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Brees' statistics already have surpassed many of Young's and Warner's. Barring injury, Brees will wind up being in the group with Montana, Brady, Manning, Elway and Bradshaw and his statistics are reflecting that as his completion yardage averages be
I have worked with several colleges on advanced stats and have used them on the high school/pee-wee/college levels. I have thought about yards after contact for receivers but I don't understand how to maintain an evenness across the board to gain a m
Game theory comes into play in American football play-calling. To simplify the game, consider that the offense can run either a running play or a passing play. The passing play generally has potential for more yards gained, but less chance of success
It's way higher in soccer than ice hockey. In soccer, a penalty kick is quite close to an automatic goal, averaging around 85% in the English Premier League (source: My Football Facts), whereas in ice hockey, a penalty shot has a conversion rate of a
Finally, referees seem to simply be not calling penalties they once used to, and the NHL is largely okay with that. 5 on 5 hockey is actually more interesting - more open - than power plays; while it leads to fewer scores, power plays are often fairl
To go through all Olympic tournaments prior to 1998, when the NHL permitted its players to take part in the Olympics, would require serious digging. It's possible there may be a scenario in which an Olympic gold medal-winning netminder was not a memb
The official source for Champions League matches is here: You can change the Season number in the url to get previous years, or click on "History" in the upper right and select the appropriate season. It is a little difficult to navigate, but you can
Commonly cited statistics have understated the size of the global seafood catch by about 30%, a new tally finds. The estimate, drawn in part from a painstaking effort to gather statistics on poorly documented subsistence, recreational, and illegal fi
Football is a game with a constant flow of play. There are no technical stops, unless a foul is commited or the ball get out of bounds. So what type of statistics can you look for?? the number of times a defender take a throw out?? the number of tack
The statistic you are discussing is Plus/Minus per minute, or per 48 minutes, as @MichaelMyers stated in the comments. It is also called Net Rating. This forms one component of one of the earliest advanced stats for the NBA, the Simple Rating (or Rol