs nowadays. Disclaimer: All data containing in this article is not and may not be interpreted as a confirmed fact, it does not disclose any confidential information and solely
First you have two questions here. The first regarding circumstantial analysis about when to punt and so forth. ESPN has done many simulations on when the computers say you should punt, kick, or go for it
The history of statistics can be said to start around 1749 although, over time, there have been changes to the interpretation of the word statistics. In early times, the meaning was restricted to information about states. This was later extended to i
Against the Spread tells you how a team plays against the spread - so if you gave them their spread points for each game, what would their record then be? For example (made up numbers): Week 1: CHI -3 vs BUF. Actual result: BUF by 5. ATS loss
I don't have time to look up specific statistics right now, but will edit them in when I do. However, the general details around this: This will vary by team, in particular based on the financial constraints of a team. The downside of calling up a to
Some employment opportunities have lessened since Russia's economic crash of August 1998, but many Westerners are still employed by multinational and local companies. IT, sales jobs in international companies, and working as an English teacher are al
OData defines parameters that can be used to modify an OData query. The client sends these parameters in the query string of the request URI. For example, to sort the results, a client uses the $orderby parameter: http://localhost/Products?$orderby=N